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Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Saxophone

Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Saxophone

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Published by: southernutahsaxman on Apr 14, 2012
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Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone


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To search, type and hit enter By KEVIN DANENBERG | Published: SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

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I ve been interested in the altissimo register since high school when I first heard Tower of Power recordings featuring Lenny Pickett. There are so many sources of information out there for people who want to learn to play altissimo (see below for a few useful links). In this post, I want to share the set of fingerings that I ve found most useful in my own tenor playing. I favor fingerings that work well together to facilitate melodic lines. Some of these aren t the best available options in terms of intonation or tone, but sometimes the better sounding fingering is a bit awkward within a passage. Given this philosophy, here are the altissimo fingerings I use. Try them out in a melodic context so you can see how they flow together. Also, if you are new to altissimo, please learn the fundamentals of overtone production first before jumping into fingering charts. You shouldn t have to bite or strain to do any of this. Sigurd Raschèr s book is where I started.

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It s a little unclear, but the palm keys indicated in the charts, from left to right, are D, Eb, and F. Notation is as written for saxophone. Note names are in reference to saxophone range (ie. F3 is the third F from the lowest available note).

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This note sounds a little dodgy, but in passing this a nice alternate fingering to the standard palm high F and front F fingerings. Works well chromatically through G#3.

Riiiiiiiight.... What's a Socktopus? comment(s) Michael Brecker Transcriptions Galore 0 comment(s) Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Saxophone 0 comment(s)


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kevindanenberg.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/

Lenny Pickett. You might like to add right hand 123 (F. #3 A3 In passing.1/18/12 Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone graphic design green Jackie McLean jazz Lenny Pickett Manhattan minor seventh chord pattern New York City Park Slope A nice alternate to front F. A#4 kevindanenberg. E. Alternate. Easy transition between alternate G3 below. and D keys) instead. I just play left hand 2 and 3 (A and G keys). recording recycling repair Photography photos Pier 66 Saxophone repair saxophone softball soundtrack Star Trek 3 Sean Taylor Sidewalk Cafe Stefan Zeniuk sustainable SVA tenor The BlackTails The Puck ThinkPad trees TSS Yukonaughtica upcoming gigs video YouTube I usually use front F. but the alternate fingering facilitates some passages. Adding the pinky G# key raises the pitch and adds pop. SOURC ES: Sigurd M. Rasch r.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/ 2/8 .

but I find that it adds pop. #4 As with C4. left hand 3 is optional. The alternate fingering pops kevindanenberg.1/18/12 Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone 4 4 Left hand 3 (G ke ) is optional here. 4 I mostl use the front F.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/ 3/8 . and it often minimi es finger motion in lines.

overblown b a fourth.1/18/12 Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone a little better. SOURC E: Alternate. using front F resets hand position nicel to get at D#4. overblown b a fourth. and flows in sequence with A#4 through C#4.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/ A#4 through C#4 4/8 . A#4 through C#4 4 D#4 through F#4 are simpl repeated. A#4 through C#4 4 D#4 through F#4 are simpl repeated. Lenn Pickett. A#4 through C#4 #4 D#4 through F#4 are simpl kevindanenberg. our #4 D#4 through F#4 are simpl repeated. However. overblown b a fourth.

1/18/12 Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone repeated. A4 SOURC E: Sigurd M. SOURC E: Lenny Pickett. kevindanenberg.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/ 5/8 . overblown by a fourth. SOURC E: Sigurd M. #4 I find this fingering to be a little muted. 4 For me. this is the highest note to easily pop out. Rasch r. A#5 Try arpeggiating up to these at first. Rasch r.

SOURC E: Norbert Stachel 5 Try arpeggiating up to these at first.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/ 6/8 . please share! 5 This is a harmonic of low Bb flat that just come out. ants to kevindanenberg. SOURC E: Norbert Stachel #5 None I haven t worked out a decent way to get at this note yet.1/18/12 Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone SOURC E: Norbert Stachel 5 Try arpeggiating up to these at first. If you have any suggestions.

Bret! software Music notation created with Sibelius Octave Range A lot of these fingerings came from Top-Tones from the Saxophone: Fourby Sigurd M. Sigurd Rascher. fingering chart. Raschèr. I d love to hear your comments and suggestions! This entry was posted in Sa ophone. Go through them that has really helped with my altissimo.1/18/12 Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone So rces & Reso rces I created the fingering diagrams using Bret Pimentel s wonderful Fingering diagram builder Thanks. It s worth learning about acoustic impedance and studying their database profiling acoustic response Thanks to Norbert Stachel well into the altissimo range. The University of New South Wales has a detailed site about Saxophone Acoustics . for his expert mouthpiece refacing work and advice are ridiculously thorough. Work through all the overtone e ercises. with many alternate fingerings up through F4. top tones. The Blues Nice and Slow B Minor Rhythmic Tenor Drone Michael Brecker Transcriptions Galore Four New Albums « Restoring M Speed 1987 Peugeot Iseran 12Angelo & Ert Premieres at Ro al Flush Film Festival » Po a Commen Your email is never published nor shared. The are critical for developing altissimo technique! Another great book is Larry Teal s The Art of Saxophone Playing . Required fields are marked * Name * kevindanenberg. Norbert Stachel.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/ 7/8 . I highly recommend this book. tenor. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. The reed adjustment chart within is priceless! These Saxophone Fingering Charts and find what works best for you. Uncategori ed and tagged altissimo. Lenn Pickett.

1/18/12 Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor Sa ophone Email Website C omment You ma use these HTML tags and attributes: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acron m title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> Post Comment Who Am I? You've stumbled across the website of Kevin Danenberg. I believe that drawing inspiration from multiple disciplines sparks creativity and innovation. Built on the Thematic Theme Framework. I'm a New York City-based freelancer who provides technology solutions and explores visual arts while immersed in music. and that's wh they blow. #fb 2 0 1 2 /0 1 /1 3 Connect Tools Pages Prismatic Ever thing Go Log in www. Recent Comments Kevin Danenberg on James Bond Denies Climate Change James M. It works! #fb 2 0 1 2 /0 1 /1 5 Mahler 5 #fb 2 0 1 2 /0 1 /1 4 RSS Links All posts All comments Warped reeds don't blow. kevindanenberg.kevindanenberg.com 2002-2010 by Kevin Danenberg. Powered by WordPress. Harrison on James Bond Denies Climate Change Albert L on Problems with Dell Latitude E6400 Angelo & Ert Premieres at Royal Flush Film Festival on Angelo & Ert Soundtrack Al on How To Repair an Ethernet Cable T itter What's good button-sewing-on music? #fb 1 6 hours ago Running in dress shoes probably not the best idea I'll have this week. Learn more about what I do. #fb 2 0 1 2 /0 1 /1 6 Adding code I wrote in my dream last night to my project.com/blog/2011/09/altissimo-fingerings-for-tenor-sa ophone/ 8/8 .

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