Robert and Rudy Weekend Saturday May 19 and 20, 2012

Location; Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club, Harris Mn. Take Harris exit from I-35 and travel west one quarter mile to Falcon Rd. Turn north and go about 1 ½ mile until road bends left. After left bend range entrance is on right about 100 yards past bend. Firing starts at 9am. Pits seal at 8:40. Last call for entries is 8:25 am. Eligibility; Competition is open to all shooters with experience or interest in Highpower Rifle competition. Juniors under eighteen must have an adult on the range at all times. Saturday Course of fire; 2 sighters, 20 shots slow-fire standing, 200yards @ SR target 2 and 20, Rapid-fire sitting w/ reload 200 yards @ SR target 2 and 20, 300 yards rapid fire prone w/ reload @ SR-3 target 2 and 20 slow-fire prone at 600 yards, @ MR-1 target All competitors will be required to score and pull targets. Rifles allowed; NRA match or service rifle, All NRA rules apply. Classification; NRA classification will apply. Unclassified shooters will be placed in Master class. Match director has the right to combine classes if necessary. Awards; Bob Hall first and 2nd place trophies. Modest merchandise and cash awards per class. 5 shooters per class for 1st place awards in each class. Match director has discretion to combine classes. An Infantry Match will follow firing of Bob Hall event at 600 and 500 yards. Two-Person teams with coach. 120 rounds per team. Bring your own ammo. Awards dependant on number of teams. $5 per team, winner take all. Sunday Course of fire; Palma Match. F-Class shooters welcome. Unlimited sighters and 15 shots for record at 800 yards. Two sighters and 15 shots for record at 900 yards. Two sighters and 15 shots for record at 1,000 yards. Awards Sunday; Rudy Wadekamper Trophy to competitor with high score firing 156gr or less bullets. Unlimited trophy for high score with bullets heavier than 156 gr. Modest merchandise or cash awards per class, 5 per class, Match Director’s discretion with combining classes. Entries; $20 each day, $35 for both days. Jrs. $15 and $25 respectively. $4.50 NRA fees included, remainder subject to Mn. Sales tax. Campsites available, no electricity. Please make arrangements with contact below. Mail early entries to; Kurt Borlaug 14903 Furman St NE Forest Lake, Mn. 55025

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