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We can also electronically submit. This is the result of extensive research over many years in property investment. independent and valuable information on the fundamentals of property investment and loan selection. depreciation schedules. stress and money. Our service is free of charge and offers different aspects of financial analysis including assessing your affordability and how much you should be comfortably investing. Our service helps you acquire investment properties at real market value or better and how to maximize and protect your investment returns through professional property management Equity Resource has built a national data base of property suited for investment purposes from quality builders.Roseville Equity Resource 3 . Best of all these services are free to the investor because we are funded through our many referral alliances with lending institutions. monitor and process these loans on our client's behalf. We carefully analyze and then select properties for our property portfolio based on stringent criteria. On behalf of our clients Equity Resource source and arrange inspections of properties that fit our recommended investment criteria. tax variation form lodgment. finance. we work for our clients.About Us Most Australians will be unable to create longterm wealth on their income alone. "Equity Resource spared no effort in ensuring that we understand each step that we take. allowing our clients to choose the one best suited to their financial situation. We are in effect a onestop-shop. builders and developers throughout Australia We are however completely independent and beholden to no one. We don't work for the developers or the banks. administration and beyond. J! Barbara & Derek . We are selective and find the right property to suit the individual investor. We offer comprehensive. developers and selected real estate agents. tenant selection. ongoing property management. Equity Resource provides an independent investment property and finance service designed to save you time. We assist people in creating a solid real estate investment by efficiently financing your loans and correctly structuring your property investments to enable swifter wealth creation. Through advanced software programs and the internet we're able to analyze up to the minute information on the hundreds of loans currently available. construction. We can then liaise and assist for a smooth transition from property selection and purchase to conveyancing. The most effective path to creating wealth is by proactively organizing your finances and developing investment plans to create additional sources of income for your future.

interest rates etc. This has happened with some of our clients in the past and we were able to re-organize their affairs. if you have one. provide interest rate savings and have them manage their budgets more efficiently. especially any personal non-tax-deductible debt such as your home mortgage etc. investment property expenses. taking into consideration all personal expenses on a weekly. rapid mortgage reduction. that of debt? So if you're constantly reducing your debt you are in turn increasing your equity base which places a stronger asset base beneath you. Once these debts are out of the way then you can start paying off the investment property debt. Most importantly so they can position themselves to take advantage of further investment opportunities in the near term as opposed to the long term. not only for the short-term. fortnightly. quarterly and yearly basis. Realising the Benefits One of the main benefits of these planning exercises is the balancing of your cash flow to reveal what your financial capabilities actually are. restructure their loans. That's assuming you're sufficiently motivated to do so.Financial Strategies There are two financial considerations that should be examined when purchasing an investment property. This may temporarily and marginally reduce your tax deductions but by reducing the debt it will also increase your borrowing capacity which will enable you to buy more investment properties sooner. It mayor may not be the right time for you to be investing? If it's not. monthly. you will know your financial vulnerabilities and we can assist you to formulate a plan to rectify them. This ultimately provides more peace of mind than any other strategy. Some of these clients have now gone on to buy investment properties. Equity Resource assists its clients in eliminating any financial uncertainty by using advanced software programs to analyze income and expenses. After that we work out what the average monthly cash flow requirements would be to start investing. Both considerations should be in terms of your personal affordability. Being realistic for a moment. This is then matched with net income to enable you to see what your true financial position is. What What What Can I if interest rates go up? if I don't have a tenant? if I lose my job? afford to do this? Equity Resource works with clients to show them how to establish a financial strategy that enables them to maximize returns on different levels such as in taxes. but the medium to long-term. We don't shy away from the hard questions either and we work with our clients if they have concerns in the way of: 4 Equity Resource . They are your financial position and the price of the investment property you want to purchase. How you do it Our approach recommends that you structure your loans in a way that enables you to channel all of your resources into paying off any existing loans first. isn't one of the major concerns with investors starting out. You would then also potentially have more tax deductions than you previously had.

Equity Resource analyzes all property types including house & land. villas. and if you stick to the plan you will never regret the move. will ignore these steps and go to the classified section of the newspaper.Mascot Equity Resource 5 . We recommend new properties as opposed to second-hand. The result can be a heavily negative cash flow! What not to do Many investors however. talk to their bank. choose the best of whatever happens to be available. how much you should borrow. as the depreciation does not give you the same level of tax benefits associated with purchasing a new property. "The strategy and concept that has been put togetf7er by Equity Resource is remarkable. do some calculations and then become the owner of an investment property. Finding the properties which we believe will best serve our clients is an exhaustive process which involves constantly scouring and searching the market throughout each state and territory in Australia. We do this because you will find on close inspection of market conditions that no one particular property type will always be the right decision. We can help you find: which area will potentially give you the best rental yield and in the long run the optimum capital growth. how much you can afford to invest. the location. acting without the assistance of a professional property advisor. as distinct from how much they will allow you to borrow. townhouses. We reject far more properties than we recommend to our clients. !J June & Peter . apartments etc. the land use value etc. make telephone calls to local agents. This can lead to some major mistakes. and then make our recommendations based on detailed criteria.Informed Investment Property Selection There are a number of issues to consider and work through before purchasing an investment property. inspect properties. the cost to the investor before and after tax. We look at the trends in any given area such as market demand. This is because the out of pocket expenses on second-hand properties can be higher. We also address any other issues which can best determine the property that suits your circumstances and helps you achieve your goals and objectives.

The one we provide is not an Indicative report that might have been done at the beginning of a development is advisable to protect your interest through a competent solicitor. We're also able to provide you with regular updates on the status of your application by monitoring your application as it's being processed through the selected financial institution and then on to settlement. Depreciatiion Depreciation tax deduction claims can have a significant impact on your cash flow results. We also arrange for the discharge of any of your existing loans that you are refinancing. medical centers. You may use any solicitor of your choosing but you should be aware the efficiency and economy of service provided by so. shopping. Financial Institutions Equity Resource through their aggregator Australian Finance Group use software programs via the internet that enables access to constantly updated information on hundreds of loans through over 30 lenders.e. Settlement When you purchase an investment property it 6 Equity Resource . hospitals.licitors can vary. transportation. It must be looked at favorably by potential tenants by having all of the required amenities and services that they would look for i.Other Property Investment Requirements When you decide to purchase an investment property you are in reality starting a small business. Additionally we look for feedback from our existing clients for their opinion of the ongoing service they have been receiving from these property managers. When the appropriate loan has been chosen we submit the loan application on your behalf electronically providing faster processing times. So it's important to have all aspects of your business plan organized in advance as opposed to finding out and scrambling as you go. Including all of the current interest rates on all loans. We have found that having a solicitor that is familiar with the different aspects of your transaction can be very helpful. jobs etc. We have referrals available if required. We proactively seek out qualified professional property managers on our clients' behalf in these areas. police station. efficient and economical manner can be of great benefit. Equity Resource's experience and affiliations allows our clients to have a dear picture in advance of the necessary aspects that need to be attended to along the investment path. There can be a large variation in the amount any one lender will lend to an applicant. schools. Someone who is capable of processing the transaction In a timely. which we continue to monitor to ensure our recommendations maintain creditability. with all lenders. With every investment property purchased through Equity Resource we provide our clients with a Certified Quantity Surveyors Report free of charge which will substantiate to the ATO your allowable tax deductions on your property. Tenancy Whenever Equity Resource recommends an area for Investment it must meet stringent investment property criteria. Our clients with our assistance are then able in a relaxed manner to pick and choose the most suitable loan for their purposes. and what your maximum borrowing capacity Is with each lender.

and just as importantly easily accessible for your own reference. If you carefully consider these implications you will deduce that the additional cash flow this strategy will proVide will work better for you than having it stay with the tax department until the end of the year earning you zero interest. All you need to do is double hole punch each document and then slip them into their appropriate compartment. ~ "I'm very happy with their high quality of service and specially their helpful staff. the ATO allows those who are eligible to file a tax variation form to have your tax credit amortized and put back into your regular pay. insurances. Or if self-employed. So rather than wait until the end of the financial year to file your income tax return. The report we provide you with is a full depreciation report completed specifically for your individual property.000 per year. This can range between $4. Tax Variation If you have purchased an investment property with a good tax structure and depending on your tax bracket you could end up with a substantial annual tax credit. taxes. To assist our clients and as a token of our appreciation for doing business with us we provide you with a property management portfolio manual. It is a sturdy compartmentalized. carried out immediately after settlement to ensure you receive the maximum allowable deductions. taxes can be varied when you file your monthly or quarterly statements. Ongoing Administration The ongoing administration of your investment property can be simplified with efficient management. At the end of the financial year everything is organized in the one folder ready and available for your accountant. Mohammad & Farah .000 to $14. loan statements etc.Bemwra II Equity Resource 7 .EQu I TY R-E SC-=O=---' U-R~C~E for illustrative purposes. So as you receive documents for specific activities such as rental statements. colour coded binder that allows you to separate and file the documents for the varying activities of your investment property.

The reality is over 90% of retirees will be in some way financially dependant on ongoing government assistance.000 $600. many Australians will have to completely revise their expectations of the kind of retirement lifestyle they will have. Our core ethical foundation is based on complete transparency.000 @ 6% ~ ~ ~ ~ Per Year Income $24.0% 75. only about 5% will be wealthy or financially independent. You also have a choice between using all or part of our services. Not only are most Australians underfinanced for retirement.000 $36. maximum rental yield areas.0% 94% 125% 164% 187% 20 30 40 You would need to invest this Percentage of your current Income. With modern technology the information that's available to the average person is staggering and Equity Resource diligently analyses this information and organizes it into the most effective systems for our clients. Today's retirement income rea:lity Today more than ever all of us have to take responsibility and do what's necessary for our personal financial security. clothing. tax minimization. education and get to work on time.5% 50.000 $800. Our focus is on building an ongoing relationship with our clients because we know one investment is not necessarily going to develop financial independence.Australians of retirement savings and our lack creation.000 YEARS TO RETIREMENT 10 % of Current Income required in Retirement 37. We constantly monitor all aspects of the finance and investment industry to bring you the best information on financial strategies incorporating.000.000 $60. Where will you be at retirement? Lump Sum Invested $400. personal finance management. property growth areas.000 $1 .The Road To Wealth The need to invest . property investment analysis. however with today's busy lifestyle. maintaining the status quo and burdensome taxes it's a challenge just to provide food. mortgage reduction techniques. efficient property management and ongoing wealth Where do you want to be at retirement? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics out of every 100 Australians who retire at 65.0% 66. 45% 60% 79% 89% 21% 27% 36% 41% 13% 17% 22% 25% 9% 12% 15% 17% 8 Equity Resource . shelter.

approaching retirement age. Equity Resource 9 . we now find a large segment of the population who have not been exposed to effective superannuation plans and without adequate self-funded retirement options these people will put a big burden on the Australian tax system into the future. a holiday home. and with the correct investment plan in place. With many 'Baby Boomers'. those people born directly after the 2nd World War. pursuing hobbies.not just timing Remember in your twenties or early thirties and the reflections of what you would be doing when you reached retirement age. providing a focus-point for savings. going on overseas trips etc.It's time in . well in a recent survey it was shown that the average retirement income was less than $22. helping your children get well established.000 per annum. a quality retirement lifestyle is very much attainable. if we want to be comfortable in retirement we have no choice but to invest and save for our future. It is this looming reality that has forced government to promote a self-funding retirement message and if you can't fund yourself then keep on working! The truth is.

o Complete and submit the required finance applications. o Analyze the restructuring of any existing loans. • Monitor the finance application and contract of sale on your behalf through to settlement. o Design the most effective debt reduction strategy. • Facilitate the purchase of the selected property. • Provide an extensive range of investment property options. • Arrange for you to view recommended property options either in NSW or interstate. JI Michael & Maria . 'This is end-to-end service at its best! We have no hesitations in recommending Equity Resource to anyone looking to invest. • Arrange for the discharge of your existing loans if required.Why Equity Resource? In today's busy society people often don't have the expertise or time to sit down and work out whether their current mortgage or financial situation is working optimally for them.Bossley Park 10 Equity Resource . • Refer you to quality qualified legal representation. • Present you with a detailed hard copy report recommending a course of action. o Provide an extensive range of finance options. • Analyze the economically viable price-point of the investment property you should begin with. • Arrange a suitable property manager who will find a tenant for you. o Provide a Property Management Portfolio folder. o Monitor the settlement of the investment property. Equity Resource recognizes this and provides a professional one-stop-shop that will: • Assess your current financial position at no cost or obligation. • Refer you to competent accounting assistance for the lodgment of your tax variation form. • Provide you with a Certified Quantity Surveyors report for depreciation purposes.


EQu ITY ~ R-ES-O-U-R-C-E Equity Resource Pty Ltd PO Box 8056 Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Equity Resource Pty Ltd Suite 416.diseover-finaneial-freedom.eom . 2-8 Brookhollow Ave Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 ph: 028861 1688 fx: 02 8861 1717 www. Level

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