open letter to clare montgomery on assange of wikileaks 13-april-2012 we met at Royal Court in july.

i asked for an interview and introduced myself as a rape law blogger. i found it appalling how geoffrey and mark treated the accusers in february 2011 i found that emmerson dropped the ball in not even understanding basic consent to occur on a moment-by-moment basis and without an implied continuance that harkens to old english marital rape law. i am researching british rape law in comparison with swedish and american. american law scholar michelle j. anderson has been extremely helpful. assange's defense website has linked to misogynist blogs attacking the victim which would be a violation of rape shield law in the USA. i am troubled to find analogy to rape shield law in the UK has been quashed unless there is a better newer source. he is also linking to a man who defends honor killing in sweden. they were linking to a neo-nazi but have now stopped. i think ms. rose did a great job, but so did you. several of the pro-wikileaks people really admire you for your legal mind. i have been active in the pursuit of LGBTQ equality law in america---and feel especially saddened to see the hostility towards trans-equality in england. if you would be ever able to offer an interview---when this case is out of your terms of confidentiality---or if you could speak more generally about the points of law in discussion, i would be honored to hear what you say. the wikileaks people call me a "troll" online for advocating equality and consent. i am also uploading statistics on violence to women on my maryeng1 channel. for instance: i have spent 6 months in sweden---i was there to study equality, the feminist initiative and as it

turns out wikileaks political impact. sadly in some ways: i feel that counsel never understood the premise of gender quity as a necessary standpoint to moving forward with things. i am regularly in communication with assange's defense website---but they don't listen to my ideas on equality as the only possible PR gamble. bless you! if there is anything you recommend i read of comparative analysis of rape law in the UK or such i'd appreciate it very much! mary eng truth and justice are non-partisan mary rose lenore eng @braingarbage

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