AIYPWZQP-PADOBRAN HESOYAM - health, armor, 250000$ BUFFMEUP - maksimalni build up KVGYZQK - mršavi C.J. BTCDBCB - debeli C.J.

JUMPJET - mlažnjak Hydra OHDUDE - hunter YECGAA - jetpack NATURALTALENT - max skill na vozilima KGGGDKP – Vortex
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Player Cheats: Get Full Armor, Full Health & $250.000: While playing, press HESOYAM. Get Weapons: While playing, press LXGIWYL. Get Weapons: While playing, press KJKSZPJ. Get Weapons: While playing, press UZUMYMW. Full Ammo: While playing, press WANRLTW. Hitman Weapon Skill: While playing, press NCSGDAG. Maximum Vehicle Skill: While playing, press VQIMAHA. Maximum Muscles: While playing, press JYSDSOD. Maximum Body Fat: While playing, press BTCDBCB. Minimum Muscles and Body Fat:

BAGUVIX - besmrtnost, smrt samo prilikom explozija i velikih padova AEZAKMI - policija vas više nikad ne lovi LXGIWYL - 1 red oružja KJKSZPJ - 2 red oružja UZUMYMW - 3 red oružja ASNAEB - čisti wanted level MONSTERMASH - monster truck
While playing, press KVGYZQK. Maximum Respect: While playing, press OGXSDAG. Maximum Sex Appeal: While playing, press EHIBXQS1. Maximum Lung Capacity: While playing, press CVWKXAM. Commit Suicide: While playing, press SZCMAWO. Never Get Hungry: While playing, press AEDUWNV. Slow Motion: While playing, press LIYOAAY. Fast Motion: While playing, press PPGWJHT. Faster Gameplay: While playing, press PPGWJHT. Lower Wanted Level: While playing, press ASNAEB. Raise Wanted Level: While playing, press OSRBLHH.

Spawn the Rhino: While playing. Foggy Weather: While playing. press AUIFRVQS. Spawn Cheats: . Normal Weather: While playing. press BGLUAWML. press OUIQDMW. press CFVFGMJ. Spawn the Hotring Racer 1: While playing. Sunny Weather: Spawn the Trashmaster: While playing. Weapon Aiming while Driving: While playing. Crazy Pedestrians: While playing. Reqruit Anyone (with Rockets): While playing. Pedestrians have weapons: While playing.00: While playing. Rainy Weather: While playing. press ZSOXFSQ. press LJSPQK. press AFZLLQLL. press AIWPRTON. press AIYPWZQP.00: While playing. Pedestrians hate you: While playing. Spawn the Rancher: While playing. Get Gimp Suit and Attract Prostitutes: While playing. Nightand time stopped at 00. press AJLOJYQY. Reqruit Anyone (with 9mm): While playing. press JQNTDMH. press VPJTQWV. No Cops: While playing. Spawn the Bloodring Banger: While playing. press SJMAHPE. press CWJXUOC. press OFVIAC. press BEKKNQV. press ICIKPYH. Orange Sky and time stopped at 21. Overcast Weather: While playing. press FOOOXFT. press KRIJEBR. press XJVSNAJ. Sand Storm: While playing. Six Star Wanted Level: While playing. press CQZIJMB. press ASBHGRB. Elvis Pedestrians: While playing. press PDNEJOH. Spawn the Stretch: While playing. Weather Cheats: Spawn the Hotring Racer 2: While playing.While playing. Pedestrian Cheats: Spawn Parachute: While playing. press ALNSFMZO. press UBHYZHQ. press AEZAKMI.

press JUMPJET. Turn Cars Black: While playing. Spawn the Dozer: While playing. Taxi Upgrade: While playing. press AMOMHRER. Spawn the Monster Truck: While playing. press BSXSGGC. Improve Car Handling: While playing. Flying Cars: While playing. press IOJUFZN. Spawn the Hydra: While playing. Flying Boats: . press XICWMD. Spawn the Hunter: While playing. press PRIEBJ. Explode All Cars: While playing. Spawn the Caddy (golf cart): While playing. press KGGGDKP. press GUSNHDE. Spawn the Tanker: While playing. Turn Cars Pink: While playing. Traffic Cheats: Jump higher: While playing. press CIKGCGX. press VKYPQCF. press JHJOECW. Aggressive Traffic: While playing. Beach Party Mode: While playing. Spawn the Stunt Plane: While playing. Always Green Traffic Lights: While playing. press CPKTNWT. Sports Cars Traffic: While playing. Increased bunny hop with the BMX: While playing. press EEGCYXT. press LLQPFBN. press PGGOMOY. press URKQSRK. press AGBDLCID. Spawn the Quadbike: While playing. Yakuza Mode: While playing. press ZEIIVG. press LFGMHAL. Spawn the Jet Pack: While playing. press AKJJYGLC. press IOWDLAC. press RZHSUEW. press OHDUDE. press RIPAZHA. Clown Mode: While playing. Reduced Traffic: While playing. press THGLOJ. Spawn the Hovercraft: While playing. Invisible Cars: While playing.Spawn the Romero Hearse: While playing. press YECGAA. Cars Float Away When Hit: While playing. press AQTBCODX. press YLTEICZ.

Invisible Cars: While playing. press XICWMD. . press AFSNMSMW.While playing.

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