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Published by: Vandana Subramannian on Apr 11, 2012
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Title of the project A study on predatory marketing techniques with respect to The Hindu and Times of India. internet. Methodology The information regarding the current positioning of both the newspapers shall be collected from secondary sources like magazines. . circulation and the factors that affect the subscriptions of the newspapers within a particular territory. reviews etc.  Analyze how the launch of TOI in Kochi affected the readership of The Hindu.  Understanding the concept of predatory marketing and how it has been implemented by TOI.  Understand the nature of competition that exists among newspapers. Which newspaper do people in Kochi prefer to read: The Hindu or Times of India? Scope Involved The study will involve the following. 3. How The Hindu has sought to retaliate to TOI’s launch. Objectives 1. To understand how TOI has sought to launch and position itself against The Hindu. 4. The data regarding the positioning of the newspapers and factors affecting the readership will be collected by means of interviews with the various media agencies handling their account and through secondary sources as well.  Analyze the reading habits of the people in South India with emphasis on the city of Kochi. Insights shall be gained regarding readers’ preferences among the two brands and the reasons for the same by means of surveys. 2. Source of Data Data collected regarding the readership and readers’ preferences will be primary in nature.  Understand the concepts of readership. How has the launch of TOI eaten up into the readership of The Hindu.

to be collected from the residents in Kochi and various media agencies. reviews and the internet.Limitations 1. secondary data regarding the concept of readership and predatory marketing shall be collected from magazines. The data collected to ascertain the readership and the actors affecting the readership are conducted with samples taken from the city of Kochi. This shall be followed by the collection of the primary data. Timeframe Secondary data collection for the project will be starting from 12th of April 2012. . In the beginning. It will take around a week. The observations derived herein may not be accurate enough for generalization at the state level.

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