Regi Simpson 12 April 2012 INTL 3111 Arnold Governments- Politics & Culture in Literature For my final essay in Politics

& Culture I will discuss how works throughout this course have influenced my opinion on how a government is run, and how much power government should have. My final essay will be written through the lens of Nineteen-Eighty Four, in which I will examine and explain how the novel has impacted and intensified my views on what government should be like. As a literary work, Nineteen-Eighty Four has effected how I think about politics and the government. I chose to further examine Nineteen-Eighty Four because its content truly made me consider what type of government I want to live under, while also strengthening my already established opinions. Literature has a way of making people see things in a more colorful and vivid way, in this case, by telling a story that provokes one to think. In order to write my research paper I need to further delve into the details of Nineteen-Eighty Four, while also continuing to develop the thoughts and opinions which I intend to make clear in my final paper. This course has made me more opinionated, and throughout the semester I have realized that literature is so powerful. Literature holds the power to persuade, inform, provoke thought, and provoke emotion. My final essay will explain what this course has meant to me, and focus on the literary work that has impacted me the most.



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