Marketing Research

Use of formalized procedures, based on the scientific method, to collect and analyze information, relevant to management problems.

Marketing Research Early warning signal existing MIS may not show trend if outside target segment. Source of detailed information on specific problems Forecast the future …….what happens if we do this? .

Truth as an option perspective .Marketing Research Systematized and repeated marketing research is a marketing management information system/marketing decision support system.

Flexible. and Cheap Does the data exist somewhere? .Marketing Research Marketing Research Process Problem Identification Symptoms versus Problems Marketing Concept Secondary Data Analysis Fast.

Marketing Research Exploratory Research (Primary Research) Focus Groups. Group Interviews identify attributes pick variables for further study discover terminology. perspective avoid preconceptions .

go on to research are finished. Value versus cost of perfect information .Marketing Research Can you answer the management question? Yes……. No…….

Marketing Research Primary Research (Still in Research Design) Descriptive statistical measurement of attributes determine relationships Explanatory (Causal) explain cause and effect of descriptive results build models .

Marketing Research Primary Research (Still in Research Design) Predictive use cause/effect knowledge to predict the future test markets experiments forecasts with new parameters .

Marketing Research Research Design Data Collection mail telephone personal interview observation email ……..advantages and disadvantages .

Marketing Research Research Design Questionnaire Design Wording Cultural Bias Sequencing of Questions Question Structure unstructured word association narrative projection incomplete sentences picture completion .

Marketing Research Research Design Questionnaire Design Question Structure structured dichotomous Likert scale rating scale multichotomous semantic differential scale importance scale .

Marketing Research Research Design Sampling Nonprobability Probability Sample Size Determination …not a function of population size! .

Marketing Research Research Design Validity and Reliability Did you measure what you intended to measure? Can you do it again? .

Marketing Research Data Analysis What does the data mean? How can it be used? How can it be communicated to management? How does it solve the management problem? .

. Watch for inappropriate use of the buyer behavior model.Marketing Research Non-Marketing Managers need to: Look at possible results in advance. Will they answer the question? What can be done with the knowledge? Is it worth the cost? Require hard $ justification.

Mercedes Benz Video Purpose/use of marketing research Application to buyer behavior model Research methodologies Primary/Secondary Reliability and validity .

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