April 9, 2012

To Whom it May Concern, I first met Jackson McGovern in September of last year when he became a student in my Advanced Quantitative Reasoning mathematics course at Garza High School. He had recently returned from a year abroad in Europe and came to Garza so that could could finish out his high school diploma while pursuing college level coursework at Austin Community College as well as working a part-time job in order to pay back loans he had taken out to pay for his year abroad. Garza has been an ideal place for Jackson to finish out his K-12 career and prepare for his next academic pursuits. Jackson will surely do well in whatever he pursues. He has specifically mentioned an interest in languages and linguistics - areas which we have discussed a number of times and in which his natural inquisitiveness and enthusiasm will make him a valuable asset and future leader. If he chooses any other path I know his passion for understanding and focus will place him in the top tiers of his chosen field. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jackson during his time at Garza. Our conversations have ranged from the math at hand to resource management to music and more. He enjoys learning and passing on his knowledge. For these reasons I whole-heartedly recommend him for any pursuit, academic or work-related, to which he applies. Sincerely, and with warmest regards, Thomas Fackler

Math/Science Facilitator Garza Independence High School thomas.fackler@gmail.com (636) 283-0217