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Verkko Xining 12

Tag Line: Prologue:

SPIN THE WEB of ideas, a fabric of your own creation. Web Designing requires a deal of creativity and coding skills so as to

cater for the specified problem and features. The event provides a platform to enthusiastic students from the institutes to display their skills in Web-Designing. If you want to prove yourself, this is just the right place. Come and exude your vigor in this field of web-designing.

Problem Statement:

The event requires designing of a website by

participating candidates within stipulated time duration. The website will require to be designed according to the functionality/problem (given on the spot).

The event will be held in two stages specified as under:

1. Qualifying Round:
Duration Competition Type Max. Questions No. Of team member Base Selection procedure : 40 Minutes. : Objective test. : 45 Questions. : 01 (Maximum) : Marks obtained by participating candidate in First Round. : Top 15 participants will be selected on the basis of their performance in this round. Marking : (+2) marks will be awarded for correct answer. No negative marking.

2. Final Round:
Duration Competition type Software provided : 1:30 hours. : Designing & coding of specific problem. : The tools provided for the design are stated below: 1. Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 2. Adobe Photoshop 7 3. Macromedia Flash 8 4. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 5. Apache Tomcat 4.1 6. JDK 1.5 7. M.S Access (for database) 8. Xampp/Wamp Server 9. Npp 10. Netbeans 7.0


1. Only individual participation is allowed. 2. Each participant must register himself for the event before the Qualifying Round. 3. Once the event starts, no registration will be entertained. 4. The event will be held in two stages (Qualifying Round and Final Round). 5. Participants qualifying the first round will go for Final Round. 6. The problem statement will be provided at that time. 7. External Storage Media (Pen Drive, CDs, DVDs) will not be allowed. 8. Using HELP in software is strictly prohibited.

RAJAT KHARE +919411902274 (IT 3rd YEAR)