Experimental investigation for performance and optimized design of quality on 1 HP air conditioning unit.

• the refrigerant is tested in existing refrigeration systems in “drop in” tests without any modification to the system equipment • the system is charged with several amount of refrigerant .Hypothesis Independent Variable Dependent Variable Constant/Controlled Experiment A Control Group Experimental Group • selection of refrigerants affecting unit performance • the refrigerant • performance • power of motor driving the compressor.

Compressor. etc. Μ. e. cp.) •How can the characteristics of individual components be integrated to assess overall system performance? •How does a particular system design affect refrigerant choice? Operating conditions •What is the effect of operating conditions on the performance comparison? . κ.Difficulties Refrigerant Properties •Many thermo-physical properties are involved. heat transfer and system behaviour? System Components (Evaporator. •How do individual properties influence pressure drop. etc. ρ. P.g. Condenser. . T.

accuracy depends on assumptions and correlations used Thermodynamic analysis – Simple but does not take into account component characteris Experimental measurements – Only limited numbers of refrigerants could be tested at a time in a given system Available methods used to compare refrigerant performances .Methods Detailed simulations – Time-consuming.

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