Telecom Expense Management Solution enabling better control on diverse mobile devices

As the number of mobile devices that have to be supported by the IT administrators shoot off the roof there is a need for a robust strategy that needs to be put in place by the enterprises to manage, monitor and support these users. The solution facilitates the IT Administrators in managing devices across platforms without compromising on the security demands of an organization.

The client, founded in 2009, is a leading provider of Telecom Expense Management solutions to many enterprises across the globe. The client has engaged Endeavour – The Mobility Company to facilitate them in extending their solution to support an increasing diversity of devices, OSEs and the applications across the organization and to bring expertise in ensuring adherence to exiting corporate standards Endeavour has assisted by creating a no-compromise Mobile Device Management solution which facilitates the IT Administrators Policing, Acquiring, Controlling and Enforcing (PACE) policies across wide range of mobile devices being used within their organizations. Challenges to be addressed Building this solution required two fold challenges to be addressed:  Mobile Device Management. More and more confidential and sensitive data is finding its way on smartphones, handhelds and removable storage cards. The enablement of LOB applications on to the personal devices of employees and associated security needs has made it difficult to manage corporate processes relating to “mobility” governance, risk and compliance. The MDM solution therefore needs to be scalable and flexible enough to meet the disparate needs of different organizations Mobile Security. With the shift from information applications to LOB applications, increased amount of data resides on devices and removable storage that are more susceptible than PCs to loss and theft. And while most IT organisations agree that mobile devices need to be managed and secured just as their PCs are, most don’t do this today. The solution therefore must have robust security capabilities.

Services Offered by Endeavour-The Mobility Company Endeavour organized a team of specialists to work with the client team helping them in taking decisions related to:  Overall MDM Strategy  Application Design and Architecture  Performance Challenges  Security Design The engagement Endeavour further assisted the customer with the following deliverables:  Requirements and Detailed Design /Architecture  Development on all Mobile Platforms and backend admin module  Web Services development  Automated Testing & Integration The Solution The proliferation of mobile devices within organization has posed a significant challenge for the IT team in managing access, usage, and security across multiple mobile devices. The solution was designed to help enterprises in improving employee productivity & optimizes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The solution provides a central console to manage multiple devices over the air with a common set of policies, ensuring consistent policy enforcement and providing auditing capabilities as well. The solution also has capabilities to  make device-specific information visible, measure device performance and health diagnostics, manage connection options, establish process control (e.g., real-time usage monitoring of voice, Short Message Service, Multimedia Messaging Service, PIN-to-PIN and data functions), and apply consistent change management processes and methodologies.  enable content-filtering policies, data-roaming policies, and allows selective wiping of business data  control application installation and can be set to allow only specific device/operating-system combinations  allow IT departments set up an internal “app store,” and permits asset tracking of mobile device  enable proprietary mobile application publication, and the distribution and change management of both proprietary commercial off-the-shelf data collection and presentment apps across diverse devices and operating systems.  administer and enforce rule-based policies relating to resource entitlement, such as type of device, service plans and allowance of third-party apps on devices. The purview of mobile security management services also extends to users' consumption of services through authentication and encryption.

Key Benefits to Client

Managing telecom services is complex and requires constant attention. The solution provided a centralized solution for inventory control and procurement, contract compliance, budget and spending tracking, and invoice processing. The solution was designed to meet the following challenges:              Enable device diversity Remote Device Provisioning and settings management Remotely lock or wipe all lost or stolen devices Automate remote device wipe after 10 unsuccessful authentication attempts Strong encryption of data Enable support for dual-usage models Manage all devices but limit the data stored on unmanaged devices Avoid the company logo and display a telephone number on the locked state Utilize a single web console for all management and security operations Provide multichannel training and links to additional resources Asset Management and Reporting OTA intelligence, troubleshooting, and support Backup and recovery

About Endeavour Endeavour is a specialist mobility company and has been exclusively focused on mobile solution development since 2002. Based on our growth over the last decade we are confident that our role as the Mobility Services Company that acts as the “Mobility Integrator” to enterprises is critical to the enterprise mobile ecosystem. Our vision is to be the world's best "Mobility Integrator", and our strategy is to do this by  Enabling our People. By enabling our people to keep pace with the latest in mobility technology – and become thought leaders in their areas of specialization Helping Customers. By proactively going to our customers and helping them drive business value from Mobile enablement.

With over a decade of proven mobility expertise, enabling award-winning customer deployments, Endeavour is evolving into one of the largest independent enterprise mobility company globally.

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