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fore Aug. 200S. TAIPEI RAPID TRANSIT CORPORATION 2.. -hour SOI'Vle I'IOtilne (02) 218.123"5



Ip I R pld TriSn<;ltSystems (TRTS) Route Map Cont alp nts I of Hiking TraUs nd Bleyel Trails Map

Taipei Rapid Transit Systems (TRTS) Route Map Legend



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Introduction HIking TraIls and Hiking Equipment Gulzlkeng Hiking Trail nt path of Tlanmu) Hiking Trail Tlanmu Gud 0 (and


11 Qixlng Mountain Trat! 1 3 Junjlan
Roek Hiking Trail Hiking Trail


Tig r Mountain

17 Elephant Mountain Hikins Trail 19 Daluntou and Dalunwei Mountain Hiking Tr II

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Zhonayona Mountain lind Uyu (Carp) Mountain Hiking Trllt! Jlnmlan XI njiyan Mountain Hiking Trail Hiking Trail Temple nd Honaludl Tr II

Zhlnan T1 mple and Maokona Hiking Trat!

27 Yu nton 28

Stipulations for P ssena rs with Sicye! s huttn Section Bicycle Trail Tr II 0 nshu I Riv r Hon Fl$hl!("men'~ harf W Shlhsanlulna Museum


31 B 11'5 Left Bank Park Blcycl

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Danshuel Rlv r Gu ndu Section Bicycle Trail 81too Metro Park M tro Linear Park Bicycle Trail 8eitou OlStr1ct AthI tic Center Shuanaxl W t rfront Joumel Athletic Park Bicycle Trail

Danshul Riv r Dadaochenll Section Bicycle Trail Zhongshan 01str1ct Athletic Cef1ter Xlndlan River Wild Goo Park S Zhonahua Rd. Sh6dy BicycleT~II y17 Youth RKreatlon C nt 81ue HlahwllYBoat line Information Xlndl n Riv r HuazhQng Section Daan Forest Park 81cycl trail Jlnam i River Daon n S tlon Bicycle Trail



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and Jingm'. e s . lour.. Rock HIIdnq Tr•• 1 Tlilnmu Gudao H.lorog Trail Zhinaro Temple lind ~1boI<ongHlking Tral! • 3 .:In Cn tcrro '\ I Ih. The. b 'ok 'I h ' we~1 'm ide of ipc i ity " encircled by the norths ourb Danshui Ri ve r lind indian River.c r i cr s u rc rich in etl nd . al1d the upstream reaches of the Keelung Ri cr. 1 he ity o v c r n rn e n t h c m p le t e d IOOkrn of m t e rconnected bike purh thu far. To impro c the qualilY of recreation. the City Go cmm 'nl ruie hikin 'I III ill onh. c mountains re full of gorgeous enery and nurur I floro •• wd fauna. riding bike and e nj yin r h c eencry..r ofdiffieull a" farmly grade.lr. i nrr d uccd .0 f. R.lclnoq Trail N. t·\ e.n H.aip i Hiking Bal s Left BankParlt 8icyd@Tral DansIru~ RI Hongsh sectIOn Bicyde r il and Bicyc • Zhongzhcng ap In Il> surrounded m u nr a in n the n nh. 110\ introducing more con enicnt bike paths under e le ured 1'1 Itl IIY" nd be rde pork l~B~ Abutment H. and m unuunccr grud " th ' 20 111111 rade m unl III II. rho t parallel the ri crs UI'C urn ng the be vt place In the 'pe. \ I Mountain Trail r )unji<J. he bike Irnil. ccot 8Y nd nearby hi I ric.. and ca: t.. huang i Ri cr.. advcnrure grade. il. 1'0.k'nq Trail • M -. i . The . er 1'011 w ea. uih. n ry..n ~nQ • Mounta. Thc il>.

8 2.6 2.4 3.0 5.5 2.0 7. en t mm 'nt 01 hon th ompetcn If '~l • • Integrity Hot Line of Taipei City Govemment 0800·211·655 0' 6 .0 4. nutritious.4 3.3 3.8 3. m bile ph nes (L . elcct convenient IHm 'ks thtU nre as I digc I. 7.7 Basic Hiking Equipment fct 1 . ling frcquem nacks " ill help I.1 ~ ~ w Wen hen frorn s h wers.roMaI T trllillength ItnOIh (KI IK I.:.ylinc trail partially cn ircling the city.2 34 6.5 3.7 4.1 1.uting the lmilh d. Hoking and biking Iongths of timo _ kw rvlorunoe only due 10d in ago Dnd phy&k:al staJniM."l. M. ingju and Kangle M'I Hlk'ng Trail Gengl eo Gudeo HI ing Trail k:F r ar mg riou n the IW 01"..2 3.1 3.9 3. we ele I those troll • ·aovCllient.8 ity hikin ' trails usn n th n nhem and cu tern ..• afcry Equipm nt: Map>. Ith guide signs indic.2 3..0 1. nacl.5 4. dire 'Ii n and co rdinate • routes. lJ1 close to • The inform:lUon in this publicalion used as ITIAinroforcmou "Mountain Passport" 'rom tho Taipei City Govomment BuAr." mobile phone 10 .0 4.\ hl£hlwci ht ackpn equipment when you njoy OUt- • Zhong¥?r::!l and Liyu Mt' HI ng ral Baj use. .1U Public WOf1<s lIS wtoll os .1 uom 6.0 7.rures. and rcadil ~p<llhlla. rinking water:Dnnk ph:nt f' v at r I replcnivh the bod ~ moisture and promote health metabolism.9 7.0 4...8 2.we have selected 10 that are relatively Metro via bus routes In this book.2 6..Twenty family grade hiking trails Mountain r8fl98 Mt' range locatio Hcn. mfl. and trait 'id fc.Ti • Lishan Bodge Abutmenl HIking T r MI' Hi 'ng Trail • E pilant M Hi'ng Trail Xia jiyan Hiking Tr8l1 (Line1 ) Xianjiyan Hiking Trail (Une 2) Zhinan Temple and Maokong H i09Trail Zhinan Tea Road Hi ing Trail Wen shan 2.8 2. • erne eney medical ircms..)U m mtnin y ur phy 'ieal strength.2 5. From the Imils rirl ilia the city. 2 0 c ca ZhQc1gyi MI' H king Trail Bertou • Guili eng H jng Trail Zlloogzheng MI' Hiking Trail g' :8 0 c: Zhong 2 ~ ~ • :I han • JmrTllan Mr Hiking Tr8l1 eihu 2.3 1.2 1. mileage. and linked v itb Ihc mass transit sy ucm.5 gang n angang Mt' Hi Ing Tral Z ~ ca ~ ca Xln~ . 6.oatIIOn Name of Hiking Trail Guandu Hi 'ng Trail 2.4 3.4 2.- S.7 2. and nrinuc towards the Ii uthe st to r rID th . rOlpel Cyding" from the Tnipel City Government Bureau of Transportation. all I 12 for c nc rg c nc y heir If lin ue cj dc nt or e mcrgc ncy hiker.2 3. are.1 2.4 9.2 4.d o Ihc cit)'. The II'(lil are also m rked .

Ih' vUlmdu ~ Plllgding ''\.. .. Green Gilrden ~~~~~~near Ihe Shulmo eng R.ipei Ids rd " rail Ic ·tnIight 10 .' .7K·..Gulz....O:9K... and outdoors re reau pork i'l...w Iklng Mil g otal L ngth: 7.reith ·.er • 45M • • To SI'lan2tlI O. n .. larcr ali bc c a me 1I .. •.SK ~10Mln'l' . II.. reCrC:UIIClII..! tine ~pot for camping. ·0.." 11 Dr a.. he till kind..... •...·.. the Merro': tution.·OK·. To' • Fuxingg Bus n SI8110n..k'"I.... and 25 min. re . 266. • Transportatlon Information 1.lkeng Hiking Trail I Time: Approxlmat . Linked..1 ToDanShui me de 111'1111...ui/ik<':l'Il> "ark. r I '"II P norarm RI' r.... 218. h.0 kin I W Iking DolO i no Rd QulZlkeng Entrance CamPIng Al:u • 45Mln • Iy 3 nrs.. ''''' •• tI' . • . which contain litH..on Rei Green Garden Trail. and get off at Xou han Rd Fuxlnggang Stop or Xiushan To 7 To . 2.Ta~e 216... the Guizikcn adopted by to ~ . as.1/" le\ of the r S rv lion Soil and Waler Conserv I' you w nt to camp al Ih I on L m ng C nt r (02·2725-6631) . . n. turn rlghl to g I on the Melro 223... part from hlkin '. ounl In EnHance on the Une lushan Rd.3K· . Ih • .. Rd.

IITr n portatlon Inform tlon S >..... Reel 1 224....5K lan 232. ToSti.535. ShulQu n Ent. lJ'8il i. O.. the Hout II "'ht ·h thread' \l 31e d 'n!o • I r. wt nd lead-. 1. 7.. han Church N.. R • 5MIN.W IlClng Mil ag I I Total ngth: Approximately Approximately 2 hrs. ~ at Shanzaihou Stop.. Zh01.won hilin ounuun). Rd. Tr II to lAIn 12 C~t ohe 3rd St. improved by the urfc n g Tr u. 10 . and 20 min. ShuNt . Taanmu Gudao HiKing T 3. 0 . R. SSMI.l T. 9 Mlngde Station 10 ~ . mong the and Tu i p er i I. O.."".. 25M1.3K . ."enll...5K 0 51< The rail ToXin ~ IIOu OapoSIOPm • 230 I Rd.4 km IVI/ Iklng Tim: ro . . u" ltd 711 c" 2. II( Y~ngmln9 Alfu Shanuihou S C. 15MIN.. lined with streams nd for sub-rr t r.. cs rhc m untain I pc to the Shlp~ St...

lr. 2..: . full f . lake LeIsure Terminal.~ e To BeIIOU: . 1111' geologic • Transportatlon Information 1. main summit.. 10 Mlaopu or Xi oguanyin.Take Bus Bus Red 5.... Bus to 109..Qixing Mountain Trail Qixing Mountain km/Average ... Mini Bus Bus Termin I.:honghu Lengshuik ng Ie d to th . . ul th ·ar. tern. rno the arc L. on Park Miaopu. 260.. ulfur 1 he in ken 1.. J 'in an Station. arc (hi I fumaroles thai rive on' whitc "ullur I feuture make fumc. 9. Or take "....W Iklng Mileage Trail I Tot I Length: Dogr 3 hrs.5 Slop : Approximately 11IWaiking Time: Approximately 0. Park. ·l jil!W1ng PIo!form .. lit Sctntty ! 11 To Shanzaihou or ta ShutUe Bus to Ji ntan S Ion . and get off at Y ngmingshan MInI Bus 15 to Lengshulkeng.L.1 through unique ...ummit ummit nd Qi in. ke t I . 111 10 Yangmingshan then transfer Bus 108 Xlaoyoukeng or Lengshuikeng.31< m in ca.. Gild Trnithe <b at opu /. HuangJla Bus Take Bus 230.. Ii '€) i 12 .. Approximately 5.

0 ax .7K 0.ng junjlian Sialion University Tra. take the direciion of Gongguan to the trailhead at General Chen 35 min.. walk to the tr . el O.9 0 5K 1 2t< ''''''''.~ OMin :: •~. and can th p" 'jClI" \ eilill81ung ... . Ji-tang's Cemetery Ground lor approximately ~oCI'Iengde Rd ..!I. Walking Junjl Mileage n Rock Hiking Tra II Total L ngth: Approximately 5.. i '. 26Mln. a baul 'ship f thc lit .l..an St non 1.JIng' $ Tempt!! Temple) lovu's Ctm ttty Ground Tr "'" d 2079 . T\) > Iher \\ Ilh Huangh. region Danr all ideal s u in "01.'"""'J"Urij i Junjian Rock Hiking Trail n R o • k i.'.Transportatlon 1. Main Gale of allonal O. n Yang M...~ ••~.n.... 2OMln. and TO BeiIOU 1'101~ .'.lhead ltoe 26 .. I Olll1f'ng MQullwin. Qiy.. Inform tlon Oillan Statton..~.UA ~~ .Ihead for approximately so min.. 2..:.1 k down on the areu froll1 VI" rock an I the tef] To n To 6 rij..!ht. Rd._..4K 0. and 55 min. 13 14 . walk Oiyan St lion. m untarn rid c " scrnblcs !lian :-'1 unl in. take the direction of N non I Yang M ng University.6 kmlW Iking Time: Approximately 3 hrs.81< GeneraJ Z~omlng Ch n JI-I.1.

TIle trail pru sed by m.. Xlnyl Straight 286(sub·llne) to Fude Elementary Lane 251 of Fude SI. tlon Information Houshanp.. 257. 286. ~ o 1K 07K tane 2S 1. 263 to Fengtlan St. F \ Transport 1. Fude St a barrier ern on Ihe hilly Ide of I'i~p i KunyangStation fl ics .fa. ny mterpreing hiker!> t ToChellgf\l Rd Ii n w ric by the city have mad th 1- To Yong~un Station t Toipeo ". Rd .. green Improvem nl frogs.1 pia c Ii r viewnppre 'ml t . 15 16 . 263. Hou~1I npi ZIH>f!9PO Station S. Temple. School.. take the diroction 01 Zhongpo S.. Slation. . lne.Walklng Mileage 11ger Mount In Hiking Trail I Total Length: Approximately 3. .4 kl1\lWalking TIme: App.Take Bus Blue 10.I~::. m .. lor 25 min. then follow Rd.!:... walk to the Lane 221 or 251 Of Fude St.."i<ipaI Guong Ci Core Homo. Or take Bus 207.-oxim tely 3 hrs.I.. and Fude St . nd oil conservethi lin 10 ·. follow the Lane 221 or 251 of Fud 2.

Xlnyl Rd..• 0. Zhongqlang TAipei CIIY Han SI lion ..: IIIgRd Xin Transport tlon Information 1. TOWUlunSt. .4 I<m/Walkmg Tr IIh XlnYI nd 20 min. ~.. 20M.SK .. 30M '1 sp clio"" Th ere ish-brown O.... .... Sec. lake Bus Blue 10. and get off t Xlny 0 str ct Admin'str hon C nt r Stop or Sun ·Sh n High School 01 Commerce and Hom EconomICSStop. Ith ugh I~hj)llI i nOI very high. OAK Von9Chun Senior H h School BUs l' rk GOMI JuShl cliff!> ders. follow the Lane 150.. Park l ne 150. 286 (sub-line).T: ke Bus 4 .I residents.. rca very populu SlOP rc. rd n.8K'} .. Ch rlty Bus.. S.. 207. Taipei City Hall Station." ate III ny bird pi c and 10 III r living IS Ihing:. il ffi or. 277.. nd hug' b ul- " • ... Mile e Hiking Trail I Total ength: 2 Ime: Approximately MountSIn Approximately 2.. X nyi Straight L ne. YO'l9chung~ng Pari( Thi ."'. take Bus 229 to Yongchun Senior High School..:la ond ct closer th nature. walk in the direction of Yongchungang Park. 33 to Xinyi District Adm nistration Cent t. 2.L KO.3. • 17 18 . 5.. • walklng Elephant hrs.. Sec. 286. 32... The end r '1)lkin and \V eck- end recreanon among 1 '.-. Yongchun Station. .. d 2OMI. 111Ihil> uarural wilh the publi 10 c as II al g... 263. 011 till b- ern ire Taipei area.

..... *...... F 8isharI . ~......: t. I "'I..... To N _..." Stop 6. .....-rw 7WI" .. 255 Inter-Zone tlon Infor- .. m ~_. ParsI"Mhu : "fotIt C 7 prorc l o ~ :...::::.~! ......l...... :::~O (...: : nc. 20 19 . _ut.Walking Mileage Daluntou and Dalunwei Mountain Hiking Trail .... -rfl • !'...._ .. . . #.. ~'"(I...... Ifuan an Rd.4ourIIil fIt ... ~ . "#.. ngx ~ c Shu')ng)(1 CommunIty Ollunw Bus Stop 6 25'-41... ~ J.... """ BIlCl Bodge Bu ~t~~ • the ra·" ShutUe Bus to""" ~ Shilin Station ~ ~ ...t_.YI " ... ~'.......... ........ . o lunv CI an: pllrt of the \: ujhih mou nratn which extend fr m north • k to out h \ C"'l 00 In n from the PlOgh'l H nd40 min...- ~ nglCl ~ #t of *io ....t..Shih Shuangxi Rd.... "". Trail.. ~ne G 1I n in II natur I .~ .__~ ·_".aK~55MIN . ............. ..'f ._. .'f".. • MI.. ~ ... ... lK ........ these m th to Shuttle Bus to I Bu Stop Shilin Station oCommuno~ Mt.. th rc I~ little development f the rruit.. rI...::r. 0 tu~~~~ 3OMIN4 .." .. T CoI~eg .I au ReI II... ...ii:Mit.. '.. -f ....~_ . ~. f - . Mt ....... t 8.." :. . .. i" nh 20MIN 4 30MIN 4 .. .. m ~\\ \Q.... "" 1'ot1-" PorIc '" meters :...... S ... ~/... follow th Mini Bus 18 to Bixi Brid e... _ ..UU' : • .It""... IImg • • Transport matlon ......_'......~i r. •••• •••••~. ~.. ~~~" s...." ....~.' ~U ~- -:Ii _ j . h a i. ~..O tI.*>""" Takmlrtg Col Stop 261_1 21UAl1'-' -.... N ]- qj I B dgl: BU$ StOP BI n camping Cfound .~.~...!f I ...... take Bus 255.. . ~ ...... ~ ~lOu .... .clS t.'" .'it .~ .. ~ ~~ ~ ._....... .. ... . and get off at Bus on ~ \~ Zhong she Community Or transfer "tt~ .... " ..... walk to the Daluntou and Dalunwo Mountain to the Trail according guide signs.:----......::..O # . : .: Station.. ..: ..osnan $17 ... .""..In'N\A...~~~"'b .~ 0 n I u n IOU II n d 1t. -·"f" •• ' Ouany s. ...... .. ~...

Trail !olart" ftolll rhc end of Dnhu 1. .')l. CArp) u ..278..h I dl IlnguI'hed il... _..e .' TrAilhead '"''''''..<1. Yunnchu n 1 nul'...710. rmp.. Or after Kunyang Station. 256.. Is known il by rnuu r· a ..Zhongyong Mountain and Liyu (Carp) Mountain Hiking Trail LI 10 Zhongyong r I I Tot ...: elcpharus. et off at Oahu Park Stop... 2. 2...284... ull dunng ffer. ailing .. Jlnlong Tempi u. sharp unnchuun is rei uvet rnpact 1 h • be .han e mptc n' Shen ..hil<. Kunyang Station..Ulon 0 hu Community T"lIh IOMIN~ 20M N~ . n hucn Temple..*IIII'CC me rer s .. walk to the hiking trail.19) and Uyu (C rp) Mountain Approximately 3 hrs. . 0 rna 0 the rhuu. lUi. 'hile Kuan in In "Iunnduo hill. 267.. tak Bus Blue 20. Mountain I L n9th. .617.. flu ic . wn Bel. hrung th ' ""ad in front of the tcmpl • ore d 'pi ..:i hiking . 240. Hiking Iklng Time: Approximately lev. 10 stuperv. r-known "lal....!i arc .. thi" Inlll the Qinlj. I he . Walking Mileage (See P ge. lmr 'cs of th· I a uan hu n c le nt ion of 25 aile). Zilongyon9 The u' nchuan hinlung crnple Trarl let1d~ 10 the well-kn Temple. it Irai I~ ri ngi ng III • i. u· ······O:9K······ ···. Ii n-. Thi-.W Iklng Mil ag (S e Page.n 30MI • Bus Stop Jlnlon9 Temple MI. 267. re s p M unurin«. 521 to J nlong Temple Stop.. 21 22 .620. 031< 30M IN 4 .. Get existing the ".. Jinl illl 'an c and I of cmple i.630. Stop or T kmlng College Stop.md d narm D.hongyung pari of Ih Mounlain Trm}.Take Bus 214.'<1 • mingo and rc ·Iininlj.-e..~ 071< .. b nnd Oahu Police nd 290m Zhon SUbsl. ..8 kmlW nd 15 m n."""...287..19) Jlnml hrs. O~i.· .Take BuS 110...4K 35MI • lK 30M f the \\'ujh...od w .lil offc a icw of \ ngkung aipci m 'ity.. take Bus Blue 27. 0 • JlIlmian urb . famous r r..3 "Tempre Trallh 8u$ SlOP .ide or Jinminn PI" du ti n R ad..K. O. 247..han emplc..... Li)IU I ~ (MI. us 'i. \\'~. 4. ed a ruper In' I . Un 131 ~ MI. Mini Bus 3 to Oahu Elementary School 3. here..lh form.0 kmlWalking d . O:SK'····'· 8lshAny...andin and ..247. und u... arc spot am ng I() '.f off at Huanshan Ad. b ·. pO~llIrc". [In an mgs of... take Bus Blue 27. uunc huuu I.1 I'C i\Jenl'" Transport tlon Information 1. n Mountain Jiniono S c. 240. Ih' mil of of the stone city .. Brown 10.... Trail TI ITotal Length: 4 Mt Jlnm an 15MI . Approximately 3...u very poj'lul. MI. at . Transportation Inform tlon Taipei City Hall Station..... . Ih' lar 'e:"ll rc mp lc and i" frequented 10 rhc (..l. Z ong h n Junior High School Statton. a brcathtakln emple '111m lion :llerrnll ar c the u cd 10 Taipei's l.. u Hiking ihu Rd. take Bus nd 521 and get off at Jinlong Temple Stop......1. ·hin. : Approximately JOMIN ~ OSK ..

-. ..7K IN..Walklng Mile ge (See P ge.. •.l" XI njiyan Hiking Trail 21 Total Length: Approximately Iking Time: Approximately TtaUhud LAnt 304. 3. 45M1 • 0.51< Htalthy Foo path Malllan Trallhead Xlanyan Road . To x. get off at Jingmel or take 237. Brown12 Coast Guard Administration (CGA) Stop.. :"l" .10MI. Bus 251...3. 30M N. ... 530. 611. .61< .Take 253.ng Ad JOMIN. 660. and Jlngxing Hosplt to the trailXinglong on Bus to I Station.' - tt. # To Wanl3f19 Convnurwty ... kmIW H ·.. 0. ". .IT SI lIon 25MIN. . 671 to Guard nlstration imyof Exominoticn Rd. To XItdono Rd. bus Coast Adm Stop. i·sK' .Transportation 1.. 2OM1.. • walk 10 the traIlhead Jlnghou Rd. 'fuon 23 .. To Dapinglin Station £Ilotnlnnlicfl Yo.. "· . Shih Hs n U"iv.¥'~ .. Wanfan9 walk at Sec. n'O~a. .19) Xlanjiyan Hiking Trail 11 Total Length: Approximately 3. StC 3. .-.roily To MutJ'Ia • ~ Rei 236.. 0.7 nd 5 min.. 4OM1. ... Xlnglong Rd. or transfer ~ SI.91< -.ngJcng Rd. 660 and (Inter-Zone) Elementary School.' ... Community n f ng plt.. head Ad. Jingmtl ~1"lIon Clsh n XlanJlyan Jlng~lng G t at Lan 243 PaVlI on "£1 mtntary SChool Jingx. 2.. t!"..5 krnIW Ik ng 11m : Approx mately 2 hrs. 40. t 2. ·o·JR· "'6~sK't 2 hrs. Jlngmel Inform tlon at To Wanlong Station Station. Brown11.

Or head at Xinguang Chengch Rd. 282 to Nallonal University.Zhinan Temple Approxlmatoly hrs. .!ln Lane H. take Zhinan Bus 3. 25 . Zhlnan Rd 45MIN 2 ~ 1M N 1. Templ~ 3. and Sec. walk to the trailRd .0<'1'" Cheng(hl kk "2~1'K "0:9K' unl~r$11Y litis Stop IilXioo no Transport tion Information Tal I Zoo Siaho or Muzh Station. 237. 3. Zhinan tr nsrer on Bus Brown 11.W Iklng Mil ag nd Maokong Hiking Trail I Total 6. Zhlnan Bus 6 and get off at Zhlnan Temple Stop. 236. 5«.. and 30 min.4 km/Walking ength: 3 Time: Approximalely railhead at Zhln.

(Saturd y-Sund y) 2.....n O.W Iklng Mileage Yuantong T mple and Hongludl Trail I Tot I L n9th: Approximat Iy 3.. hall slay by brcy I 'mtl h< ld Ih m limlly ui alt )I I s arc altowcd • To MlHanINcha Jkyn I • J .".9.wJ{h 'Bicycles "7"~'" . Y h"ts.tr nsf r on the free Tourist Bus to Yu ntong Temple and Hongludl.Take Bus 201. '>.8K 2OMN~ ... 5.. Jlng TO~Sl. Passeniie'ts..What Is Urban Cycling blo. 'ILe of t Ocm In.. and vertic I 10 III • Inlln operation drrecti tI..n St. 30 min. ng r S u. 9 t off Yu ntong Temple Stop and walk long the trail.. Ttmpte .. Bu Frequency: 50 min (Mond y-Friday). should be J'lu cd between the vertical hundrai] ..21< 4OMIN~ 3OM1N~ MI..... 6. Yu "ong Zhongh Rd.... sh wer the trml in til '.. 243.~.. 241.:. 242. 120 In .....r pel Is dur- ? Transportation Information 1. and 30 min.• ({Ii 3~ .an Rd or Nu x.... UK 1..Stipulations for ~~ • .lon ~ n 10 bo rd nlv r I either cnd f the train and in~ld each 0 r I a vc ieal handrail r r a maxrmum of two hi ycle .tntong •• u. sorns. ..... To . BIcycle:.._. "'_ .. apprc I te I Ie . Yu. . 344.... 4. no 'yelil' themscl .o . . HonllluUi Xlngn.1 kmIWatkin9 Time: Approxlmat Iy 1 hr.• J.

. S non on weokonds and holidays. 2... quaint old .... Riding mile ge Oanshui River Bicycle Trail /Total L ngth~ Approximately 4 km.. .. I... the mout of th • n npl'lI'C .Rldlng Time: ApprOximatelv Park I~ 65 min..... and the ...Danshuei River Hongshulin Trail Section Bicycle To Oanhal North Coa t Highw:'Y' JinlOhan ToSanztli Tomkon" University nn.. Mt.IIC Oock" • Transportatlon Inform The southem Hongshulln WJ.... Ioc: I "'po...: of rmgrutory birds.tre 101' Danshu.. Ride.. 0 nshul SI 111m Hongshulln MangrOye St lion arure • ZhongYI Station Rup~ I~ ......umptu u-...'i...SK 4 29 30 . .. Guc n In .. "here in the \ o-td.'"IWyou Hongshulln Station tlon end ot the bike path starts outside th may brtng your bicycle into the metro at • "'_ ~ .... of fi h b II.

PI~nt ... the fonybc>at to left Bank P"'*.tpc.. Talpo.. (I B.. th n walk for approximately 5 min..Rldlng mile ge Bah's Left BanI< Park Blcycl Trail /Total L ngth: ApprOXimately 14 kmlRiding TIme: Approxim t Iy 3 hrs. 2....tw The SI.. tIwn . ~U8n Museu.... 15:00-17:00 .. Ui).. and 30 min.ti·!J. I..nhm.To Oanhal NOf1h CoastHighway. Jins ~ n Transportation Information Danshui Station. walk to Ferryboat Wharf in Dansru». 0. Take the ferryboat to Bali's Left Bank Park (one-way ticket NT$40)."."'O t-4u um k ~ mu cu rur um proJect..lnk Club ~h Gu~du ~II Swg BndCjl i'h. The gently tho backs of whales ~trud "'0 roofs symboliz sIoPlrtg ~otrud my urn 0 f 1$ good food With. Danshul Station Not been op ned to Take Bikes on th M ire.nh. 5K 1 Shih Bnhen No....rt To Guat)oln Shan" N tlonalScenicArea . The three m jor structures that loon the memorabl nsa 0' gr nd ur.'W 1. .. 77K Tr tmtnt 7lWIN. s.Show TIme of Mounted Police I Holiday: 10:00-16:00. Counly 02·2619-1313 www. ".Duty Time of Lelt Bank Park Mounted Police I Holiday: 09:00·11:00..81< 110MI • 1 I.. Rd .._ 3 to the museum..... 200.... B"i Hailing. line view. and get off at the mu_ SUIp on To 8al • Wugu. I full 01 archltectur I IItgnlflc nc meanlrtg. S • . Luzhou 4 31 32 J . Luzhou ~ To Wugu.. S • tako Bu...gov... .

. G\ GuancIu of Oadu Rd.com. ple8SecaIl2719-2025. •. 280....mshue Bali l'un. The park off fS m ny am nit... and 25 1m lNh<].. Oihan StatIOn or Beitou Station. to the Guandu entrance of the bicycle Wborf trail.lrW...!'~\ To Bal ~ • i \ \~ \. '). nnd ~lIld" of the BII't.. . m tlng rooms.. From Guandu Station.. pcrieoc a. wh. 267. 2_5K of Olngl). 8317.. you will reach the start of bik t al Itlc entrance of the Baxian Community in about 15 min.ch was the ac Iv. badminton courts.. • Rldlng mileage Guandu Sect on Bicycle TrailILenglh: right and left banks approximately of Gueizkeng 9. Take buses 203. a.YOU may bring your blcy· '(..and bike tow rd the directionof D fu Rd.. rk was tormerl)! known the Beitou Hall. Bellou 0I*'<:t.Ja Danshuei River Guandu Section Bicycle Bcuou ctro Park City Trail No. 0 '.ty and I i ur center of the Metro employ s..n.. Be tou '100 I Guandu Station 2..'~ .. Red 35. 3. 21 e-secTo Oonshvi ondary. take buses 23.)(1 n9 Communtly 9OM1 • 6..ngyanll .): biking time: about 2 hrs.~J...'. 8318 flcr f1 dredging... welt ullful Ighl . 88.._. nt .'S '1• ...a.1!U1..It Is opened to he publte tor • fee..0 4OMIN..l'M:ludong accommod"tlon ••• SWlmming pOOl... 02·2892-442&12893-0105. -t.4 km. . on the direction of Guandu Temple and ride ~~ U!j.GucnIu . you may also from ~ Zhixing Rd. CUrTel"ltly.. \ 33 .. For Guandu bicycle rent I services and schedWos.. (includes approximately min. and go down on the stop al the corner of Dale Rd.S Riv r km. and a hogh class rcsUlur..... nunue i Iri ~I • nd Bnli Len Bonk Park I brkmg 2.. and 310. a gym. 302 and get down at Guandu Temple: then rent a bicycle.. r . 2... www.•.IK • Tr n portatlon Information 1.:=~~ \t Vi ~ de nto the Metro at ail Ian.Rd. rhe The B itou M tro P..... T. Afloy 527. .tw ext. Ortvew V AC(ess c....: I It h"a) brc thtaking ( .' •• '. s.. Walk toward the direction VuaI'ICIIl.

rden and heated pOOl. 02-2~2880 s. lrte~ AthletIC C ntef I the second c:ommunity thletlC cenler. 100. Cent r faCIlities Inc lido a chtldren's pi y rea.Ie durn9 the d y and ho park light by night. on weekends nd holidays. 1. Indoor basketb II court. giVing It" I Ie. ny n arby reSidents to e erc se n the n some . Shllin. h alth cent r.ToY~ ~ To St To Linear Park Bieyele Trail crosses. Rd . manm' roc:lc ehmblrlg tl. Beit u Di trl No.nd multi purposo b II p ric.~:loU It i$ see ted n 11'1 poltk be the communrty. To 35 S uangh n Station 36 • . The outer f CI IS ss lin d. ultr mod rn look and feet: the building reflects the lush 9 een trees of ~he p . If of lh gov mm nt. Sh pal Rei. 'A'hl~Lic enter Taipei CIty The B \ou 0. Mengde QI n nd Ballou St tron . " • Indoor V~k ovtll •• . a robics 5 UdlO. AlI~ 39.c. 2.put up for CIty r sidents The Taipei City YMCA oper t the e n~er on beh.• B4l1ou Oistrict.uhl ue aCtiVit I dUflM9 yOUI' Minquan W. You may bring your bleycte aboard the Metro at the stations lining tho Llneor Park Bicycle Trail including: Yuan h n.

Take bus Red 5. k nds and hoi d ys. Ui)·'i·j.Rldlng mil age Shuangxi W terlront Bicycle Trail/Length: approxiFUIcong arldg m tely 6. 2OM1N• 12K .8 km. 206. 1. i lh I t c Part.PiW1.. riding time: bout 1 hr..shan or Shilin Station..There is currently no bicycle rental station in Shuangxi Bicycle Trail.lK . the public should bring their bicycles.. 260. Yuoono 8ndg IITr n portation information 1.. lSMIN~ •u..Jou. n d to Take Bike 3.. nd 40 min.. lion Not b en op 37 38 . walk towards the directiOn of Shihn B dge or ride a blcyclo to th entranco of the b cycle trail.You may bring your bicycle aboard tho M tro at Shllin St uon dur ng w Zhlshan 5t on the M tro. . Zh. 2. 255. 2. or 285 and get down at the Shilin stop to walk to the bicycle trail. .

.I~ ftiT .. nd \ horf to the north ern bunk of til' 'indio n River P rk . ~ 02·2581·1060 WWW... Floodga e HUajlan cnjo mg dl fferem "'~II '1·1illl l tcisure acuvitics.. cnc.npono AoocIg I.. from th Dadnochcng . n.n O=~":'IQ ~~~ o V. numer ou coffee plo7 • D.d ocheng Section Bicycle T length: Ilon~ n Ml'IQ have ...C)lc... I king .. e III pproxlm I hurf. . •_ vpr ung up including I.Rldlng mile n rhe Daduoch ur Dang. 39 ..6K . rhc 4. To Guting Red 33.Ih you and travclrng ndu \ h. 2. Transportation Inform tlon Shuang Minsheng Oadaocheng Ian Statlon..h "unh )i 'tlg . Walk to th Oiseprsal Gate. Il Section Zhong han Di trict No. \...... 1...org. Teipel CIty CIlndex htm cc- n t.. and 011 t hc \ h rr~ ar h bridge. Sec. biking time: approximately Oadaocheng Floodgate 60 min.....tw/ca Athletic Center n North Road. ur bi y Ie . ._.2. au can go the Blue IlIgh\~a Ime...0K 15MI ~ Zhong"Iao Brtdg I ~ O.. Ierfronl .i.. rf.ppeI c.il~o.. ~I. .. .Shuttle West Rd... getting 011on To ToSheZJ S tion ~ wer BUlldang • Oodood""'O PI. All y 44.1 km..Danshui River Oadaocheng Bicycle Trail 'fa f Ih.

. e.com. this is the urb n of Zhonghua Rd The public about For nd enter the bicycle tr il or ated by the expansion of Zhonghua Rd. youth networi< hIIIl.1W 02. T pel Cily _.. n ...1etrail. this trail is very aceessible and nt: Iso a unique biking 41 42 ...«<cads iUld : 10' lime flQlll DI v. outh Re reatlon enter 17. Blu Highway B at line Information r the yc r to s p III Danshul Rlv r Blue Highway Boat SChedUles PnllWlly f(ll' .... Bannan Line have not b Keelung River Blue Highway . lot ar dge Bridge I~ . 1• ...y17..hua Rd.. Shady Bicycle Trail Located on th betw IS left Sid of Taip i City's Zhonghua Rd. people to ndulge In Wild Goo Park S etlon Bicycle Trailllength: Iy 50 min.. II>: rid • the weekend 00. vtrtU81 rilly nd youth d nee h II. Wlworf -------------------. rock c.5 km.7K Huuhong Floodgate 0.. boo. 12: (Dtpoon Transportation Information Longsh Huazhong bicycl n Temple Dispersal Station. sec.2388 The y17 Youth Reer allOn Centef' ISlocated 00 the comer of m nm n South Rd. 10MI • •.hm 'ng w I.21< 1 2 O...uu.2343.11pn(e: :'l'SISO about 15 min.. SMf • e t iv ity re c I' u pre lu d hibernation. the trail is Within the slow moving I n and th can ctu lIy nde th Ir blcyclos pathway It is for som green are of the shop • traffic island bicycle properly without worrying window-shopping xp rI nce. hedute f(ll' ". ~br-rI • Fi ~_'.SK •.....SK ~I ng Wanban Bridge Guangfu I• ... Fortal~onIy • I~ : . truly an open &pace for the young sure and sports actMt~..orl) InbmilUon HcXlino: 02·25S Tld\ot PItQIa. Huuhong 3.Jef'o I Rd. u ..1I... p rk th Ximendmg tho convem who enJOYbiking... t. Wh n IJrod. stretch of shady urban bicyc. meeting cent . nd Ch ngOu Rd n south of Zhongxiao West Rd.hong. CD-ROM hall.. Gat w Ik tow zhong rd s the for to of Hu Bridge n opened • 11... cars.Il<Jur\ duM ~'uW R I". • eom. riding time: approximat Hu FloOdgale O.... of ting "Ilk. t bo t..v pial.. t hlon pia"..t7 No.

.~.admmt n courts..... Gong uan Station. 3 to the Dun Forest Pane. WI·lj. kUlmg rinks./both linked by the Daonan Bridge. 30M IN. With su h an interesting combinauon f entcrtamment. 295.9K 2. Xindian River Huazhong Section Bicyde Trail rthe nd rrght banks of the Jill mel Ri c arc 0....Tr nsportatlon Infonnatlon walk to the trail..riou. or 673 and 9 t down on Taiwan Power Building..236. lei tire. 251. tllen going round pllrtl's utTOU ng arell COO1I)nses the Oaan or s t Pilne Bicycle Trail.. 1:. ne c n f ni 0: it... Or take bus nd g t down on Zhengda or Taipei Zoo stop..... food nd spons. see p ge 39) 1. riding time: about 75 min.nsheng South Rd.. urer: lush green ry.61< D•• o ore t Park lcycle Trail GOIng north from the sldo Oilt" of til Nilt onal T. 43 . Gongguan. 650. wan UnlV ty on X..11N.... Jingm I Station and Gutlng St tlon opened to Take Bikes on the Metro.. or tra cling by bike mn prove the bi yclc tmil.. . • ... Wanshou o n I) ndge pproxlId s af Talpe Zoo 2.8K 8 dge RI" '$Id P..tricl for m R&R. 4Ot. Huazhong 1 lac hang Zhongzhenv Yongfu floodgate FloodQale &Idge 8ndge Ex I 25MIN..• Sec. • TI" n portatlon Information (for illustration. 252. 642.For Hu zhong bicycle rentElI services ul s... riding time: approximately 1 hr.I"I!lJ. 648... 2K 1.. • 2.'lcililie such n. walk toward the direction of th Xlnd n rver waterfront and go in from the bicycle trail dispersal .. 251. and the s. and 35 min. 611. T Ipel Zoo Station. baskc: all OUl'ts. \ hell tired of biking.. \ ilh many pe plc coming here around duo k \ ith fi 111ity und friend t indulge in .. Jingm I St tlon. .. O. .. 282.. i ind '.. hildren'~ an: pori lion Museum..-d a rbrantty ncri e bicycle tmil . 25M1 • . nnd the 'onggullO commercial di. or Gutlng EI m ntary School stop nd walk towards the dispersal gate.. T k bus 74. or Zhlnan 3 9 teo 2.. b..u _. ti iric • chi. d.. 644. or Guting Station.9K Riding mileage (for illustration see p ge 39) Xindian River Huazhong S ctlon Bicycle Trailllength: 6... 13MIN. 660. 3. und .You may bring your bicycle aboard the Metro at th Gonggu n Station during weekends and holidays.. l1tc Daonan W: tcrfront Park l'fers many sport« f..11 ain'l (1 pitur lie Innd pe mounLain.. please call 2719-2025 Not beon and sched- . . tbe corn r of H 'nyi Rd. Ie r river wut er rna k cs it e iru soothmg for isilors.. 236. For bicycle 2719-2025 rental services nd schedul s.rk IN • .5 km. c 11 Riding mile ge Jlngmel River Oaonan Bicycle trailliength: mately 5 km. !>poning..

.l lhl B(ld~ . you can take your bicycle on the Metro on w k nds and holidays. 276. • Rldlng mileage Keelung River Left Bank Bicycle Trail/Total Length: Approximately 7 kmlRidlng Time: Approximately 1 hr.j. - ...'..604......42. 230. going fTom the entrance of lh Nenhu Bridge Ji No.. For blcycl r ntal services and schedule.. 4 BOcyde Tro. going from the entranc of the Meiti dl p rsal gate. 2. get down on the Zhuangjlngli or Fuyuan Pumping Station stop. get down on Chenggong Bridge stop.. . and 45 min. 240. Blue 26. . 208... 621.. call 27192025 .-. For Brown 1....Not been opened to Take Bikes on M tro. 33. 11 dispersal gate.. get down on Yucheng EI mentary School stop.. g t down In the Keelung Public Housing I stop..... 222... 247. or 286 nd get down on 0 jl Elementary School stop..... for the oajla and Guansh n Bicycle Rental Stop..307. going from th entrance of the o lou dispersal gate... '-... Blue 12.. For Red 3. Blue 27. Keelung River Right and left Bank Bicycle Trails Left Bank: Take Buses 33... going from the entranc of th Lin ntal dispersal gate. 262.. th Jiantsn St tlon. 286. Right B nk: T k Bus s 28 or 256 and get down Mlngshul 3rd Rd. Yu nshan StCitlon. .. or 0 zhl Pumping station. For buses 53... nd 284 bus s.:r.605. For buse 50S..

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