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Global Warming

Global Warming

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Published by: Deepen Shah on Apr 11, 2012
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Deepen Shah


Geography final paper

Geography Research Paper
My topic will be the rise of heat levels occurring on earth. 2010 was considered to be one of the hottest years in history let alone this decade that has also been recognized for its heat. Planet earth is said to be increasing temperature at a fast pace and shows no signs of slowing down. The previous hottest year was considered to be 2005 but year 2010 has surpassed this by far. This topic really interested me because I have been observing that every year the weather just keeps increasing and the summers are longer than they should be. I can also say that the winters are naturally hotter than in the past. It is important to see why the Earth is heating up and what is the cause for it. I hope to find out if the core causes such as global warming, pollution, and waste could be causing this temperature rise. In the first paragraph an introduction to the topic and various hypotheses by wellknown scientists will be stated. After I plan to introduce the topic of heat and global warming and how it can affect us today. The basic fundamentals of why heat is rising will be stated in the first paragraph to just show the possibilities that could be the reason. The next paragraph and the rest of the body paragraphs will be the different possibilities and background information of each possibility. Each possibility has a very well defined purpose behind each one by the scientists. Each possibility will be well researched and described. I hope that I can gain full understanding of why this heat rise is happening. After the body paragraphs I will state my conclusion in which I will decide why I think that the heat is rising and have a well thought out argument behind it. From my research I hope that I will find the main cause of global warming. I also hope to find the underlying causes. This topic has been argued between professionals for


com/postcarbon/2010/12/2010_hottest_climate_year_on_r.washingtonpost. Some people say that global warming is the cause and some say pollution.html 2 .com/hottest-year-record. This topic is very important to me because it is vital to the earth’s existence and humans.com/top/news/science/topics/globalwa rming/index. the norm for temperature has been exceeded in the past 30 years and we need to figure out ways to stop this.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper a very long time. Economic Theory and Global Warming by Matthew Paterson.nytimes.foxnews. Internet links http://www. http://topics.com/scitech/2011/01/24/planet-hottest-ever-globalwarming/ Books and references The Discovery of Global Warming by Spencer R. I hope to read in to both stances and compare the evidence. Weart.html http://voices.html http://www. If the heat keeps rising how will people be able to survive without using so much energy to power such things as air conditioning and fans. Also.papermasters.

Global warming has been brought up and discussed by scientists and environmentalists across the world. The key to build a society that cares about the environment and their surroundings is to bring about awareness of the issue. It has been a known issue and is given attention to by various commercials and advertisements that have been played by even famous figures. (The Discovery of Global Warming. humans. There is more than one reason why global warming is taking place and there are various effects it has on earth. So much attention has been brought to the topic yet you can see people that defy and ignore it with ease. 3 . The government has even emphasized programs to help cut down on the main causes of Global Warming. Many organizations have been brought to bring about awareness of the issue and have become so big that television channels are accepting to acknowledge them and let them play commercials. All it really takes are simple tasks that can be practiced in people’s day-to-day lives but they fail to realize this because they take the earth they live on for granted. It has caused an overwhelming array of problems that all lead to the detrimental decline of planet earth’s healthy habits. pg. which is us. The amounts of the human population is increasing at such a rapid pace that the amount of damage being done to the ecosystem is insurmountable.17) I will admit that before researched about the harmful causes that Global Warming has on the earth I was oblivious to the actions that could have been taken to prevent the damage.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper Global Warming Global warming is an epidemic that has been brought about by the sole actions of organisms that inhabit the eco system.

massive crop failures. Emissions have raised 5. Experts say that returning back to the previous amount of emissions is difficult and nearly impossible.3 to 11. Other effects include animal extinction. earth’s surface temperature has risen 1. Activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels cause more and more greenhouse gasses to enter the ozone.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper The main reason that global warming takes affect is the pollution that the humans emit into the atmosphere.5 degrees Fahrenheit at the peak. the disappearance of coral reefs. Pollution is given out from factories. upending the notion that the brief decline during the recession might persist through the recovery. an 4 .2 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest possible increase and from 4. arctic regions and rice paddies. The pollution that these factors are emitting is the eventual cause of the greenhouse effect. the emissions of methane from various sources of animals.9 percent in 2010. according to an analysis by the Global Carbon Project. An increase in the global warming catastrophe will cause the sea levels to rise and will change the amount and pattern of rain percentages and will possibly expand subtropical desserts.9 percent. (Global Warming Effects and Causes: A Top 10 List. In the past 100 years. restaurants. carbon dioxide emissions from burning gasoline for transportation. In the past year of 2010 emissions have rose by an amazing 5.4 degrees and 2/3’s of that number as occurred over the past three decade.1) The national science academies of all the major industrialized countries estimate that during the 21st century the global surface temperature is likely to rise 2 to 5. “Global emissions of carbon dioxide jumped by the largest amount on record in 2010. etc. cars. and more killer storms. and lastly the usage of chemical fertilizer in crops. p. These causes include. Let alone the two main activities there are other events that we participate in that lead to the factors and effects of Global Warming as well.

It is easier said than done. As seen the effects that are caused by Global Warming and are serious. The increase solidified a trend of ever-rising emissions that scientists fear will make it difficult. For example this year if you compare the weather in California and the weather in New York it is not much of a difference.” (Global Warming (Climate Change). If an alternative could be found for the gasses and smoke that we are polluting in to the air.1) The reasons behind the occurrences are clear and the reasons why we need to stop them is clear as well. A personal observation that I easily make over the past couple years is the weather pattern and the timing of the year that the climate changes. 5 . to forestall severe climate change in coming decades. but if everyone could possibly do one small thing everyday that would advocate or help out the environment. p. This doesn’t make sense since for the past fifty years the east coast has been known for being much colder than the west coast due to the Atlantic Ocean having a colder climate. it would cause a huge impact in the statistics that have been calculated and can eventually prevent global warming from causing and having the harmful effects on this planet. article of The New York Times. if not impossible. the ozone layer would be much more healthier and thus the greenhouse gas affect would not be taking place. It is true that some of the fluctuations of earth’s climate are inevitable regardless of the human activity only because the ocean cycles that have been occurring for over ten years.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper international collaboration of scientists. Even if it does not affect planet earth in the near future it is something to be aware of because it can cause major fluctuations in the climates and regions of different areas throughout. I have noticed that in the summer the average temperatures have been hotter than the previous year and the term for summer has become extended. I noticed that winters are much colder now. Also.

including emerging economic powers and sources of global greenhouse gas emissions like China. and South Africa need to be controlled to a level that can be well suited for the environment. 28. article of The New York Times.2) This shows that actions have been and are being done about the issue.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper “ The 2011 meeting began on Nov. Japan and Russia. “The United States is not a party to the protocol. Countries all across the world are not taking this very lightly and have been attending to the topic. have said they will not agree to an extension of the protocol next year unless the unbalanced requirements of developing and developed countries are changed. Brazil and South Africa. One of the issues that is most contentious and least likely to be resolved at the conference involves the future of the Kyoto Protocol. which is that any successor treaty must apply equally to all major economies. the 1997 agreement that requires major industrialized nations to meet targets on emissions reduction but imposes no mandates on developing countries.” (Global Warming (Climate Change). India. They all need to pass this test to prove that the smog the vehicle is emitting is below a certain percentage and it is not overly harmful to the air.” (Global Warming 6 . As said above. That is similar to the United States’ position. The same rules need to be applied to factories all across the world. If the factory does meet the requirement of the emissions they are creating they need to be shut down or fixed before continuing. having refused to even consider ratifying it because of those asymmetrical obligations. the emissions that are coming out of industries in such countries as China. Some major countries. For example. If the vehicle does not pass this test the vehicle cannot be driven and must be either impounded or fixed. in California there is a smog test check on all vehicles that are registered to the state. p. including Canada. India. Brazil.

If the government issues laws and rules the citizens would have no choice but to abide by them and actually enforce actions that will help Global Warming not have such a big effect on earth anymore. The plans and laws that are trying to be built will still take another decade at least to be passed and enforced. Steps towards a response are debated thoroughly because it is hard to determine what exactly to do in a world where fossil fuels lead a variety of world economies from poor to rich. cars. This topic is very flamboyant because even if one country agrees not too. China has agreed to participate in the laws that will be placed involving the depletion of harmful emission but in return they are asking for much more than can be given. United States has rejected the Kyoto framework and does not want to take on the course of it. In that decade if the factories. all will not participate. However the countries that are being targeted are arguing back that if all the countries don’t do it they will not abide by the laws that have been placed. “It took until 2009 for the leaders of the world’s largest economic powers to 7 .Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper (Climate Change). will have their emissions of all large factories under control and in accordance with the guidelines that will be set. because they think they have a more efficient plan to reduce greenhouse gasses. no matter how big or small. p. This shows that the topic is of importance and they government is actually trying to fix this. President Obama has promised to reduce emissions in America by 17 percent. There needs to be an agreement that all countries. That is exactly what we need to fight the epidemic. article of The New York Times. and industries continue to emit the same amount of greenhouse gasses our situation on earth will be much worse than expected.2) All major countries are being targeted because they are allegedly supposed to be the ones that create the most pollution. This will not help the factor of Global Warming at all.

It advises people make sure they are participating in acts that will help the earth and its environment. and so far firm interim targets — which many climate scientists say would be more meaningful — have not been defined. Being green is basically making your choices while keeping in mind that we have to save our water. Their needs to be action taken by a central unit that will forcefully make all countries abide by a certain set of codes or regulations that have to deal with the decline of Global Warming. A worldwide program that is very well known is the Go-Green program.2) Even realizing what has actually occurred or occurring is hard enough for these huge industrialized countries you can only imagine how hard it would be for them to act upon their mishaps.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper agree on a dangerous climate threshold: an increase of 2 degrees Celsius (3. about 59 degrees. Many programs have been put into affect globally.”(Global Warming (Climate Change). Things such as recycling to save plastic materials that can be harmful to bury in the ground where the trash landfills are. p. The Go-Green movement picks certain topics that all citizens can participate in their day-today lives. The main point of all their slogans and their rules is to better the ecosystem in which you live in. (This translates into an increase of 1. But they did not set a baseline from which to measure that reduction. land. article of The New York Times. They also advise you to save as much water and energy as you can. Humans play an important role in conserving and using these resources and they need to know that 8 .6 degrees Fahrenheit) from the average global temperature recorded just before the Industrial Revolution kicked into gear.3 degrees Fahrenheit above the Earth’s current average temperature.) The Group of 8 industrial powers also agreed in 2009 to a goal of reducing global emissions 50 percent by 2050. with the richest countries leading the way by cutting their emissions 80 percent. and air resources.

Global Warming is not just a light topic that doesn’t concern us. try taking the bus or public transportation to more places you go. but citizens can also do their part to help save and conserve the natural resources that we survive off of. Our very existence will be demolished. eventually there will be no earth for humans to occupy. it shouldn’t stop us from doing our job and protecting the ecosystem we live in. Global Warming may not have a huge affect in the lifetime we are on this planet but it sure will affect our future generations. IT is a very serious and detrimental issue that needs to be attended to and taken care of. If we keep doing what we are doing. lastly. Even if it takes the government a long time to decide their participation in the disaster.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper overuse or abuse of them will lead to shortage in the future. and plastics. stick with organic foods. lower the temperature on your water heater. buy more energy star appliances for your house. Some ways you can go green and have an impact are: Buy direct from farmers. it is true that the majority of the causes come from huge industries and factories and cars. do not dispose of toxic waste such as batteries in a normal trashcan. Yes. In conclusion. The conditions that humans need to survive cannot be found on any other planet. both the government and the citizens should be partaking in activities and actions that will benefit Global Warming. The causes and reasons it has I have 9 . Basically. All these are actions that can be taken to help the earth’s environment on a more minimal level and drastically help the Global Warming issue if everyone decides to participate. The steps to avoid it and the actions that should be done are not that hard to follow. use the heater and the air conditioner less during the winter and summer times. glass. eat minimally processed food. recycle paper. We are lucky to have a place where the climate and various factors that we need to survive are there.

it affects the planet as a whole. it has given us resources.Deepen Shah 12-9-11 Geography final paper stated above and as one can see. which we rely and live off of every day. Weart. In the future I still believe that if the citizens are not willingly taking part in the preservation.com/top/news/science/topics/globalwarming/index. it is our duty to give back to it. Even though it is easier said than done. 10 . Global Warming is an epidemic that is not only affecting certain parts of the planet. Not only has planet earth given us a place to stay. they play an important role in the preservation of earth.html BOOKS: The Discovery of Global Warming by Spencer R. Since we inhabit this planet.nytimes. then it should be made a law and be practiced by everyone across the world. If everyone were well educated on what exactly Global Warming does and what simple tasks can be taken to end it. So many effects can happen if Global Warming increases.com/2009/06/07/global-warming-effects-and-causes-a-top-10-list/ ARTICLES: http://topics. we need to take this issue seriously. I am sure a lot more implementation of going green or preserving resource would take place. INTERNET SOURCES: http://planetsave.

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