Can you help the wolf find the way back to its den?



4. pointed nose. How many toes does a wolf have? Three Four Five Webbed feet. Wolves might hunt small animals like rabbits and mice on their own. What helps a wolf hunt and catch large animals? (Tick the pawprints). They hunt together in groups called packs to catch large animals such as deer. Big ears. It grunts It hoots It howls Long. What is a wolf’s favourite food? Grass Deer Worms Sharp teeth. What noise does a wolf make? Long legs. Quiz (Put a circle around the correct answer) 1. 3. What is a wolf’s home called? A holt A den An earth Are you a wolf expert? 2. 1 6 .Designed for Hunting Life in the Woods Wolves generally live in woodlands.

Baby wolves would be born might see these in soft mud. Don’t forget .we call this a den. You could look for this on wolf paths and around the edges of their territory. We call them pups. Wolf poo! We call it wolf scat. 3 4 . If you want to see them you have to visit a place like Wildwood.Food Lunchtime! Can you help the wolf decide what to eat for lunch? Draw arrows to two things that the wolf would prefer to eat for lunch. Leaves Fish Rabbits Grass Deer Tracks + Signs Wolf Signs Become a wolf detective and look for the signs that wolves leave behind.wolves don’t live in the wild in Britain. A wolf paw print . This hole could be the entrance to a wolf’s house .

Creative Writing Wolf Poem Grey wolf Running through the woods Ears pricked Yellow eyes gleaming Walking silently Out hunting for food Long tail in the air Fluffy. Look for hLong legs hSharp teeth hBig ears B_ _ e_ _ _ S_ _ _ _ t_ _ _ _ L_ _ _ l_ _ _ 5 2 . soft grey fur Can you complete this sentence? Wolves are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Designed for Hunting Colour me in Can you colour in the wolf and name three things that help it to run fast and hunt for food.

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