is a publishing house focused on the creation, production and distribution of various promotional and educational reading materials throughout the Caribbean. Journal Publications was founded by Stephanie Dijkhuizen in December 2009. As its initial jump on the market Journal Publications will produce an ongoing series of printed and online magazines in Curacao called “Curacao Journal”. Curacao Journal is designed to be the first full spectrum lifestyle magazine of Curacao, delivering the latest trends in fashion, beauty, health, art, travel, real estate, education, dining and entertainment. With readers among the most traveled and well-heeled, the glossy high quality magazine is a necessity for tourists exploring the island and a staple in many local homes. In addition Curacao Journal raises awareness for social, educational, historical and cultural charitable causes. ABOUT THE DIRECTOR- STEPHANIE C. DIJKHUIZEN Stephanie C. Dijkhuizen has a rich background in the Marketing and Graphic Design industry. She studied Graphic Design at the School of arts and Science of Miami Dade College in Florida. She followed that by studying Marketing Management with a concentration in International Business at the School of Business of Johnson & Wales University in Florida. Since 2004 she has actively worked in the Multimedia Design field developing her talents and gaining skillful experience. In 2006 she was discovered by East Coast Jewelry, a high-end watch and jewelry retailer in Florida. This is when she boomed into the luxury industry as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager. She completed a successful new branding platform that accurately captured and identified the company's personality, values, and objectives. She articulated its mission and packaged it for a savvy, heavily pitched funding audience. In Addition she revitalized special events to reflect brand image; infused with the latest merchandise, celebrities, pro-athletes and humanitarian partnerships. As a graphic designer she was able to design advertising campaigns, direct the manufacturing of printed publications and prepared content for marketing initiatives. Stephanie’s work resulted in prominent publications such as, apture Life but not limited to:

Men’s Vogue

DuPont Registry

International Watch (iW)

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