Letter to the Editor The Wrong Poem Sir I see Baa Baa Black Sheep is under attack again

. Teachers at a school in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, have amended the words to Baa Baa Little Sheep. Hmmm... It doesn’t scan the same. Don’t present day teachers know anything about poetry? The school spokesperson says that their aim is to teach children the correct meaning of words. Nonsense! The correct term for a little sheep is lamb; in which case the rhyme would read Baa Baa Black Lamb. That doesn’t scan at all. With teachers like that, the little blighters have no chance. We know what it’s all about, of course. It’s the PC clique up to their tricks again. They’ve attacked Black Sheep before, with green and rainbow monstrosities. They say it’s to avoid offence or some such nonsense. They’ve gone off half cock and ended up on the on the wrong tack as usual. Sheep are a species not an ethnic minority. If it weren’t for the risk of these people branding me, animalist, I would say that sheep are too thick to know what colour they are. If these PC people want to do something useful with their wretched lives, let them start by tackling the scourge of ageism. If it has to be in the field of poetry, focus on something that is offensive to human ethnic groups, not animals. There can be no better place to start than with The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by T. S. Coleridge. As a senior citizen, and exseafarer, my blood boils every time I hear that damn poem. Don’t people realise how insulting and patronizing it is to call dignified elderly gentlemen, “ancient mariners?” So, without further ado, let the PC warriors swing into action and get the name of the offending poem changed to The Rhyme of the Senior Seaman. This both scans and corrects Coleridge’s spelling error of Rime instead of Rhyme. From what I can see, with spelling like that, Coleridge would be a teacher these days. Yours Sheepshank South Wales

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