Bacteria and Virus Project Rubric Name:__________________________ Learning Target:  Differentiates between viruses and bacteria (including

modes of replication and invasion). Exceeds PowerPoint *PowerPoint goes above and beyond expectations of requirements. Secure (up to 50 points) (1) Picture of virus or bacteria (2) How your virus or bacteria attacks (3) What part of the body it affects (4)Conditions and symptoms (5)Treatments and Vaccines (6)Prevention of spread of your bacteria or virus (7)Frequency of occurrence (8)History (9)Common ways bacteria or viruses are spread (10) Ways to prevent the spread here at South Middle School (11) How vaccines and antivirals work (1) Picture of virus or bacteria (2) Labeled all organelles and essential features (3) Professional appearance Developing (up to 30 Points) PowerPoint was partially completed. Missing one or two of the components. Beginning (10 points) Island project was started, but not finished. Missing 3 or more components.

Billboard Poster

Poster went above and beyond expectations.

Poster met two components

Poster met only one component.

Video Video was Advertisement created by the group. Comments:

(1) Attention grabbing (2) Informational

Video only met one component.

Video was not shown.

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