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Presentation by Agustín Domínguez Flores

West Side Story is a masterpiece of film history It has stood the test of time as it is related to a great story It is a window to see a moment in the history of humankind Its innovative Cinematography techniques .

 West Side Story possesses an enduring appeal as it shows some of the most recurrent feelings for humankind: love and hate. .

“Jets” vs “Sharks” fight to conquer some space in the streets or New York City. .


Unfortunately. as well as it ends West Side Story . death ends that story.

 Music masterly composed by Leonard Bernstein .

and the witty lyrics written by Stephen Sondheim. .

. this film shows the rivalry between two gangs.Set in the west side of New York City in the 1950’s.

and they find in the streets their nest for sheltering their youthfulness. the authority. their parents. their immigrant quality. .Both gangs are rebels against the status quo.

The war in Vietnam.A generation gap 50’s and 60’s The Beatles. . & The beginning of the Hippie counterculture. Civil and Women’s Rights movements.

. rather than portray the ideal American way of life. began to portray ideals of the social and political movements of the time.Broadway’s musicals.

West Side Story originally performed as a play in 1957. became the most ever seen play for that time on Broadway with 732 performances in a row. from September 1957 to February 1959 at the Winter Garden Theatre. .

who won a Tony Award for his choreography work.Directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins. . Robbins won a special Academy Award for Brilliant Achievements in the Art of Choreography on Film.

It was awarded Best Picture. Best Art Direction (Set Decoration and Color). Best Director. Best Supporting Actress. Best Original Score and Best Sound . Best Supporting Actor. Best Film Editing. Best Cinematography (Color). Best Costume Design.

which was produced in 1952. .It is nowadays considered by the American Film Institute the second best musical. just one place after Singing in the Rain.