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General Soil Strength Behavior
1. What is soil strength? 2. What controls it? What mechanism? 3. How to characterize it?

Contact friction & Adhesion


Shear Resistance = F (N, δ, cohesion) = Cohesion + N tan(δ) δ Friction Model: τf = σn tan φ Cohesion + Friction Model: τf = c + σn tan φ


Assumption Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion
If shear stress along any plane in the soil exceeds τf it fails along that plane.
Shear Stress

τf = c + σn tan φ c

Normal Stress
• Mohr circle = locus of normal and shear stress along various planes in a soil mass • Failure Line = maximum shear stress that can be carried on a plane for a given normal stress acting on it. • Line – Circle tangential Contact point = normal and shear stresses acting on the failure plane • c and φ are called shear strength parameters • Shear strength depends on normal stress along the failure plane