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President of Brazil Duration of the high official : January 01 st 2011 Place from birth: Belo Horizonte, State of December 14th / 1947 Politic party: PT Profession: Economist In function Minas Gerais ,


The winner of the presidential ones of 2010 in Brazil owed her electoral push less to a reputation of efficient and pragmatic manager that to the support enthusiast of her political godfather and institutional Superior, Luiz Incio Lula gives Forest, who dismissed her second and inextensible mandate in the zenith of popularity. With reputation of hard and integral woman of the Party(Game) of the Workers (PT, Socialist). She was a holder of Energy and boss of the Civil House, in which she executed and coordinated the progressive programsof the Government.

On January 1, 2011 Dilma she turned into the first chairwoman of Brazil. Her first steps have directed to eradicate the extreme poverty for her - completing in 2014 the vast social company initiated in 2003-, to moderating the budget expenditure and, with a view to the exterior, where Brazil aspires to make is emergency irreversible as world power, to re-formulating the dialog with The United States with a major degree of approximation. Also, she has articulated a more consistent speech as for Human rights Rousseff, does not conceal her desires to demonstrate that she is a chairwoman for own, capable merits of imposing her authority and autonomous of Lula.