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Once there was a man called Geppetto. Geppetto made puppets. 4 . One day he made a puppet called Pinocchio.

tL I' t "I wish Pinocchio was a real boy. 6 7 ." said Geppetto.That night Q fairy came to the house.

" said the fairy. 9 . 8 "One day you will be Q real boy. "I can move!" said Pinocchio.t The fairy waved her wand.

They danced and sang.Geppetto woke up and saw Pinocchio. 10 . He was very happy.

The next day Pinocchio went to school. 13 .

On the way to school Pinocchio saw a puppet show. 15 . 14 He sang and danced with the puppets.

Stromboli owned the puppet show. 16 .He locked Pinocchio in a cage with his friend Jiminy Cricket.

The fairy came to help Pinocchio. Pinocchio told the fairy Q lie. 19 .

"1 will never tell a lie again. 20 21 . The fairy waved her wand." said Pinocchio.His nose got bigger and bigger. The cage opened and Pinocchio jumped out.

e we t to play with them.On the way home Pinocchio met some boys. 22 :n .

" . "No." said Jiminy Cricket." said Pinocchio."You must go home. "I like it here.

26 . The boys turned into donkeys.Pinocchio grew ears and Q tail. He ran home with Jiminy Cricket.

The letter said that Geppetto had been swallowed by a whale. 29 .

He jumped into the sen.Pinocchio went to find Geppetto. .

He found Geppetto. 32 .The whale swallowed Pinocchio.

Pinocchio and Geppetto came out of the whale's mouth.Pinocchio and Geppetto made a fire. The fire made the whale sneeze. 35 .

He went after Pinocchio and Geppetto. 37 .The whale was angry.

Pinocchio pulled Geppetto out of the seo. 38 .Then he fell down.

41 . t " ' The fairy turned Pinocchio into Q real boy.Geppetto took Pinocchio home.

.Geppetto and Pinocchio were very happy. They sang and danced all night.

Level z is for children who are familiar with some simple words and can read short sentences. An adult can help them to do this by pointing at the first letter of each word. This enables children to recognise the words more and more easily as they progress through the book. Read it yourself Level • • • • 2 Simple sentences and vocabulary Clear type Exciting illustrations closely matched to the story Engaging and entertaining characters . Children will probably need less help as the story progresses. which help children to read more fluently. Each story in this level contains frequently repeated phrases. About this book The story is told in a way which uses regular repetition of the main words and phrases.Read it yourself is a series of graded readers designed to give young children a confident and successful start to reading. and sometimes making the sound that the letter makes. Beginner readers need plenty of help and encouragement.

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