Exercises 1 WH QUESTIONS Objectives: * Practice using wh question words to make questions.

Directions: Change the statements to questions using the question word in parenthesis. Check verb tense. 1. They do their homework at night. 2. Mr Robertson came to the party alone. 3. The car is across the street from the house. 4. I like the red blouse, not the blue one. 5. She felt better after she took a nap. 6. That is an English book. 7. My sister called her teacher yesterday. 8. She talked to him for an hour. 9. He studies piano at the university. 10. The party lasted all night. 11. The check was for $5.50. 12. She was eating a sandwich. 13. She is working hard. 14. My parents have two cars. 15. They are coming to visit tomorrow. 16. He is going to work right now. 17. The man with the white hat is my brother. 18. I don’t get up early because I like to sleep late. 19. We have an English class every day. 20. They like to dance on weekends. . 21. The club is not far from their house. 22. Their favourite kind of music is Latin Jazz. 23. I didn’t bring my dictionary today. 24. They are singing popular songs.

2. Where is he going right now? 17. What is their favourite kind of music? 23.ANSWERS : 1. What do they like to do on weekends? 21. When do they do their homework. How many cars do your parents have? 15. How did she feel? 6. What kind of songs are they singing? . Why don't you get up early? 19. What is she doing? 14. How much was the check for? 13. Robertson come to the party with? 3. Who did Mr. What does he study at the university? 10. How long did the party last? 11. How often do you have an English class? 20. Where is the club? 22. When are they coming to visit? 16. When did your sister call her teacher? 9. Who is the man with the white hat? 18. Why didn't you bring your dictionary today? 24. Which blouse do you like? 5. Where is the car? 4. What kind of book is that?/ What is that?/ What is that book? 7.

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