OFFICER DESCRIPTIONS Secretary of the Board

PURPOSE Ensure that actions of the board are fully documented, and that records are maintained to meet legal and historical needs of the organization.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES  Prepare and provide written minutes to board members in the specified time.  File the approved minutes and maintain the official list of board members in accordance with procedure.  Maintains written and electronic copies of board records, in accordance with organizational and statutory guidelines.  Attends all meetings of the Board, and other meetings as required.

QUALIFICATIONS  Organized and methodical, with a good eye for detail  Objective  Able to take accurate notes of meetings and summarize discussions effectively  Has knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order or other working procedures (or willingness to learn them)  Has knowledge of Open Meeting Laws or other working requirements (or willingness to learn them)  Ability to make a significant time commitment to KIPP (8-10 hours per month)

SELECTION PROCESS Nominated by the Governance Committee, and adopted as a member of the officer slate at the annual meeting by the full Board.

TERM One year, may serve for two consecutive terms.

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