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English 30 Updated Syllabus v2 11-12 2 WF

English 30 Updated Syllabus v2 11-12 2 WF

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Published by: Kaye E. Sapungen on Apr 13, 2012
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ENGLISH 30: ENGLISH FOR THE PROFESSIONS WFV1 WF 11.30-1 CAL 213 Dr. Aileen O. Salonga FC 1043, aosalonga@yahoo.

com UPDATED CALENDAR as of February 24 Weeks 24 29 Activities/Projects NO CLASS Proposal Deadline: Application Documents (resume+cover letter+workshopped drafts all placed in a short brown envelope) Mar 2 Oral Presentation 7 Group Presentation* 9 Group Presentation* 14 Last Day of Class *Please take note that you have very little time to prepare for your oral presentations. This means you want to devote as much time to it now as possible. GUIDELINES FOR THE ORAL PRESENTATION You have roughly 15-20 minutes for your oral presentation and 5-10 minutes for answering questions/comments from the audience. Given that this is a short presentation, you have to decide which aspects of the proposal will be included in the presentation and how best to deliver it. We will have a session on how to do oral presentations, but here are some things you already want to factor into the decision-making process: • All members of the group should have the opportunity to speak. • You cannot be absent on the day of your presentation. If you’re absent, then you automatically get a 5 for the oral presentation requirement. Also, you should not be late, especially if you’re the first group to present. • You don’t necessarily have to do a powerpoint presentation, as there are other ways to present (e.g., use of manila paper, the blackboard, etc), but if you decide to do a powerpoint presentation, then please make sure you have a projector. Unfortunately, I cannot provide one.

beneficial. there is no required number of pages. For this reason. please be guided by the principles of professional communication (brevity being one of the most important) that we have discussed in class again and again.The oral presentation is 40% of your proposal grade. so choose the best format that fits your proposal. GUIDELINES FOR THE WRITTEN PROPOSAL Because the proposal is an example of a persuasive document. and feasible. The proposal can take on different forms (as we shall see later on in class). Since you are dealing with different kinds of issues and therefore proposing different things. However. I will set aside some time within this one-week period for consultation in case you want to discuss with me certain aspects of your proposal. the main purpose of your proposal is to convince those who are concerned that the solution you are proposing is necessary. The deadline for the written proposal is set a week after our last day of class. The written proposal is 60% of your proposal grade. 2 . there may be some variation in page length.

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