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Up-close with Nature

VACATION Bandipurs eco-lodge

he eco-lodge at Bandipur is named after the Asiatic wild dog Dholes Den. Dholes Den offers ve living units two bungalows, two rooms and one suite where only 16 people can be accommodated at one time. The building takes up only around half-an-acre of the wild grounds that span over ve acres. Theres also a small organic vegetable farm and indigenous waste treatment plants that recycle almost all the waste generated. The accommodation is large and spacious, the rooms are full of light and air, with their large glass doors and windows and high-tiled roofs. The rooms are furnished in comfortable, charming ethnic wooden furniture. A considerable part of the electricity, including hot water, comes from its in-house solar-wind hybrid energy plant. The food is homemade, and quite delicious especially after a long safari in the Bandipur jungles. Dholes Den is almost cut off from any sort of civilisation there are no televisions, refrigerators, airconditioners or any kind of technological hindrances in experiencing Nature. The large sliding doors that occupy an entire wall of the room offer wild, panoramic vistas of the Nilgiris, especially from the spacious balcony.

How to get there Located at Kaniyanpura village, Bandipur National Park, Gundluepet Taluk, Chamrajnagar district, Karnataka. 90 kms from Mysore, and 79 kms from Udhagamandalam by road. Nearest airports are Bangalore (220 km) and Coimbatore (168 km). Things to do Go on a forest safari organised by the resort in association with the government Enjoy an evening with a bonre under the stars Visit the Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple located over 30 km away Pick out vegetables from the garden and cook your own dinner or learn how to make bread from the resident chef