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Find us on the web at www.gnna.


Federal Non-Profit ID # 68-0376135 “Families Taking Care of Families” E-mail:

Stanford Settlement Conference Room 450 W. El Camino Ave., Sacramento, CA 95833

Thursday April 12, 2012 6:30 PM
MONTHLY REPORTS: o City Police Officers

o State / County Representatives o Treasurer’s & Secretary’s Reports

o Natomas May Day Run Update o GNNA Scholarship Application Update - Final Filing Date May 7, 2012 o Nominations for the following positions will be accepted at this meeting: President, Treasurer,
Sergeant-at-Arms, Director of Development, one Member at Large, and one Youth Member. Elections will be held in May and the 2-year term for these positions will begin in June.
NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center Sacramento Region is an approved Local Housing Counseling Agency. Our classes are available in English, Russian, Spanish & American Sign Language. FREE home buying and foreclosure prevention counseling is available by appointment!

CLASS HomeOwnership Starts Here: 4 to 5pm (FREE) English Preparing for HomeOwnership: 9am to 6pm ($50) Spanish Preparing for HomeOwnership: 9am to 6pm ($50)

DATES April 11th, April 18th & April 25th April 21st & April 28th 28 de Abril

Please visit or call (916) 452-5356 ext. 210 for more info.