Opening The lonely teenager will get out of the car. He is going to be running in a park.

To take the stress out of his mind he runs. He will be in the appropriate clothing for exercising. He will get out of the car and walk in to some open space where he can do his stretches. Scene 2 The teenager will be doing some stretches and will set off to do a light jog. The camera will follow him. Scene 3 A shot behind a tree will be taken showing him jogging/ running past. Moreover, to emphasise his life is dull he will be wearing black clothing. Scene 4 He will approach a bench where different shots of him will be taken; A medium close up and an extreme close up. He will be acting as if he is stressed, he hates his life. Scene 5 He will get back up again and jog towards a building. He will run around the corner. Scene 6 When the camera comes around the corner the man is trying to take the stress out on a brick wall, by banging his head. Scene 7 He slowly makes his way to the floor; a vertical pan shot will be shown. Scene 8 He pulls out a gun and wishes to kill himself, THE TRIGGER IS PULLED……..