Intellectual property rights

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or making invention or discovery as described in the patent claim. processes. to exclude others from using. There are 3 types of patent law. selling. compositions.Patent Law  The legal right for a limited term. 4/11/12 . articles of manufacture or new uses of any of these. 1) Utility patent : legal protection granted for inventions or discoveries that are categorized as machines.

computer programs. dance. sculptures. original and ornamental designs for useful objects. websites. writing. reproduced asexually. performing. selling. plays. and visual artworks such as graphic arts. photographs or paintings. architecture. displaying. movies. Plant patent : protects distinctive plants Copy Right Law : The legal right to exclude others for a limited time from copying.Design patent : it protects new. Copy right law protects music. 4/11/12 . or making derivative versions of a work of authorship.

customer confusion. The goal of the trademark law is to avoid 4/11/12 . This principle is derived from English law known as unfair competition. that identifies and distinguishes one product or service from another.Trademark law A trademark is any word. or slogan. logo. design. symbol. device.

In 1920 Mr.It all started with a mouse (WB) WALT DISNEY : An American artist and entrepreneur. 4/11/12 Through out the 1930’s Mr. company produced many successful cartoon shorts featuring characters such as mickey mouse and donald duck.Disney’s . Disney’s small animation studio produced several cartoons based upon a character named oswald the rabbit.

The company owns movie 4/11/12 . studios. a television network. radio station.Today. the company that disney started is one of the largest owners of intellectual property in the world. and production companies and maintain several websites.

Paralegal tasks in intellectual property law 1) patent 2) copyright 3) trademark 4) trade secret 4/11/12 .

Ethical obligations of the paralegal in intellectual property law 1)confidentiality 2) conflict of interest 3) unauthorized practice of law 4/11/12 .

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