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MailServer(ACN Report)

MailServer(ACN Report)

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Published by Rushabh Badani

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Published by: Rushabh Badani on Apr 13, 2012
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Mail Server


TE CMPN-2 Batch 4 10-681 10-684 10-6?? 09-662


but how does an email message make its way from a sender to a recipient? The answer to that question revolves around something called a mail server. you can send an email from one point of the globe to another in a matter of seconds. giving little thought to how it actually works.the reality is that a complex series of transfers takes place. Most of us take this process for granted. A mail server is the computerized equivalent of your friendly neighborhood mailman. Without this series of mail servers. It's easy to understand how standard snail-mail gets from point A to point B .What is a Mail Server? With the click of a mouse button. You can learn more about the role that mail serves play in email delivery by reading on below. Although it may seem like a message is sent instantly . Every email that is sent passes through a series of mail servers along its way to its intended recipient.com account to another example.com account. you could only send messages from one example.e.i.. Page 2 . you would only be able to send emails to people whose email address domains matched your own .zipping from one PC to another in the blink of an eye .

Incoming mail servers come in two main varieties. servers are best known for storing sent and received messages on PCs' local hard drives. IMAP. which is a lot more convenient. Page 3 . too. or Internet Message Access Protocol. servers. Most POP3 servers can store messages on servers. Outgoing mail servers are known as SMTP.Types of Mail Servers Mail servers can be broken down into two main categories: outgoing mail servers and incoming mail servers. servers always store copies of messages on servers. version 3. or Post Office Protocol. POP3. or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

POP3 receives and holds email for an individual until they pick it up. when an individual downloaded email from the server into their email program.What is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)? SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. which is an abbreviation for Post Office Protocol 3. Page 4 . When people set up their email programs. Most email software is designed to use SMTP for communication purposes when sending email. It's a set of communication guidelines that allow software to transmit email over the Internet. What is a POP3? POP3. is the third version of a widespread method of receiving email.that are used for retrieving and storing email. POP automatically deleted them. And. and It only works for outgoing messages. there were no more copies of the email on the server. Much like the physical version of a post office clerk.POP3 and IMAP . they will typically have to give the address of their Internet service provider's SMTP server for outgoing mail. much as the post office does not make copies of the mail it receives. There are two other protocols . in previous versions of POP3.

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