Artifact 8.2

Freshman English


Romeo and Juliet Essay Scoring Rubric
These are the guidelines for each Body Paragraph: 4-Highly Effective: is a group of sentences unified by a common topic and purpose • • • • • contains a directly stated or implicit topic sentence which expresses my claim uses details and direct references to the reading which support my claim explains how these details/references directly support my claim uses transitions effectively to show relationships among details includes an effective concluding sentence

These are the guidelines for the Thesis and Overall Cohesion of your paper: 4-Highly Effective: • Has a Strong, Arguable Thesis Statement that is Clearly Stated at the Beginning of the Paper • All Topic Sentences Directly Support the Thesis Statement • The Order of Paragraphs in the Paper is Logical and Easy to Follow for the Reader • Uses Transitions to Effectively Move from One Paragraph to the Next • Features a Strong Introduction and Conclusion

Body Paragraph #1:


Body Paragraph #2:


Body Paragraph #3:


Thesis and Overall Cohesion:





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