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Brochure Zumthor

Brochure Zumthor

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Exhibition brochure KUB 07.


Peter Zumthor Buildings and Projects 1986 – 2007
29 | 09 | 2007 – 20 | 01 | 2008

with a film installation by Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch

KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd.indd 1

09.10.2007 13:09:43 Uhr

03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. The screenings are staggered. Again. Eckhard Schneider Overall layout of the exhibition third floor sketches. are responsible for the selection and presentation of the works on the ground floor and third level. which features almost all buildings completed during this period. surrounded by everyday sounds and imbedded in the landscape. Shooting lasted six days. as well as a film installation by the artists Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch. so that every 20 minutes a new film begins on one of the floors. What the viewer sees is tied to his movement within the room.10. the viewer can experience all the buildings in four real-time hours.2007 13:09:43 Uhr . models second floor film installation first floor film installation ground floor foyer KUB-Arena large models 02 03 KUB Exhibition 07. models. there are six projection surfaces. during which time Paul Petritsch stayed on the bare third floor of the Kunsthaus. thus.Peter Zumthor Buildings and Projects 1986 – 2007 The presentation at the KUB covers Peter Zumthor’s buildings and projects from 1986 to 2007 and comprises materials on the design process. The works they are known for consist of simple actions and interventions which they document on film or video and stage as installations. filmed at eye level and in real time by six stationary video cameras facing in various directions. Each building seems to present itself matter-of-factly on six projection surfaces for 40 real-time minutes in the changing daylight. editing. working drawings. Six and Petritsch applied this stringent artistic concept in the documentation and projection of all of Zumthor’s buildings. It was Peter Zumthor’s express wish that the filmic form of cooperation between the artists become the core concept of the exhibition. Six and Petritsch do away with the usual camera movements. six stationary cameras were used and the same distances maintained throughout.indd 2-3 09. Again. plans. Six and Petritsch were proposed because their approach is closely related to fundamental issues of architecture. Peter Zumthor and Thomas Durisch. and detailed plans. and montages. a longtime co-worker at Atelier Zumthor and curator for this part of the exhibition. They realized a film installation for the exhibition “Tu Felix Austria” at the KUB in 2005.

indd 4-5 09. foyer KUB Arena 2 1 3 5 4 6 Large models 1 Topography of Terror. Germany | 1998 – 1999 concept and selection: Thomas Durisch 04 05 KUB Exhibition 07. Bad Salzuflen. Swiss Pavilion.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd.ground floor.2007 13:09:44 Uhr . Norway | 2003 – 4 Swiss Sound Box. Expo 2000 Hanover | 2000 5 Kunsthaus Bregenz | 1997 6 Poetic Landscape. International Exhibition and Documentation Center . Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese | 2007 3 Zinc Mine Museum Almannajuvet. Sauda.10. Berlin | 1993 – 2004 2 Kolumba.

Graubünden | 2002 Zumthor House.m. Haldenstein.2007 13:09:44 Uhr . the visual and acoustic impressions start to overlap and consolidate. Gugalun. The magic of the images will come from the interaction of these six film sequences as they are simultaneously projected exactly as they were filmed onto six large screens. the films were all shot at eye level and with normal lenses. The screens are freestanding and face in different directions throughout the room. Biel-Benken. to 9 p. Jenaz. Graubünden | 1986 Zumthor Studio. Chur.10. to 6 p. Eifel | 2007 Kolumba. And that is a lot. Baselland | 1996 Thermal Bath Vals. Graubünden | 1986 Sogn Benedetg Chapel. Wachendorf. The directions from which the films were shot also conform to the alignment of the film projectors. Peter Zumthor Film installation by Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Protective Housing for Roman Archaeological Excavations.indd 6-7 09. Thursday 10 a. Graubünden | 1996 Kunsthaus Bregenz | 1997 Luzi House. Masans.first floor.m. six projectors. Sumvitg. Versam. Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese | 2007 The documentary produced by Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch presents the twelve built projects by Peter Zumthor in the following order: (Screening time: 40 minutes) KUB opening hours Tuesday – Sunday 10 a.m. Graubünden | 2005 Brother Klaus Field Chapel. Graubünden | 1993 Truog House. six cameras On the film installation by Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch at the Kunsthaus Bregenz One does not actually see very much of the twelve buildings Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch filmed for the exhibition at the KUB. second floor Six screens. Six stationary cameras directed simultaneously at six points of a building for forty minutes produce a constant stream of images in which the structure appears from frequently to randomly as part of the surroundings or as the spatial setting for a particular living or recreation situation in the building’s interior.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. a feeling of the life taking place in and around them. The projectors in the exhibition space have been set up exactly as the cameras had been while shooting the building. Chur. Haldenstein. The playback situation at the Kunsthaus therefore corresponds 1:1 with the shooting situation on location. Graubünden | 1994 Spittelhof Estate.m. The installation conveys a feeling of the presence of the buildings in their surroundings and in everyday life. Graubünden | 1988 Homes for Senior Citizens. 10 00 2nd floor 2 10 00 1020 1st floor 1 1040 4 1100 1120 6 1140 1200 8 1220 1240 10 1300 1320 12 1340 1400 2 1420 1440 4 1500 1520 6 1540 1600 8 1620 1640 10 1700 1720 12 1740 1800 2 1820 1840 4 19 00 1920 6 1940 20 00 8 2020 2040 10 3 5 7 9 11 1 3 5 7 9 11 1 3 5 7 9 06 07 KUB Exhibition 07. Since one sees all six films simultaneously and experiences them together from different angles in a way that would not be possible in real life.

The charred remains of a wooden floor at the back of the larger building are from Roman times. from 11:38 a.10. to 12:18 p. A wall painting was found lying on the floor of the larger building. Archaeological excavations in this area have uncovered a complete Roman quarter. Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on April 23. The site’s display cases along the street skirt the protruding foundations of the former house entrances. In 1984 an avalanche destroyed the baroque chapel in front of the village of Sogn Benedetg..m. faced with larch wood shingles. 2:20 and 6:20 p. Restored and returned to its original position.2007 13:09:44 Uhr . it gives an impression of the probable height of the singlestorey houses. Yet the abbot and monks of the Disentis Monastery and the then village priest Bearth wanted to build something new and contemporary for future generations. 2007. The protective structures – wind-permeable wooden enclosures – follow the outer walls of three adjacent Roman buildings (only a small part of one of these was excavated). Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on June 29. Projection onto six screens | 1st floor | start: 10:20 a. 2007. was inaugurated in 1988.m. from 12:58 to 1:38 p. people still spoke “Churerwelsch” though the people in town were already speaking German.m. zth 08 09 KUB Exhibition 07. The Romans inhabited the area now called the “Welschdörfli” (French-speaking Swiss village). The new wooden chapel. it is said. In the 4th century AD. 1:40 and 5:40 p. zth 3 Sogn Benedetg Chapel | 1988 Sumvitg.m.first floor Film installation first floor Film installation 1 4 4 1 3 6 5 3 6 5 2 2 0 5 0 5 1 Protective Housing for Roman Archaeological Excavations | 1986 Chur. Chur’s small amusement strip just off the historic town centre. where.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd.m. The new site on the original path to the Alp above the small village is protected from avalanches by a forest.m. Projection onto six screens | 1st floor | start: 10:00 a.indd 8-9 09.m. The village authorities sent us the building permit with the comment “senza perschuasiun” (without conviction). A recently built parking lot had acted like a ramp pushing the snow from the avalanche up against the chapel.. Chur was the Roman capital of the province of Curia – hence the name “Chur”.

2007. A new roof connects the old and the new. Construction started in 1994. the overnight stays in the village and in the Hotel Therme have increased by about 45 per cent. But something had to be done in order to rescue existing jobs. to the moon (luna). from 10:19 to 10:59 a.m. the late 19th-century kitchen at the back of the house. 2007. It contains a kitchen. unique.m. 3:40 and 7:40 p.2007 13:09:44 Uhr . built in the 1960s. but without much enthusiasm. Projection onto six screens | 1st floor | start: 11:00 a. as the name of the estate indicates..m.10. Projection onto six screens | 1st floor | start: 11:40 a. To give the simple wooden manor house a future. over 140.indd 10-11 09. for very little money. June 10. and the thermal baths were opened in 1996.m. To create the space for the annex.m. It should fit in with Vals and attract new guests. We were told it should be something special. In 1991 the project was presented at a village meeting with a water-filled stone model. zth 7 Thermal Bath Vals | 1996 Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on 28. Versam.m. from 9:51 to 10:31 a. 3:00 and 7:00 p. while the entire 17thcentury living-room section was preserved. bathroom and bedroom and a modern hypocaust heating system. Relatives of the present owner lived in and ran the small Gugalun estate in Arezen at the entrance to the Safien Valley. The thermal water which comes from the mountain just behind the baths has a temperature of 30°C.first floor Film installation first floor Film installation 4 1 4 1 3 6 2 5 3 5 2 6 0 5 0 5 5 Truog House | 1994 Gugalun. When a larger new building with integrated thermal baths and new guest rooms proved too costly. zth 10 11 KUB Exhibition 07. The small manor house looks north. on the side of the mountain slope..000 people have visited them every year. The load-bearing composite structure of the baths consists of solid walls of concrete and thin slabs of Vals gneiss broken and cut to size in the quarry just behind the village. Since then. the authorities opted for the thermal baths as a first step. Since completion. Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on June 12. In 1983 the commune of Vals acquired the bankrupt hotel complex. was demolished. a new extension was built.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd.

The bronze relief figure in the chapel is by sculptor Hans Josephsohn. known as Brother Klaus. from 4:55 to 5:35 p.m. Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on June 26. The chapel floor was covered with lead. Projection onto six screens | 1st floor | start: 12:20 p. The interior of the chapel room was formed out of 112 tree trunks. 2007.10. with the help of friends. zth 12 13 KUB Exhibition 07. Projection onto six screens | 1st floor | start: 1:00 and 5:00 p. layer after layer of concrete.m.indd 12-13 09. 4:20 and 8:20 p. In the autumn of 2006. everything constructed of solid wood.. was commissioned by farmer Hermann-Josef Scheidtweiler and his wife Trudel and largely constructed by them. zth 11 Brother Klaus Field Chapel | 2007 Wachendorf. without any extra frills. with large windows and large balconies full of flowers” – as the couple specified in the brief.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. Private residence with a separate granny flat or a “Stoeckli” as it is called in Switzerland. a special smouldering fire was kept burning for three weeks inside the log tent. 2007. from 3:25 to 4:05 p.2007 13:09:44 Uhr . The clients: a local couple with six small children in the centre of Jenaz. expansive house with lightfilled rooms. each layer 50 cm thick. “A spacious. Eifel Filmed with six cameras on July 4. which was melted on site in a crucible and manually ladled onto the floor.m. acquaintances and craftsmen on one of their fields above the village. was poured and rammed around the tent-like structure. The field chapel dedicated to Swiss Saint Nicholas von der Flüe (1417–1487).first floor Film installation first floor Film installation 1 4 1 4 3 5 3 5 2 2 6 6 0 5 0 5 9 Luzi House | 2002 Jenaz.m. after which time the tree trunks were dry and could easily be removed from the concrete shell. In twenty-four working days. a further development of the blockhouses typical of this village.m. which were configured like a tent.

Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on June 28. zth 14 15 KUB Exhibition 07.. 2:40 and 6:40 p. The twenty-two flats of the residential development for the elderly in Masans near Chur are occupied by senior citizens still able to run their own households. and they make ample use of this opportunity.. Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on June 24. but happy to use the services offered by the nursing home behind their own building. without much success.m. in front of the fireplace.m. and a salute to the few fellow architects in the Vorarlberg region who had begun building good new houses of wood – now occupies the northern and the garden the southern section of the site. pine. The residents are welcome to furnish as they please their section of the large entrance porch to the east. a group of easy chairs with the sofa that Alvar Aalto designed for Wohnbedarf in Zurich.m.10. zth 4 Homes for Senior Citizens | 1993 Chur. We drew up many conversion plans in order to lure the sun into the house. For a long time a concert piano stood there under a wall painting by Matias Spescha and. 2007. 2:00 and 6:00 p. as is proper. 2007.indd 14-15 09. Many of the residents grew up in mountain villages around the area.2007 13:09:44 Uhr . larch. to 12:19 p. The sheltered balcony niches and the living room bow windows on the other side face west. They have always lived in the country and feel at home with the traditional building materials used here – tuff. Today the room is used as a drawing studio. stables and workshops in the village. from 11:39 a.m. Projection onto six screens | 2nd floor | start: 10:00 a. having been built onto the north side of a neighbouring house. Unfortunately the newly acquired house received very little sunlight. Projection onto six screens | 2nd floor | start: 10:40 a. up the valley.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. Finally we decided to take the leap: we pulled down the old house and replaced it with a new studio house and garden. which they overlook from their kitchen windows.m. Masans. The new wooden building – a reference to the barns. solid wood flooring and wooden panelling. from 10:49 to 11:29 a.m. the ground-floor one with a fireplace. The studio contains two south-facing rooms: the upper one for working. maple.m. towards the setting sun. a view of the garden and a small kitchen for entertaining. In the early 1980s we were able to buy an old farmhouse with some land right next to the farmhouse in the Süsswinkel in Haldenstein which we had converted in 1971 into our family home.second floor Film installation second floor Film installation 1 4 1 4 3 5 3 5 2 2 6 6 0 5 0 5 2 Zumthor Studio | 1986 Haldenstein.

. Baselland Filmed with six cameras on July 3. The “Kulm” contains five ground-floor flats for elderly people and on the two upper floors ten flats of different sizes. their brief called for rental flats and terraced houses at a ratio of roughly 1:1.m.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. in a prime location at the upper edge of the village and below the historic Spittelhof farm. 2007.indd 16-17 09. Projection onto six screens | 2nd floor | start: 11:20 a. from 9:18 to 9:58 a. The bedrooms face east towards the nearby forest. The floor plans of all three buildings were designed to provide light-filled living rooms and bedrooms lined up – porch-like – along the facades. Building a small residential estate here.10. The semi-private Basellandschaftliche Beamtenversicherungskasse (an organisation that insures civil servants) acted as developer/ investor. zth 16 17 KUB Exhibition 07. 3:20 and 7:20 p. while the living rooms have a wide view to the west and the hills of the Sundgau region.m. We built two rows of terraced housing with gardens on the south side and a building with rental units (which at the time we called “Kulm”/Summit ) at the upper edge of the central green courtyard.second floor Film installation 4 1 3 6 5 2 0 5 6 Spittelhof Estate | 1996 Biel-Benken. in a house with a garden. The town of Biel-Benken near the Alsace border is a desirable residential area near Basel.2007 13:09:45 Uhr . People work in the city and live in the country. required special permission from the village council. all with separate access stairs and entrances from the canopied forecourt on the east side.m.

Therefore. we exploited the ability of the etched glass to diffuse the light. And now. And yet daylight is everywhere. Seen from outside. from 4:25 to 5:05 p. from 7:02 to 7:42 p. That’s what the house was built for. it is always transmitted horizontally into the interior. 2007.m. once again. the special format of the house as a Kunsthalle evolved into a four-storey building. Step by step.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. it relates to the “organic” village structures. 4:00 and 8:00 p.indd 18-19 09. To encourage a special form of concentration on the four stacked exhibition floors. pastures. Private residence with studio suite. Projection onto six screens | 2nd floor | start: 12:40 p. gardens. depending on the direction I take. 2007. It contains a flowing sequence of spaces which. paths and woods of ash trees on the steep embankment that drops down towards the Rhine flood plains.second floor Film installation second floor Film installation 4 4 1 3 6 5 3 1 5 2 2 6 0 5 0 5 8 Kunsthaus Bregenz | 1997 Filmed with six cameras on April 28.m. The inner life of the house revolves around a garden planted with maples. it strikes the glass ceiling and is deflected down into each exhibition gallery. we placed a cavity above every floor to catch the light coming in from all four sides. zth 10 Zumthor House | 2005 Haldenstein. become increasingly public (work) or increasingly private (living). family. Living and working. café and museum shop were relocated to a separate structure in front of the museum proper. children and grandchildren. the building was designed without windows. fences..m. Graubünden Filmed with six cameras on June 13.m. No matter what direction the light is coming from. to the buildings. Administration. Initially we planned to direct daylight into the building through obliquely placed facade slats. The competition brief of 1989 called for a conventional provincial gallery. inventing houses with younger colleagues – for me all this belongs together. Projection onto six screens | 2nd floor | start: 12:00 noon. 4:40 and 8:40 p.10. zth 18 19 KUB Exhibition 07. Tested on models.m.2007 13:09:45 Uhr . this solution proved unsatisfactory. The best results were obtained by using etched glass shingles that refract the light before it enters the building.

It shows objects from its own permanent collection ranging from late antiquity to the present: Romanesque sculptures.2007 13:09:45 Uhr .second floor Film installation 4 1 3 0 5 5 2 6 12 Kolumba | 2007 Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese Filmed with six cameras on September 13. 2007. The new building in the city centre rises from the ruins of the late gothic Saint Kolumba Church.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd.750 m 2. medieval paintings. from 11:50 a. Projection onto six screens | 2nd floor | start: 1:20 and 5:20 p. Its groun d floor contains a large archaeological excavation site with the remains of previous church buildings which date back to the mid-1st century.m. to 12:30 p.m.indd 20-21 09. destroyed in World War II.m. “radical paintings”. gothic ciboria and 20thcentury objects of daily use are presented in changing juxtapositions. The Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese was to be a “living museum”. installations. These givens led to a building that provides seventeen galleries of different proportions and with different lighting on three floors with a total floor space of 1. A pale buffcoloured brick (24 x 21.10. zth 20 21 KUB Exhibition 07. and the chapel “Madonna in den Trümmern” (Madonna among the Ruins) built by Gottfried Böhm in 1949/50.5 x 4 cm) was specially produced for the new structures.

Graubünden | 1986 Protective Housing for Roman Archaeological Excavations. Berlin | 2002 – 2003 Harjunkulma Apartment Building. Graubünden | 1994 Spittelhof Estate. Extension. Gugalun. Barbian-Dreikirchen. Güterareal. Haldenstein. Graubünden | 2000 – Residential Development. Chur. Sauda. Baselland | 1996 Thermal Bath Vals. Eifel | 2007 Kolumba. Zürichsee | 2001 – Zinc Mine Museum Almannajuvet. Plans. Bad Salzuflen. Finland | 2001 – 2004 Pingus Winery. Ufnau Island. Graubünden | 2005 Brother Klaus Field Chapel.2007 13:09:45 Uhr . Sumvitg. Munich | 1996 Kunsthaus Bregenz | 1997 Poetic Landscape.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. Valbuena de Duero. Haldenstein. Graubünden | 1999 – 2002 Topography of Terror. Graubünden | 2002 Mountain Hotel Tschlin. New York. Germany | 2000 Luzi House. Südtirol | 2001 – Hotel Therme Vals. Leis. Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese | 2007 Pension Briol. Berlin | 1993 – 2004 Art Gallery Hinter dem Giesshaus 1.third floor Sketches. Graubünden | 1996 Herz Jesu Church. International Exhibition and Documentation Center. Jenaz. and Models 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Zumthor Studio. Vals. Versam. Netherlands | 2002 – Summer Restaurant. Chur.indd 22-23 09. Hanover. Lucerne | 2005 – 2006 Redevelopment of De Meelfabriek. Masans. Graubünden | 1993 Truog House. Swiss Pavilion. Graubünden | 1986 Sogn Benedetg Chapel. Spain | 2001 – 2005 Zumthor House. USA | 2000 – Annalisa Zumthor House. Norway | 2003 – Memorial to the Burning of Witches in the Finnmark. Graubünden | 2001 – I Ching Gallery. Graubünden | 1988 Homes for Senior Citizens. Wachendorf. Expo 2000. Dia Center for the Arts.10. Biel-Benken. Leiden. Vardø | 2007 – concept and selection: Thomas Durisch 29 20 28 21 27 22 26 23 25 24 11 19 12 18 13 17 14 16 15 10 1 2 9 3 8 4 5 7 6 22 23 KUB Exhibition 07. Jyväskylä. Germany | 1998 – 1999 Swiss Sound Box.

Reto Schaufelbühl. project directors. Graff. Gieri Schmed House above a shop in the old quarter of Zürich | replacement building Rindermarkt 7 competition design | collaboration: Andreas Hagmann. Geometry: Jürg Conzett. Haldenstein. Biel-Benken. curator sound: Daniel Ott. Csaba Tarsoly. Simon Mahringer. DIA Center for the Arts. Graubünden | collaboration: Reto Schaufelbühl. Ruben Jodar. Serge Schoemaker. journalist and author: Peter Rüedi. site management. Marcel Liesch. Ufnau Island. Gugalun. London | competition design in cooperation with Hannele Grönlund. Bad Salzuflen. Stephan Hausheer. New York. copper plate printing: Peter Kneubühler Memorial to the Burning of Witches in the Finnmark. Sils in Engadin. Jürg Conzett. Rainer Weitschies and Pekka Pakkanen. Serge Schoemaker. structural engineering: Robert Manahl. Thomas Durisch. Rainer Weitschies. construction management. Scheele und Partner. International Exhibition and Documentation Center. project director. Miguel Kreisler. Graubünden | competition design | collaboration: Thomas Durisch Dim Lej duplex. HVAC and plumbing: Meierhans und Partner. structural engineering: Jürg Buchli. Chur. Csaba Tarsoly. Graubünden | competition design | collaboration: Andreas Hagmann. Martin Zerlauth. hydro-engineering: Schneider Aquatec AG. stage consulting: Karoline Gruber. Gaelle Verrier Mountain Hotel Tschlin. Csaba Tarsoly Kunstgalerie Hinter dem Giesshaus 1. Aargau | competition design | collaboration: Andreas Hagmann. Graubünden (1999–2002) | competition design | collaboration: Michael Hemmi.10. daylight engineering: Hanns Freymuth. Reto Schaufelbühl Lugano train station. Bauingenieure. Rainer Weitschies 2000 Swiss Sound Box. Guy Muntwyler. Andreas Hagmann. Frank Furrer. Graubünden | collaboration: Martin Gautschi and Bruno Haefeli. Andreas Hagmann. Swiss Pavilion. structural engineering: collective of engineers Jürg Buchli and Schwab & Partner. Benedikt Redmann. Masans. Graubünden | renovation and remodeling. Zeno Vogel. Graubünden | collaboration: Michael Hemmi. Clemens Nuyken. Michael Hemmi. Department of Architecture (2000–2001) | competition design | collaboration: Pavlina Lucas and Mark Darlington. Schulenburg. Berlin | remodeling and expansion | commissioned studies collaboration: Daniel Bosshard. collaboration on the competition design: Dieter Jüngling. Berlin (2002–2003) | competition design | collaboration: Pavlina Lucas and Ruben Jodar. Jenins. sound installation: Fritz Hauser Herz Jesu Church. Michele Vassella. Rainer Weitschies 2001 Pension Briol.1986–2007 Works shown at the Kunsthaus Bregenz are in bold type. d. Therme Shop. Stephan Hausheer. Simon Mahringer Cornell University Architecture Design Competition. Guy Muntwyler. Graubünden | collaboration: Michael Hemmi and Michele Vassella. structural engineering: Finn-Erik Nielson Summer Restaurant. project director. film realization: Christoph Schaub I Ching Gallery. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett. liturgical consulting: Daniel Schönbächler Lothar-Günther-Buchheim Museum. project direction of the administration building. Stephan Hausheer. Beat Müller 1996 Spittelhof Estate. Andreas Hagmann. Leis. Stephan Meier. Rosa Gonçalves. Graubünden | expansion and remodeling | collaboration und site management: Beat Müller and Zeno Vogel. new construction of the connecting passage partnership with: P. Moritz. Graubünden | reconstruction and expansion | collaboration: Marcel Liesch. Baselland | collaboration: Jürg Bumann. Katja Dambacher. HVAC and plumbing: Ingenieurbüro Gerhard Kahlert. Rolf Gerstlauer. Graubünden | restoration. Rainer Weitschies Lindau Casino. Graubünden | general concept for the integration of a new storage and maintenance building in the existing baroque fortress | collaboration: Thomas Durisch. Ruben Jodar. Zürich | project studies | collaboration: Thomas Kämpfer Swiss embassy. Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. Clemens Nuyken. Risch.Index of Works Peter Zumthor. collaboration: Meritxell Vaquer i Fernàndez 1998 Poetic Landscape. collaboration and site management: Valentin Bearth St. and Thomas Durisch. building physics: Ferdinand Stadlin. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett. Graubünden (1991–1993) | project | collaboration: Beat Müller. Pavlina Lucas. Zug | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. Bodil Reinhardsen 1993 Homes for Senior Citizens. Kunst am Bau: Jean Pfaff. Simon Mahringer Zumthor Vacation Home. site management: Franz Bärtsch. bronze statue: Hans Josephsohn Kolumba. Walter de Maria. Jürg Bumann. building physics: Ferdinand Stadlin. Vals. and Thomas Durisch. Reto Egloff. Marlene Gujan. Dieter Jüngling. 1986 Zumthor Studio.J. and Guy Muntwyler. Daniel Schmid. Marlene Gujan. Luzisteig weapons depot. Andreas Hagmann. project direction of the museum building. project director. landscaping: Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten 2006 Schwarz House. Versam. Graubünden | collaboration: Marc Löliger. Simon Mahringer. collaboration on the competition design: Daniel Bosshard. Vrin-Puzatsch. Chur. Graubünden | renovation und remodeling | collaboration and site management: Valentin Bearth. Marc Löliger.” Valbella. Vals. curator word: Plinio Bachmann. Red Restaurant. Gian Salis. Stephan Meier. communication: Lars Müller. residential home. Rolf Gerstlauer Plan for the Cuncas area. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett Bath House Gut Aabach. Norway (2003– ) | project | collaboration: Lisa Barucco. site management.Zug (2003-) | project | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. Schulenburg. Zürichsee (2003– ) | project | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. Aarau. Pavlina Lucas. Marlene Gujan. “Der reisende Krieger. Frank Furrer. Ruben Jodar. “Alte Brunnen. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett 2002 Luzi House. Frank Furrer.03 Peter Zumthor KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. Marcel Liesch. Simon Mahringer. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett. Ruch | collaboration: Dieter Jüngling. HVAC and plumbing: Meierhans und Partner. Maienfeld. Graubünden 1991 Schlössli Thusis. site management: Siegfried Wäger. Rosa Gonçalves. Beat Müller. Marcel Liesch. Graubünden | project | collaboration: Thomas Durisch. Aargau | project | collaboration: Andreas Hagmann. Kraft. Frank Furrer and Julian v. Chur. and Thomas Durisch. Mark Darlington. Güterareal. project director. Ticino | competition design | collaboration: Jürg Conzett. project director. Kirsi Leiman. Graubünden (2000– ) | project | collaboration: Lisa Barucco. building physics: Ferdinand Stadlin. Expo 2000 Hanover | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. interior painting: Matias Spescha Protective Housing for Roman Archaeological Excavations. Oliver Krell. Willerzell. traffic control engineer: Peter Hartmann Lumbrein town hall. and Guy Muntwyler. and Mirco Elser. Gian Salis. daylight engineering: Institut für Tageslichttechnik Stuttgart Annalisa Zumthor House. and Gordian Blumenthal. Munich | competition design | collaboration: Miguel Kreisler and Hannele Grönlund. structural engineering: Conzett. Rosa Gonçalves. Graubünden (2006– ) | project | collaboration: Lisa Barucco. Csaba Tarsoly. Haldenstein.” Jochstrasse. Bronzini. site management: Franz Bärtsch. Gartmann. Valbuena de Duero. collaboration on the competition design: Daniel Bosshard. Chur. project director. USA (2001–2004) | project | collaboration: Pavlina Lucas Pingus Winery. Myriam Sterling. Claire Moore Residential building “an der Stadtmauer. Marion Klein. Graubünden | design of the new kitchen | collaboration and site management: Beat Müller St. Schwyz | competition design | collaboration: Andreas Hagmann. structural engineering: Jürg Buchli Fontana House. Rainer Weitschies 2003 Zinc Mine Museum Almannajuvet. project director. Ivan Beer and Niels Lofteröd. USA (2000– ) | project | collaboration: Frank Furrer. collaboration and site management: Valentin Bearth Hotel Therme and thermal bath.” “Selva Stucco” rooms. Vals. Pekka Pakkanen. project director. Miguel Kreisler and Pavlina Lucas. manager for expenses and appointments: Franz Bärtsch. Pavlina Lucas. landscaping: Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten 2005 Zumthor House. Gut Aabach. Simon Mahringer 2007 Brother Klaus Field Chapel. Graubünden | collaboration and site management: Valentin Bearth. Frank Furrer. Graubünden | project remodeling and expansion | collaboration: Andreas Hagmann. St. Graubünden | collaboration: Stephan Hausheer. Graubünden | project | collaboration: Bodil Reinhardsen 1995 Residential houses with ateliers on Krattenturmstrasse. Michael Hemmi. Basel | urban development competition design | collaboration: Valentin Bearth. Thomas Durisch. Reto Schaufelbühl Villa in Küsnacht at Lake Zürich | project collaboration: Meritxell Vaquer i Fernàndez Laban Centre for Movement and Dance. structural engineering: Jürg Buchli. Dieter Jüngling. Thomas Kämpfer. Landquart. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett Multiple family house at the edge of town. Finland (2001–2004) | project | collaboration: Ivan Beer. Graubünden | design study | collaboration: Andreas Kaupp 1990 Bündner Art Museum. Rainer Weitschies.” Landquart. Graubünden | collaboration and site management: Reto Schaufelbühl.indd 24-25 09. Lake Constance. Maurus Frei. Rainer Weitschies European Academy Bolzano. Sophie Frank. Julian v. Thomas Durisch 1994 Truog House. Mirco Elser. Reto Schaufelbühl holiday hotel of the Swiss Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted (SBV). Lucerne (2005–2006) | competition design | collaboration: Guy Muntwyler. Graubünden | reconstruction of the Villa Planta and Sulserbau. Chur. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett Residential Development. structural engineering: collective of engineers Jürg Buchli and Casanova und Blumenthal. Gaelle Terrier Harjunkulma Apartment Building Jyväskylä. Wachendorf. Sauda. Valentin chapel. Roswitha Büsser. Risch. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett. (2001– ) | project | collaboration: Lisa Barucco. New York. Fidaz.2007 13:09:46 Uhr . Graubünden | project | collaboration: Beate Nadler Landquart train station area. structural engineering: collective of engineers Affentranger und Müller and Jürg Buchli Thermal Bath Vals. Rainer Weitschies. Marcel Liesch. project director. Dieter Jüngling. artwork: 360° I Ching / 64 sculptures. Pavlina Lucas. gastronomy consultant: Max Rigendinger Learning Center and Landscape Parc. HVAC and plumbing: Meierhans und Partner. curator gastronomy: Max Rigendinger. Chur. collaboration on the competition design: Jürg Bumann. and Andreas Hagmann. “Temporaries. Germany | competition design | collaboration: Miguel Kreisler Markthalle Färberplatz. building physics: Ferdinand Stadlin. Thomas Kämpfer. site management. Marlene Gujan. structural engineering: Jürg Buchli 1988 Sogn Benedetg Chapel. Graubünden. Miguel Kreisler. and Stephan Hausheer. Simon Mahringer. Zervreila House | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies and Rosinda Casais. Andreas Hagmann. Niels Lofteröd. Michael Hemmi. Leiden. Gian Salis. Kunst am Bau: Hannes Vogel Schiesser House and Atelier. Residence in Bedford. Reto Schaufelbühl Riehen garden street. Rosa Goncalves. Reto Schaufelbühl Burghalde multiple family dwelling. Barbara Söldner. site management: Büro am Lützoplatz. project director. Graubünden | commissioned studies for the new building | collaboration: Valentin Bearth Arosa sports hall. Dieter Jüngling Rothorn mountain railway station and restaurant | commissioned studies “Steinway. Graubünden (2001– ) | project new buildings | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. Barbian-Dreikirchen. Eifel | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies and Frank Furrer. Germany (1998–1999) | project | collaboration: Miguel Kreisler and Hannele Grönlund 1999 Hotel Therme Vals. Holland (2002– ) | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. Rainer Weitschies Hotel Therme Vals. Frank Furrer. structural engineering: Jürg Buchli and Herbert Fink. Reto Schaufelbühl Topography of Terror. Selva House. site management: Franz Bärtsch. Thomas Kämpfer. Rainer Weitschies. and Jürg Bumann. Daniel Schmid. Graubünden | competition design | collaboration: Valentin Bearth. project director. Aargau | competition design | collaboration: Miguel Kreisler 1997 Kunsthaus Bregenz | collaboration: Daniel Bosshard. Italy | competition design | collaboration: Maurus Frei. curator sound box cladding: Ida Gut. Feldafing.” Baden. Jenaz. Annette Ruf 1992 Davos railway building. Stephan Hausheer. Vardø (2007– ) | project | collaboration: Lisa Barucco. Maurus Frei. Germany | competition design | collaboration: Jürg Bumann. Berlin (1993–2004) | construction started in 1997 was discontinued by the state of Berlin in 2004 | collaboration: Rainer Weitschies. Reto Schaufelbühl Wettingen office and commercial building. Remodeling and Renovation Work (1999– ) | Blue Hall. Rainer Weitschies. structural engineering: Jürg Conzett Redevelopment of De Meelfabriek. planning of the courtyard and surroundings: Peter Zumthor with Günther Vogt. Michael Hemmi. Reto Schaufelbühl 1987 “Ramona” community center. Niels Lofteröd. Leis. Inger Molne. Vals. Graubünden | competition design | collaboration: Valentin Bearth Hotel Therme and thermal bath. Michele Vassella. Katrien Vertenten and Mirco Elser. Reto Schaufelbühl. Sumvitg. Graubünden | competition design | collaboration: Thomas Durisch Plan for the Igis area. Stephan Hausheer. Extension. art installation by Louise Bourgeois 24 25 KUB Exhibition 07. d. Inger Molne. Michele Vassella. Dieter Jüngling. Calonder and H. HVAC and plumbing: Ingenieurbüro Gerhard Kahlert. and Uta J. Dieter Jüngling 1989 Multipurpose building Flond schoolhouse. Frank Furrer JP Williams. collaboration on the competition design expansion of the existing nursing home and new apartments for the elderly: Dieter Jüngling. Spain (2001–2005) | project | collaboration: Miguel Kreisler. Michael Hemmi. Rosa Goncalves.

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m.at Presenting Sponsor Haussponsor des Kunsthaus Bregenz Sponsor der KUB Arena Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Kulturträger KUB0703_HeftAus_eng_gzd. | copy editors Kimi Lum | Catherine Schelbert (Zumthor texts) basic graphic design Clemens Theobert Schedler Büro für konkrete Gestaltung graphic design Bernd Altenried | Stefan Gassner printed by Druckerei Höfle information and registration for guided tours Beatrice Nussbichler. -409 m.03 Peter Zumthor Buildings and Projects 1986 – 2007 02 | 06 | – 09 | 09 | 2007 exhibition concept and selection for foyer and third level Thomas Durisch film installation on Peter Zumthor's buildings Nicole Six und Paul Petritsch camera and editing Robert Schabus copyright © 2007 by Kunsthaus Bregenz concept Eckhard Schneider text Eckhard Schneider Peter Zumthor special thanks to Peter Zumthor | Thomas Durisch | Nicole Six | Paul Petritsch | model construction Michael Rast | restoration Johannes Weiss | project secretary and model construction Büro Zumthor: Rosa Gonçalves with Bettina Lareida | Astrid Sonder | Lisa Barucco | Ruben Jodar | Nina Mampel | Florian van het Hekke | Vipavee Kunavichayanont | Bernardo Lopes for their support during shooting thanks to Gabriela Ackermann | Frieda Bäni | Monika Bartholomè | Benjamin Bärtsch | Roland Baldauf | Katharina und Luis Balzer | Stefan Bernard | Ulf Bladt | Alexandra und Daniela Blumenthal | Margit und Theo Bucher | Bruno Caduff | Christina Cantieni | Helder Coelho dos Santos | Antonio Conles Costa | Pierre Crevoisier | Aline Denier | Margrit Derungs | Ruben Do Carmo | Christoph Dünser | Klaus Eckart | Urs und Claudine Fries-Hobi | Olivia Gadient | Joanna Goldys | Rosa Gonçalves | Stefanie Gräber | Erwin und Theresa Hake | Tim Hartmann | Kirsten Helfrich | Kassia Immler | Dominique Issermann | Ruben Jodar | Christoph Jungblut | Nadia Kevan | Alexander Kovacs | Paul Küx | Bettina Lareida | Simon Peter.m.helfrich@kunsthaus-bregenz.m. ext.KUB 07.mueller-schwab@ kunsthaus-bregenz. ext.2007 13:09:47 Uhr . – 2 p. Katharina. Domenica. 10 a.– 6 p. Lilian und Valentin Luzi-Brunner | Nina Mampel | Maria Merz | Jasmin Mock | Gertrud und Hans Müller | Alwine Nagel | Karl und Barbara Naraghi | Jörg Neubig | Maike Preuss | Heidi und Vera Reich | Aurelia Sagmeister | Trudel und Hermann-Josef Scheidtweiler | Peter Schmid | Astrid Sonder | Nicole Sprecher | Karl-Theo Stammer | Gilbert Steiner | Monika und Dominik Thommy | Peter und Tina Truog | Mark Tschofen | Walter Tuor | Werner und Ursula Vieli | Claudia Voit | Olgierd Wandzioch | Rainer Weitschies | Stephanie Wladika | Dagmar Wolf | Angelika und Iris Zehrer | Annalisa Zumthor Kunsthaus Bregenz Kunsthaus Bregenz Karl-Tizian-Platz A-6900 Bregenz Phone (+43-55 74) 4 85 94-0 Fax (+43-55 74) 4 85 94-408 kub@kunsthaus-bregenz.m.at | Kirsten Helfrich. Angelika . Rahel.m.at office Margit Müller-Schwab. closed 10 a.m.m.indd 28 09.kunsthaus-bregenz.m. 24 | 12 | 07 25 | 12 | 07 26 | 12 | 07 31 | 12 | 07 01 | 01 | 08 10 a. – 2 p. – 6 p. ext.at opening hours Tuesday – Sunday 10 a.nussbichler@kunsthaus-bregenz. Benjamin.m. – 9 p.m.m.at www.10. -418 b.m. 2 p. -415 k. – 6 p. Thursday 10 a.

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