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DIALOGUE BAWANG MERAH AND BAWANG PUTIH This Story began in a little beautiful village.

But, the beauty of that village cant covered a girls sadness. She sad because her mother is sick. Now, we turn into a house near that little girl. Bawang Merahs mother :Youre stupid daughter! Bawang Merah : Uhstop nagging, my head is dizzy ears. I better go. Bawang merahs mother : Hey Where are you going?! Lets go home and go fast! Dont make me angry! Bawang merah : cuih! (spit) Bawang merahs mother : What! How dare you be so at Mother?! Argh.. rebel child! Bawang merah : Ow Im sorry, mom. Bawang merahs mother : Lets come on! Then we turn into the poor girls home. When her father leaving to trade. Bawang putih : Be careful, dad. Father : Yeah, you also be careful at home and watch out with your mother. Bawang putih : Ok, Dad. Bawang Putih stays with her mother at her home. Her mother give a ring to Bawang Putih and Bawang Putih feel happy after receiving the ring. Bawang Putih dancing happily because of that ring. While bawang putih dancing with her new ring, Bawang Merah take some deadly poison into their mothers drink and no one has known that. A few minutes later, Mother drinks it. Just in few second later, mother dead. Bawang putih sad when she know it. Bawang merahs mothe : a pl 0ease, in the destiny of the above. Bawang merah : A is true, dont be sad. Here we are still there anyway. Bawang merahs mother : It wil be better if I tell your father. (Then they are away) A sadness grew with the death of his mother and after the funeral is over. Bawang merahs mother : A, I went feel your sadness. Did everything she was without her life feels empty. Father : True A, Im also willing to really be your friend. Bawang putih : Well, now I want to be alone, so please leave me before. (She took off sadness with singing). After singing without realizing it, my father persuaded by flattery Bawang putih Bawang merah mother, who wanted to replace the position of Mrs. A daningin seized all his weaith. Bawang putih has been living and her mother. On that day his father would go to trade. Her father packed up because it immeditialy trade as usual and then the step mother (Mrs. Bawang merah). Bawang putih and Bawang merah approached her father and kissed the hand of the father. The father promptly left, before he waved his arms at them that and they raply back. All : Be careful, Dad! Passed their father was going to trade Stepmother : All right children. The game has finished! Bawang merah : Putih, Cleaning clothes that! Bawang putih is shocked, but she did not have strength. Then she went to the kitchen took a lot of laundry and after taking it he went to the river to wash clothes. But suddenly when the journey there is a shout our for help.

Fairy : Help me!!!!!!! (Pain) Bawang putih : Looks like someone for help. Where? (Look for the source of sound) Fairy : Im here Bawang putih : really unfortunate fate. (Bawang putih immediately lift the weight to rest on the elf) Fairy : Well thank you, you have helped me and as my reciprocation may I help you wash your clothes? Bawang putih : Ahdont Fairy : But tour laundry is very much, but with this stick Bawang putih : All right, do what you want. Fairy : Sim salambim, get rid of dirt on the clothes. (at that time also be clean all the clothes) Bawang putih : Ohthanks a lot elf. Fairy : Sure. After they finished dancing Bawang putih : Id better be home daughter, Im afraid of being scolded my mother and stepsister. Fairy : Ok..good bye Prince heard A sing. He also intends to look for it. And after the find. Bawang putih locked starled and ran leaving the prince. With prince back disappointed. Guard : How is prince. What you have found denan angel? Prince : Ah never mind. Should we look for the flowers around here. Because dont find it. The prince looking flower elsewhere. Incidentally, Bawang putih prince passed the house stopped by the house. Guard : (teasing Bawang putih) Prince : Move over guard. Would sweet princess would mention the name? Stepmother : Its impossible if price to meet A. A Lets finishing you job! Abawang putih : (Leave) Stepmother : Sorry prince, its better if you stop at my home. Prince : Thank you. Were not here long. Suddenly, when prince would turn around she saw the flowers. Prince : Look! That certainly were looking for flowers. Guard : Its true,price Prince : Its really beautiful. Bawang merah : Here indeed many beautiful flowers. If prince wanted to, we dont mind him. Guard : (pull out the flowers but can do it) Prince : According to the grandfather, who can revoke only flowers. Bawang merah : Oh..with my pleasure. Bawang putih : I will carry out this mandate for the sake healing Majesty the King and by the greatness of the palace Panarukan. Once uprooted, Bawang putih give the flowers to prince and they stared at each other. After receiving the flower Prince brought into the Kingdom and Bawang putih drinking to his Majesty the King. Because the white soul and a pure heart also owned Bawang putih, finally Majesty the king can be cured. The story in even end up with an atmosphere that is full of

excitement. The Bawang putih marrying a handsome prince. And Bawang merah and her mother apologized for their mistakes over the years.