ENWR 1510- Sports Arguments – Rest of Semester Schedule Please Note There Are Some Changes to Due Dates

and Prelim Grade Offer Monday, April 9
No Class- Work on Paper Day Record in your writing journal how you used your time.

Wednesday, April 11
Topic: Pass out Presentation and Extra Credit Guidelines Sign up for Presentations Listen to Who Ya Crappin examples for Extra Credit Assignment

Friday, April 13
Topic: Presentation Example and Discussion Mr. Lawson will present an example of a presentation using the paper, “Chief Wahoo is Not A Wahoo: The NCAA ruling on Native American Mascots and Its Implications For Democratic Communities” Assignment: Writing Journals Due

Monday, April 16
Topic: Final Portfolio Explanation/Citation Overview Assignment: First 3 pages of research paper due. MAKE SURE TO LABEL THE PARTS OF YOUR PROBLEM STATEMENT. At this point, your main claim and your entire problem statement should be reasonably clear.

Wednesday, April 18
Workshop First 3 pages of Research Paper

Friday, April 20

Monday, April 23

Wednesday, April 25
Presentations Assignment: Extra Credit Assignment Due

Friday, April 27
Presentations Assignment: Research Paper 1st Draft Due if you Want a Preliminary Grade. If not, Research Paper First 6 pages due.

Monday, April 30
Finish Presentations Farewell to the Troops Evaluations

FINAL PORTFOLIOS DUE – Monday, May 7, 3pm, outside 219 Bryan Hall

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