The Statue of Liberty

The Big Ben

The National MonumentThe Pisa Tower

The River of Amazon

The Eiffel Tower

Where are U from ? A: Where are U from ? B: I’m from Japan A: Where Do U come from ? B: I’m from East Java A: What’s the weather like in Japan ? B: mostly its cool, but sometimes we have snow A: What’s the most famous city in East Java? B: it’s definitely Surabaya

I just enjoy sleeping a lot. X: What do U always do on Sunday afternoon Y: I like to cook a special soup and eat it with my family . hehe…..The Daily Activities X: what are U doing now ? Y: I’m eating my breakfast X: What do U do every morning ? Y: I wake up and take a shower X: What do U usually do at weekend ? Y: well.

Agus ? B: Maybe. Gani B: She is in the bank to withdraw some money .Public Places A: Where are U ? B: I’m in the Supermarket A: Where are Susan and Andy ? B: They are in the hospital A: Where is Mr. he is eating lunch in a restaurant A: Where is Mrs.

I will go with U . the racket is too heavy J: Anni would U like to join me fishing this Sunday ? K: Yes. of course X: What kind Of music that U like ? Y: I like pop and rock G: Do U want some chocolate ? L : No. I like fishing J: we will to go to beach of Pangandaran K: uh.Like and Dislike X: Do U like music ? Y: Yes. I don’t like sea fish but its ok. I like tennis better than football L: I don’t like playing tennis. thanks G: Why ? It’s a delicious L : I don’t like it because its not good for my teeth H: What is your favorite sport ? L: I love football a lot H: Well.

he didn’t come to my party A. Happy B. Tired E. many works in the office J : Your face is so bad. Nervous D. Embarrassed Smile Shout Sweat Yawn Blush . Angry C. why ? U: I’m angry with my friend.Feelings and Emotions A: How are U today ? K: I’m very happy because just buy a new HP L: Why are U look so sad ? M: yes. I fight with my boyfriend R: How do U feel today ? P: I’m very tired.

dance. but my sister can Q: What can U do ? Y: I can do many things like: cook. I will take the job but if the salary is good for me . my voice is so bad.Ability (Can U) A: Can U sing ? T: No. My school needs a bus driver ? K: Yes. hehe . sing P: Can U make bread or cakes? I want to have birthday party next Saturday R: Can U drive a bus. but its only simple cake like brownies and pizza I: Yes.

just a little bit drizzle but still very cold there R: How’s the weather like in Brazil ? O: very hot most of the time.Winter Autumn Summer Spring Sunny Rainy Foggy Weather/Season Snowy W: how’s the weather today ? L: Its bad. but we like it Y: How’s the weather tomorrow ? K: I think its going to be sunny. because it’s a rainy day H: Is it going to be snowy in Russia ? U: no. so we can go to the beach .

maybe I just have stomachache .Aches and Pains Q: whats the matter with david ? U: he has a fever P: Whats wrong with Aline ? Y: she has toothache I: whats the matter with U Alex ? L: I have a very terrible headache T: Something wrong with U Tania ? R: I don’t know.

so he cant make it Y: Ari what are U planning to do tomorrow ? X: Maybe. with my boss. He really wants me to join him R: What will U do on the summer holiday ? D: Probably. I will go camping with my family to Sukabumi R: Is it ok to camp in there D: Sure. I’m going to go to the beach Y: With your family ? X: No.Future Plans F: what are U going to do today Marry L: I’m going to clean my house F: Why don’t U ask your son to do it L: My son has a course today. it has a lot of good view and the forest is still very clean .

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