Case Study Web Template

Case Study Title Client name – campaign description E.g. “Timberland – Earth Keepers launch”

Question Frame the challenge as a simple question: 6-10 words “How do you …?”

Answer Short description of action taken post insight: 8-12 words Must be able to make sense even if someone hasn’t seen the question “Choose a spokesperson who speaks the language as your audience”

Big Number What big number highlights our success? E.g. “1m sales attributable to PR”, or “300% uplift in awareness among target audience”

Sector/Category Select one of: Cause Marketing, Corporate, Consumer, Healthcare, Internal Communications, Public Affairs, Strategic Consulting, Technology Select one of: Corporate, Marketing, Public Affairs

Challenge 150 words or fewer (but we aren’t Nazis)


Case Study Web Template
Insight 150 words or fewer

Approach 150 words or fewer

Results 150 words or fewer

Contact Contact name Position Office Email Phone


Please supply under separate cover (or confirm that we already have): Contact press photo

Ideally, you would supply under separate cover (and these should be licence-free, previouslylicensed, or internal photos wherever possible): 450 x 250 px – teaser image to illustrate Question (colour) 450 x 250 px – image to illustrate Answer (colour) 280 x 260 px – image to illustrate Case Study (could be cropped from Answer text image, or could be a chart illustrating our success)

Please do not worry about sizes. I shall supply Photoshop masters, but I expect NOTHING


Case Study Web Template


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