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Chris Hansen’s Response To Sacramento Announcement Seattle – April 13, 2012 - Chris Hansen issued the following statement in response to NBA Commissioner David Stern’s remarks today about the future of the Sacramento Kings: “I would just like to again reiterate our position that we don’t think it’s appropriate for to comment on or speculate about other NBA franchises – particularly when these franchises are in the midst of trying to find solutions to their own arena issues. “I believe our attention and efforts should instead be focused on finalizing our deal to build the type of world class sports arena that can host both the NBA and NHL. “However, these developments are a reminder that franchise opportunities may arise quickly and in an unpredictable fashion, and so we should continue with our join efforts to find an “Arena Solution” that best works for our City, County and the various constituents of our community and in as timely a fashion as is feasible to ensure we are in a position to take advantage of an inevitable opportunity when it arises.”

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