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Bp Eagles Football Practice Plan

Practice # Day Focus

Offensive Line Drills Stance & Steps One on One Pin-Pull-Trap Chip Blocks Scoop Blocks 90 Pass Pro Slide Pass Pro 70 Pass Pro Dropback Pass Pro 5 Man Sled 1 Man Sled Play Review Running Back Drills Tech. & Assign. Ball Drills Hand Offs Receiving Gauntlet Cuts Breaking the tackle Agility Lead blocks Ball security Pass Pro Quarterback Drills Tech. & Assign. Snaps Form Throws Drops Sprint Out Hand Offs Ball Security Front Reads Coverage Reads Option Reads Pitches Agility Wide Receiver Drills Tech. & Assign. Ball Drills Routes and Cuts POA Blocking Stalk Blocking Releases Ball Security Coverage Reads Motion Team Offense Drills Perfect Play 7 on 7 Half Line Inside Drill Team O vs. Bags Team O Live 2 Minute Drill Team Situation

Opponent Date



Evaluation/ Comments:

Time 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.


Instruction Announcements:

Defensive Line Drills Stance & Technique Defeat the Block Hand Combat Pass Rush Reads Defeat Combo Tackling Explosion 5 Man Sled 1 Man Sled Option Responsibility Linebacker Drills Stance & Technique Defeat the Block Pass Rush Reads Tackling Explosion 5 Man Sled 1 Man Sled Pass Coverage Option Responsibility Defensive Back Drills Stance & Technique Man Coverage Zone Coverage Zone Coverage Zone Coverage Reads Tackling

Bump and 7 on 7 Run Coverage Team Defense speed Option Team Defense Live Responsibility 2 Minute Drill Team Situation Team Defensive Drills Tackling Conditioning and Special Drills Circuit Enthusiasm Drill Turnover Excitement Drill Circuit Lovers Lane Rabbit Oklahoma Drill Pursuit Tackling Maze Team Pursuit Punt Team Drills Holding Punting Snapping Snapping Protection Pivot, Punch, & Run Extra Point Open Field Tackling Situation Team Punt Fire Tight Punt Fake Option Spread Punt Fake Blue Punt Fake- 34 Right Punt Fake- Blue Big 4 Block Punt Fake- Vida Blue Block Techniques Punt Fake- Option R/L Defensive Responsibility Alignment Punt Return Drills Big 4 Block Receiving the Punt Big 4 Jump Punt Rush Retreat and Block Safe Punt Spread Punt Return OFFENSIVE PRACTICE SCRIPT Tight Punt Return Hash Formation Play Return Right L Return Left L Hold Up Right LM Hold Up Left Block Right LM Block Left M Block Twist M Block Suicide RM RM Kick-Off Drills R Deep Kick R Squib Kick L Pooch Kick L Onside Kick Bunch Kick-Off LM Spread Kick-Off LM Lane Drills M Bullet Drills M Open Field Tackling RM Team Onside Straight Team Onside Right RM R R Kick-Off Return Drills Retreat and Block Receiving the Kick DEFENSIVE PRACTICE SCRIPT Return Right ( Naked) Hash Card Defense Return Left (Naked) L Return Right Lead L Return Left Lead LM Middle Return Home Run Throwback LM M M Field Goal Drills RM Kicking

Sprints Rotation

Variable 106s 110s Jingle Jangles 40s 10s Fifths Team Sled Station



Check & Adjustment



INSTALLATION Offense Formations: Plays: Defense Fronts: Coverages: Checks: Adjustments: Shifts: Blitzes and Stunts: