2.3.5 we use the London Plan ñgures as the lncome llmlts for soclal rented houslng. we adapt the
London Plan income limits to create our own local aordability criteria for intermediate housing
to ensure our resldents can anord lntermedlate houslng ln Southwark. Our ñgures are wlthln
the wider intermediate housing income limits set by the GLA. They represent the mid point
between the household income below which households could qualify for social rented housing
(£l8,l00) and the household lncome requlred to quallfy for a mortgage to purchase houslng
ln the least expenslve areas of our borough. These are speclñc to Southwark, based on our
average household lncomes. Table 2 sets out our annual household lncome range mld-polnt for
intermediate housing units.
Table 2: Annual household income range mid-point for intermediate housing units
Number of bedrooms 1 2 3 4
Income (range mid-point) £29,5l5 £35,943 £42,372 £44,l54
Developers wlll be requlred to ensure lntermedlate houslng ls anordable to households on
these lncomes through expresslng these ñgures ln sectlon l06 agreements relatlng to securlng
anordable lntermedlate houslng. we wlll update these ñgures annually to take lnto account
changes to local house prlces and lncome levels. Please check thls sectlon of the SPD on our
webslte to ensure you are uslng the most up-to-date ñgures. we wlll also update these ñgures
through our Annual Monitoring Report.
We will update our website at:
2.3.6 Peglstered provlders wlll normally buy the anordable unlts from the developer. The table ln
Appendlx A lndlcates how much a reglstered provlder would normally pay a developer for soclal
rented unlts. we do not have an equlvalent table for lntermedlate accommodatlon but our
anordablllty levels largely constraln the prlce that ls pald.

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