Comparison of title sequences essay Title sequences are used in Hollywood films to introduce to the audience, what the

film is about, who the characters are, and what type of film genre the movie comes under. This is produced by techniques used in title sequences such as cinematography, sound, editing and Mise-en-scene. The four title sequences I am going to be analysing are “About a boy”, “Final Destination 5”, “Casino Royal” and “The rock”. Each of these films are from a wide range of genres, “About a boy” is comedy/drama, “Final destination 5” is horror, “Casino Royale” being action and “The Rock” being “Adventure/action/thriller. All the films except final destination 5 go straight in to the film and start to show titles, whereas final destination starts off with the Warner bros pictures animation. This is about 20s long and adding time to the film. Two of the title sequences I am analysing are animated; these are “Final destination 5” and “Casino Royale”. The other two use cinematography and show the main characters of the film. Even though Casino Royale is animated, it still shows the main character of the film by showing James Bond shooting at the screen. This is a typical convention of a James Bond film, showing him walk horizontal and shoot at the camera. Then blood is shown pouring vertically down the screen. Final Destination as being animated it only shows objects that may appear in the film, however these objects connotes the genre the film is classified in. From the animated skulls appearing (fading in) towards the title it connotes a lot of death. As an image of a skull is shown, this can connotes the genre to be a horror film. About a Boy opens the title sequence of birds of view of the main character in his own house. We know it is his own house because “Who want to be millionaire” is playing in the background loudly. The main character goes to switch this off, and then a voice over starts. He starts to talk about his own life and what he does. This is an introduction to the character as most Hollywood films to do. Casino Royale goes down the line of representing a typical title sequence of a James Bond film, the same music, the same layout, the same title sequence. The rock’s title sequence has been taken very seriously as they are starting the movie of someone’s funeral. They show different camera angles of the main character, especially a low angle shot showing him superior. The back ground of Casino Royale represents the title of the film. The animation shows money, chips, cards and everything else you would see in a casino. The background is so colourful connoting liveliness and action. This brings further

evidence to my judgement that title sequences relate to the genre of the film. Moreover, guns are shown pointing different directions, connoting two sides. These sides can be good and evil. The title sequence about a boy shows a lot of mise en scene than the other title sequences. As being set in a typical house, they show the living room what a living room looks like, the show the appropriate equipment that you would find in a kitchen as well. This makes the audience understand more, of what the films about. The cinematography used in this title sequences, they have shown, I am talking about shots that reflect images, in this case reflecting the main characters image on a tap, and a fish tank. Final Destination 5 shows a lot of animation, it is very fast paced as well, connoting that a lot of action happens at the same a lot. The title sequence so shows a lot of destruction and death, and having watched the film, this is exactly what is it representing. This is also connotes the genre of the film. The Rock is a slow paced title sequence a lot of shots are just held in one place and let the characters do the action. The camera under the coffin, is just placed there and waits until the funeral box has gone passed the screen. The background is raining and dulls, with grey clouds, connoting dullness, everything boring. Like the other title sequences I have analysed this title sequence, you cannot connoted the genre of the film, however like most title sequences you can tell what the film is about. The editing through all these title sequences is fluent. It doesn’t make the audience feel why did this happen, and what happened here. The title sequence tells us what’s going to happen. In conclusion title sequences are important to the film, with the use of cinematography, sound editing, Mes-en-scene it reveals the genre and the content of the film. Moreover tells us the main characters and the storyline, the film is based upon.