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Wami Shite Wenske 7th period Lies book review #5: As the tension builds up Sam and Astrid begin

to see the repulsive side to each other. Sam loves Astrid but he lusts for her while she doesn’t feel the same way. Astrid love Sam but cannot stand to lose herself anymore to anyone during the FAYZ. Little Pete’s secret is discovered by Edilio and Sam. Little Pete has the ability to control anything and everything in the FAYZ. In fact, Little Pete is the one who created the FAYZ. Little Pete is an autistic boy, he gets nervous and when there was an alarm going off at the Nuclear Power Plant he saved everyone by creating the FAYZ. Knowing this it’s their duty to keep the gang safe. Quinn has picked up a new job of fishing because he can’t do anything right. Caine and Diana wake up to find out that the kids have slipped them drugs. The kids have tried to escape but they couldn’t work the helicopter, once Caine realized what was going on he tried to stop them. Diana pleaded for the kids’ lives and Caine let them go off to Peridio beach. While trying to leave the kids almost crash the helicopter countless times, but finally make it safely to the mainland.