Without architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization."The mother art is architecture." Frank Lloyd Wright .

The residences would serve as the first phase in a live/work community offering various shops and residence types.Proposed Semi-detached Housing A conceptual residential development at the request of a family friend to brainstorm and explore potential uses for undeveloped land in a suburban area. .

Large doors and windows allow for natural ventilation in Ghana’s tropical climate.Ampofo-Anti House Centered around an indoor courtyard/gallery the Ampofo-Anti house features an open concept living area that flows into outdoor patio space. .

2011 Senior Living . The residential units utilize precisely angled windows to maximize solar gain. . The mixed use facility houses retail on a portion of the first floor as well as hospitality facilities.Retail This comprehensive design project was focused on maximizing daylighting via southern exposure. and housing units for senior citizens occupy the floors above.

the buildings function is carried over onto the site. . The intent of the project was to develop a facility to begin a resurgence of recreational and cultural activities in the downtown area that does not currently offer any non municipal functions.2010 Forte Cultural Center A third Year project integrating building and site design. The building includes a restaurant seating 150 persons as well as ample administrative. and performance spaces both interior and exterior. studio/ practice. By dividing the site into smaller areas and creating multi-usable exterior spaces.

2009 Office Program A: Reception D: Studio G: Document Storage J: Breakroom B: Office E: Materials Library H: File Storage K: Conference Room C: Plotter/Server Room F: Restroom I: Office Phoebus Design Charette A weekend design charette aimed at the production of a conceptual design for a small mixed use building housing an Architecture firm on the first floor and two residential units above featuring private outdoor spaces that offer a front row seat to historic downtown Phoebus. .

Tunisia Hotel Carlton Tunis.La Marsa. Tunisia Clock Tower Tunis. Tunisia Hotel Carlton Tunis. Tunisia .

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