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Fig. 133 I £23030 Fig. 135 85 The Zigzag and Arrowhead Discs are used to form the design in Fig. 133. The star of arrowheads in Fig. 134 is formed with the Arrowhead Dise by stitching from the center outwardly. Classic designs, such as the one in Fig. 135, are smart when used singly or in groups. The Zigzag and Domino Dises are used, following simple, straight lines. A combination of the Arrowhead and plain Zigzag stitching produce the sim- ple, interesting motif in Fig. 136. Such designs are easily adapted to the space and dimension of the garment section where they are used. £23835 Fig. 134 <-F23037 Fig. 136 86 BORDER DESIGNS Unlimited variation and expression are possible in border designs when several stitch patterns are used in combination, The width and density of the border can be varied according to the application. In addition to the suitability of such stitching for linens, draperies and apparel as border designs, it is effective on plain fabrics to simulate striped or plaid effects A popular application of these designs is for pockets, yokes, cuffs and applied bands. The Scallop and Arrowhead Discs are used to form the attractive design in Fig. 137. Two lines of scallop stitching—Bight 5, and Stitch above 25—are crossed by groups of arrowhead stitching—Bight 5, Stitch al- most 0. Three Discs are used in forming the border design in Fig. 138. After stitching the rows of scalloping with a 5 Bight, and above 12 Stitch length, satin stitched bars are made with Zigzag Disc, 3 or 4 Bight and almost 0 Stitch across points between scallops. Arrow- heads accent each solid bar of stitching at 5 Bight and almost 0 Stitch. Suitable for vertical or horizontal treatment the design in Fig. 139, is made with the Zigzag and Scallop Discs. Scalloping is joined with criss cross bars of stitching. The propor- tion may be varied according to the application. = The Domino and Blindstitch Discs are used in effecting the interesting stripe or border design in Fig. 141. The design in Fig. 140 is made with Arrowhead and Domino Dises and is appropriate for a simple border or as an all-over stripe on a plain fabric,