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Published by: Gabriel Ramirez on Apr 11, 2012
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# # # # # # # N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S


$Id$ The format of this file was inspired by the Linux kernel CREDITS file. Authors are listed alphabetically. The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W), SVN account login (C), PGP key ID and fingerprint (P), description (D), and snail-mail address (S). Laurent Aimar fenrir_AT_via.ecp.fr fenrir input and decoders core improvements avi, asf/wmv/wma, mp4/mov, mp3, aac, wav demultiplexers MPEG-4, Div & OpenDivX and various decoders (ffmpeg) AAC decoder (libfaad2) cinepak, adpcm, araw, musepack decoders Subtile file parser. mms, ftp access Stream output VLM France Marc Ariberti marcari_AT_via.ecp.fr marcari communication with channel server YOPY port France Stephan Assmus stippi_AT_yellowbites.com stippi BeOS module fixes and enhancements Germany Olivier Aubert olivier.aubert at liris dot cnrs dot fr Mediacontrol API, Python bindings, svg module France Sigmund Augdal Helberg dnumgis_AT_videolan.org sigmunau lirc plugin aalib plugin Subtitles and freetype Hotkeys Shoutcast discovery module and b4s playlist parser wxWidgets preferences File-Info and metadata handling Norway Pierre Baillet oct_AT_zoy.org octplane SDL audio and video output France

N: Gildas Bazin E: gbazin_AT_videolan.org

win32 WaveOut audio output DirectShow input a52.org littlejohn Java bindings Italy Rafaël "Hanz.fr stef MPEG video decoder DVD input. Audioscrobbler. flac and theora decoders/packetizers mpeg1/2 video decoder (libmpeg2). Power management inhibition PGP update core Spread bugfixes Netherlands N: Tony Castley E: tony_AT_castley. win32 VCD/CDDA input and win32 ipv6 code DirectX audio/video output.C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: P: D: D: D: D: S: gbazin Core improvements.fr bozo SDL video output France Filippo Carone filippo[dontspam]_AT_carone. speex.ecp. Telepathy. decoders API Win32 port. dts.com rocky Navigation-enabled VCD (via libvcdinfo) enhanced CDDA (via libcdio) SVCD/CVD subtitles USA Johan Bilien jobi_AT_via.net . vorbis.fr jobi VCD input Satellite input libdvbpsi support France Stéphane Borel stef_AT_via. David" Carré funman_AT_videolanorg funman C0AFF10F D-Bus control. IFO parsing. bandlimited resampling Ogg and Raw DV demultiplexers Configuration file infrastructure wxWindows and http interfaces Pocket PC port France Rocky Bernstein rocky_AT_panix.ecp. CSS decryption DVD navigation France Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou bozo_AT_via. Taglib meta reader/writer Ncurses enhancements.ecp.

videolan.org colin initial MacOS X port France Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont#videolan. Standard MIDI files Codecs: EA ADPCM. rss. MIDI synthesis TLS and SRTP Finland Colin Delacroix colin#zoy. BeOS Video S: Australia N: Antoine Cellerier E: dionoea_AT_videolan.fr asmax Audio output skins module (X11 port) skins2 module (core and X11 port) JACK audio output France Rémi Denis-Courmont www. croppadd. e rase.ecp. playlist. .remlab. puzzle.fr reno AC3 decoder France Rémi Duraffort ivoire -at. magnify. gaussianblur.ecp.) modules S: France N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: N: W: C: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: Renaud Dartus reno_AT_via..org C: dionoea D: Video Filters: mosaic. bluescreen. gradient and edge detection. psychedelic D: Demux: podcast.org pdherbemont Mac OS X Framework LibVLC enhancements .. race conditions) France Cyril Deguet asmax_AT_via. motion detect. extract. shoutcast D: Access: v4l2 D: HTTP interface pages D: Lua (interface. rotate. meta fetcher. VOC.C: tcastley D: BeOS interface.net courmisch network subsystem threading subsystem Demux: RTP receiver.org ivoire sftp access Improvement of SDL vout and taglib QA (memory leaks. XA. alphamas k.

fr henri ALSA audio output MPEG TS input Decoder modularization USA Damien Fouilleul Damien. and caca video outputs .net Quovodis ActiveX control Safari/Firefox plugin for MacOS X Direct3D Video output SSE2 chroma converters improved MMX chroma converters Ireland Derk-Jan Hartman hartman_AT_videolan.ecp. fb.Fouilleul_AT_laposte.org hartman Mac OS X interface Dutch translation Directory input Mac OS X Video Output Mac OS X Audio Output Kasenna client support contrib system for 3rd party libraries Netherlands Gaël Hendryckx jimmy_AT_via.org sam playlist and modules system Gnome and Gtk+ interfaces Glide.ecp.ecp.fr jimmy IDCT and YUV transforms France Samuel Hocevar sam_AT_zoy. Dolby Surround decoder Audio output core enhancements France Jean-Marc Dressler polux_AT_via.fr babal Win32 network input Win32 interface Headphone channel mixer.fr polux BeOS port MPEG video decoder France Henri Fallon henri_AT_via.S: France N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: Boris Dorès babal(at)via.ecp.

fullscreen controller) D: Interface Interaction (core and OSX) D: contrib system for 3rd party libraries D: German translation S: Germany N: Simon Latapie E: garf_AT_via.D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: Esound audio output DVD subtitles decoder Video output Mozilla plug-in France Eugenio Jarosiewicz ej0_AT_cise.org thresh Build system/linkage fixes Pidfile creation on daemon mode Parts of Russian translation ALTLinux VLC maintainer Russia N: Felix Paul Kühne E: fkuehne_AT_videolan.fr C: garf .ecp.ufl. structure.fr maxx audio output AC3 decoder MPEG audio decoder France Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb_AT_videolan. extended controls panel.org C: fkuehne D: MacOS X Interface (wizard. bookmarks wind ow. and various fixes USA.ecp.edu ej MacOS X interface.org jb Qt4 Interface Contribs system France Pavlov Konstantin thresh_AT_videolan.net jlj PS input fixes Win32 DVD input port QNX RTOS plug-in MacOS X port norwegian translation MP4 DRMS support France Michel Kaempf maxx_AT_via. Florida Jon Lech Johansen jon-vl_AT_nanocrew.

M3U.) England Florian G..) DVB input mosaic TS muxer/demuxer improvements contrib system for 3rd party libraries documentation fortunes maintainer France Loïc Minier lool_AT_via.ecp.ac...levesque_AT_mindready.org titer BeOS module fixes and enhancements Stream output Mac OS X OpenGL video output contrib system for 3rd party libraries France N: Benjamin Pracht E: bigben+spam_AT_videolan. *BSD..org fgp MacOS X port Austria Eric Petit titer_AT_videolan.com QNX RTOS video output and audio output Canada. Solaris. and logo video filters HTTP interface VLM France Pascal Levesque pascal.org C: bigben .fr massiot decoder and input core functions audio output MPEG video decoder Many ports (Mac OS X. Pflug fgp_AT_phlo. Québec Christophe Massiot massiot_AT_via.fr lool Gtk/gnome enhancements xosd interface plug-in SLP France Christophe Mutricy xtophe at videolan d0t org xtophe libnotify plugin contrib system for 3rd party libraries win32 binary contribs Varios fixes (configure.D: D: D: S: N: E: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: contrast/HSB.ecp. . wxWidgets. iPAQ.

co.fslife.uk richards BeOS video output (BBitmap and Overlay) United Kingdom Clément Stenac zorglub_AT_videolan.co.demon.org karibu skins module (core and win32 port) France Jean-Paul Saman jp_dot_saman#videolan_dot_nl libmad plug-in iPAQ port PDA (Familiar Linux) interface Dutch Translation DVB-S/C/T on v4l2 API HD1000 port OSD menu Digital Video (Firewire/IEEE1394/I-Link) Netherlands Arnaud Schauly gitan_AT_via.org zorglub Playlist core and demuxers.fr gitan SAP module France Vincent Seguin seguin_AT_via.D: MacOS X Interface (playlist) D: documentation S: France / Germany N: E: C: D: S: N: E: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: S: N: E: C: D: D: D: D: S: Emmanuel Puig karibu_AT_videolan.uk kenS BDA module United Kingdom Richard Shepherd richard_AT_rshepherd.fr seguin core VLC structure interface and message queue video output YUV transforms X11 and GGI video outputs France Kenneth Self kens_AT_campoz. SAP parser wxWidgets and joystick interfaces Announce system visualisation. volume normalizer France N: Olivier Teulière .ecp.ecp.

E: C: D: D: D: S: ipkiss_AT_via.ecp.fr ipkiss Win32 interface skins module (core and win32 port) skins2 module (core and win32 port) France .

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