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Lesson Plan 3rdgrade

Lesson Plan 3rdgrade

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Published by: Derek McCloud on Apr 12, 2012
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30 – Minute lesson Plan Template Derek Hessing

Grade Level: 3rd Overall Element: Rhythms Month: December Previous Knowledge: Steady beat, mi re do la, so,

Objective: The Learner Will: Sing and clap rhythm patterns (1/8-1/16-1/16, and 1/16-1/16-1/8). Perform body percussion rhythmic accompaniment. Materials Needed: Rhythm Sticks if available. White board  Prep: Draw spaces on the board corresponding with each beat in the song. To be filled in later. Procedure: 3 minutes A. Greeting

Clap rhythms: 1/8-1/16-1/16, and 1/16-1/16-1/8.  Clap rhythms to students and have them repeat it back to you. Use to get attention and prep them to learn these rhythms later in the lesson 5 minutes B. Opening Song/Activity Teach “Skip to my Lou” by rote. Teach in 2 segments.  Ask question to focus attention: “What is in the buttermilk?”  Sing song to students  Break into 2 bar segments, have students repeat each phrase back after it is sung by the teacher  Start with first phrase, repeat process for second phrase. 10-12 mins C. Activity/Movement Teach accompaniment patterns for body percussion or rhythm sticks (if available) Break students into two groups, taking turns singing the song or doing accompaniment patterns. Accompaniment patterns: ½-1/4-1/4, 1/4-1/4-1/2  Teach each half of room a different accompaniment pattern.  Have students pat rhythms on knees or play them on rhythm sticks. (This option could be used for students who are having trouble with the more complex rhythms.) 5 minutes D. Song/Drill & Practice

Discover Rhythms:  Taking one phrase at a time, call on students to fill in rhythms already known. Students should be able to identify the 1/8-1/8 pattern and 1/8-1/8-1/4 pattern

3 minutes E. Closure: Short Song or Quick Drill Introduce “Mystery Song” with solfege. (Old McDonald)  Teach pitches for “Old McDonald” in solfege without revealing song title. (doh-doh-dohsol-la-la-doh)  After singing it through, have students guess the name of the tune.

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