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The Love of the Lord

The Love of the Lord


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Published by rhiannonenya

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Published by: rhiannonenya on Apr 12, 2012
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The Love of The Lord By: Claire Crawford 4/8/2012 {Easter Sunday}

If all the streams, seas and rivers were transformed to ink, And every blade of grass a quill yearning for a drink, If all the skies both day and night rolled out into a parchment blank, And every soul received a scribe’s skills with thoughts like thorns that prick.

Then…. The oceans of the world would be bled as dry as deserts from the whipping of the quills.

Punctured would be the parchment paper sky a billion times more lovlier than what the stars measure. As we all tried, in our meager way, to write the Love of the Lord.

Note: I was inspired to write this after watching The Passion of The Christ and an old Billy Graham sermon from 1982 the night before.

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