About a boy (2002) The title sequence starts of presenting this black screen with a title, telling the

audience which company has presented the film. About a boy is presented from common presenters such as universal pictures and studio canal.

The movie starts off with a bird’s eye view of the main character which appears to be in his house. In the background you can hear a soundtrack from “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The camera is slowing moving in the direction of the character. As if the camera is constantly following the characters.

This shot establishes the soundtrack that was being played in the background. In the house the TV was on which makes the movie more realistic.

Here the first title appears during the movie. From this opening scene I am guessing that Hugh grant is the character that is turning the TV off. This is conventional of a Title sequence.

Here is the title of the movie. This is another convention of title sequences to show the title of the movie as one of the titles. However the camera is still following the character as a reflection of him can be seen walking past this fish tank.

This print screen is showing who the movie is casted by; this is a common title that is shown in most title sequences I have looked at.

Talking about reflectional shots I thought this one was really good as you can see the top half of the characters body in the reflection on the tap. This title connotes the genre of the film. Watching this you can tell that it’s family film. Genre comedy, dramatic and romance.

Casino Royale This movie is the opposite to bond movies. Bond movies are more action and thriller. The opening to bond movies are always the same as it shows bond walking from the right and shooting at the screen then red liquid poor’s down the screen signifying blood, meaning he has killed someone with that bullet.

Here is the first title that appears after blood is poured down the screen. This is conventional of title sequences. The first title in every movie is the presenters.

Then conventionally the next title is the title of the movie. Not only being the title of the movie the whole title sequence is animated and constantly referring to a casino. It shows cards, Money and dices. So the title of the title sequence links in with opening scene.

Here is another title shown, saying who edited the film. This is where they show bond that is holding a gun in his hand. Signifying there is going to be some action happening. Also the casino in the background this could mean that the movie revolves around a casino.

This is one title that I didn’t really see in other title sequences. The shot itself shows a gun being fired, out comes a spade in terms of cards. These titles could be saying the other characters that involved in the movie, which I have noticed in other title sequences.

This shot shows a lot of gun fire taking place, signifying good and evil. There will be a lot of action taking place in the filming connoting the genre of it.

Final Destination 5

In this film instead of showing who presents the film they showed an introduction of the presenters that is commonly found in most films.

Conventional of a title sequence to show the production company of the movie, this is also similar to about a boy, as they start off with a black screen and a title as well.

The title sequence tells us it is annotated as the first scene shown is glass smashing and skull heads; thus signifying death and bad luck. This is similar to James Bond showing an animated title sequence.

This scene shows the main character of the movie. Who has a fan that comes towards him and breaking his name in to pieces. This could signify that he is going to die or could be close to death.

As the title sequence is similar to James Bond another similarity is connoting the genre of the film, in this case thriller and horror.

Here is another conventional title saying who the film is edited by.

Most title sequence I have seen conventionally has been ending with directed by… I believe this is a convention of title sequences.

The Rock

The starting is a typical convention of title sequences stating who the film is being presented by.

This title sequence follows the conventions of a typical title sequence as the next title should be the production company. Then the movie states who is in it.

Before the movie states who actually is in the movie, this title comes up. This title is different to other title sequences that I have been analysing.

Here is a low angle camera shot taken of Sean Connery. We know that this is Sean Connery as the title appears above him.

Here is a conventional title shown quoting who this is casting by…

This is another conventional title showing who the movie is produce by.

This screenshot taken is showing a typical convention of title sequences. The title sequence ends with who the movie is directed by… This goes the same for all the other title sequences I have been analysing.