. Tranquil (Tagline: serene. strong. Alpha (Tagline: precise. cool. oceanic. profound. breezy. suave. the director’s fragrance) 4. wavy. BIG BAZAAR (Pantaloons Retail India Limited). Horizon (Tagline: airy. Cool Blue (Tagline: calm. composed. Good Morning (Tagline: rejuvenating. ahead. relaxed. Storm (Tagline: energetic. soothing. the temperate fragrance) 5. smooth. Cosmetics & Toiletries • It has a wide distinction in the deodorants segment in the ‘FRESHNESS DEODORANT’ section: 1. the traveler’s fragrance) 3. the enigmatic fragrance) • Their price ranges from172.Park Avenue • One of the biggest brands in the world of Apparels.00 INR • These are available at all ‘The Raymond Shop’ across India and established retailer viz. august. the explorer’s fragrance) 7. the sailor’s fragrance) 6. prim.00 INR to 190. Cruise (Tagline: fresh. the star’s fragrance) 2.

providing personal care products for young Indian males • It answers the need for fragrance on the go. Aqua Fresh 2. Night Rider 3. Ultra sensual 8.Wild Stone • It is a quintessentially male brand.165 INR . Hunt 6. Juice 7. with its Deodorants and Perfumes and are ideally suited for Indian weather conditions with Fragrance Range: 1. Hydra Energy 5. Smoke • Their price ranges from 135 INR. Forest Spice 4.

A day in London .Adiction • It has taken the attribute of " long lasting fragrance " as the main point of differentiation • The thrilling trace of the new long lasting adiction deodorant includes: 1.

Axe • It has been there in the market for the last 26 years and is currently the best-selling brand of Unilever • Axe markets itself as the naughtiest brand in the Indian market .