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MEMORANDUM FOR Aircraft Maintenance, ATZC-ISL-AV, Ft. Bliss, Texas 79916 SUBJECT: U.S.

Border Patrol, OH-6A Aircraft, Model 369A, S/N 68-1730, Tail Number N 5181X, Installation of PEATS System (Revision A) .

1. The PEATS engine dianostic equipment installation is required by the Border Patrol as a semipermanent installation in an OH-6A helicopter which shall be used as a flying baseline aircraft for checking engine health. The PEATS kit shall be removeable, so that the kit can be installed per the kit instructions on another aircraft. 2. You are authorized to modify subject OH-6A helicopter to install the PEATS kit as a semi-permanent installation, as specified in this memo, and the attached two sketches. 3. A hole shall be made in the fvewall at station 124 adjacent to the floor of the aft passenger compartment, large enough to accommodate the cable connector which connects to the computer of the PEATS kit from the engine sensors. The hole shall be securely covered with a double bafEled stainless steel cover as described in sketch A. 4. The PEATS computer shall be attached to the aft passenger floor using a plate which can be pinned to the holes in the channel frames (hat sections). 5. The control shall be mounted on existing radio dzus rails in the instrument panel. 6. The cable between the controller and the computer shall be routed across the aft compartment floor, through the right control inspection hole in the back of the station 78.50 canted frame, under the right seat deck, along the right inside of the electrical console to the back of the instrument panel. The cable shall be secured so as to prevent safety hazards such as damage to the cable or the airframe, interference with controls, or personnel hazards such as tripping tangling or catching. Cable routing shall be generally depicted in sketch B, revision A. 7. The subject aircraft shall be weighed prior to the installation and again after the installation, and the new weight and balance data shall be entered on the weight and balance sheets for this aircrafi.

Victor H. Feldmann OH-6A Engineering Consultant Doss Aviation Inc. 2inclas