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Published by: Jeroen van Velden on Apr 14, 2012
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Blessing Two: Gevurot (mighty deeds) Blessing One: Avot (the fathers

attah You are e·lo·hei God of avoteinu our fathers veilohe i and God of e·lo·hey·nu our God Adonai Lord attah are you ba·rukh Blessed beehesed in kindness chai·yim the living me ·khal·kel Who sustains le·ho·shi·a' able to save rav greatly me·tim of the dead me -chaiyeh restorer a·do·nai 1e-'o·lam forever gib·bor mighty 'attah You are

o Lord




,C7"l':J~ T T: ya·'a·kov Jacob veilo-hei and God of yits·chak Isaac elohei God of av·ra·ham Abraham no·fe·lim

hag·ga·dol the great

ha·'el God

so·mekh who supports

rab·bim abundant

be·ra·cha·mim with mercy

me·tim the dead

me -chaiyeh who revives

• T -:



cha·sa·dim kindnesses

go·mel who gives

'elycn Most High

el God

ve·han·no·ra and awesome

hag·gi·bor the mighty a·su·rim the captives umattir and releases cho·lim the sick verofei and heals


go·'el a Redeemer

umevi and brings

avot thefath ers

chas·dei kindnesses of



ve·ko·neih and creates a·far lish·nei e-mu-na-to hisfaith umkaiyern who maintains to those asleep in the dust

who recalls everything

• 7"1 :J7"I~:l
T -: :

'ozer helper

rne·lekh 0 King

be·'a·ha·vah with love





for the sake of His name

to children's children lakh to you do·meh compares u·mi and who ge·vu·rot of mighty deeds ba·'al 0 Master kha·mo·kha is [jkeyou mi who

av·ra·ham of Abraham

ma·gen sheild

Adonai Lord

attah are you

ba·rukh Blessed

u·ma·gein and shield

u·mo·shi·a' Savior ye·s!ru·'ah salvafl·on u-matsmiach and brings forth umchaiyeh me ·mit rne·lekh

who makes life and death

o King



me-tim the dead

le-hache-yot to revive

'attah are you

ve·ne·'e·man andfaitJifi.1l

ham·me·tim the dead

me·chaiyeh who revives

'Adonai Lord

'atteh are you

ba·rukh Blessed

iI:J1WM:J T T- bitshuvah in repenianc e harotseh who desires Adonai Lord attah are You barukh Blessed . :5"~ "n~ •• : - 1J" us T - : .ilr:lN Tattah You are P!t:1 chazak strong gO"el Rsdeemer ki for shemekha lema 'an for the sake of Thy MIme yisrael go·'eil Rsdeemer Adonai Lord attah are You barukh Blessed of Israel Iefaney-kha to your presence shelemah complete bitshuvah in repentanc e veha chazirei-nu restore us Ieavoda-te -kha to serve you . ...1JN~n T T • T T la-nu me 'chal pardon cha-tanu ki for a·vi·nu our Father Ia-nu us selach Forgive we have sinned. 1J yom day bekhol every u-ke-doshim andyour holy ones kadosh is holy veshimkha andyour name kadcsh holy 'attah You are ki for mal·kei·nu our King.Blessing Three: Kedushat HaShem Blessing Six: Selichah T : T- . our affiic tion r'eih behold Blessing Five: Teshuvah 1J~IR1 malkednu our King vekar'veinu draw us near Ie-toratekha to Your Torah a·vi·nu our Father hashivei-nu Rsturn us .1JliW~ : T T hak-kadosh who is holy ha"el the God Adonai Lord at·tah are you barukh Blessed se·lah forever ye'ha'le-lu'kha praise you Adonai Lord attah are You barukh Blessed attah are You vsoIeiach and forgiver moche l a pardoner ki for pasha'rnu we have rebelled Blessing Four: Da'at T • pin letenosh to a mortal umelam-med and teach da·'at knowledge k'a·dam to a man chonen show favor lido -ach T- hemm erbeh who abundantly chan-nun the gracious forgives bi-nah under standing attah You T • "T vehas-kel binah de·'ah me" it·kha chone-nu and intellect of under standing a mind from You be gracious to us Blessing Seven: Geulah T- iI'iI~ 1J"N~1 ."1 T·· : •• T : n :J"" T .1J ~.: had·da·'at the knowled£e chonen who[avors 'Adonai Lord 'attah are You barukh Blessed me 'hei'rah speedily u'ge"aleinu and redeem us riveinu our cause veriveh champion vetcnefnu. T .

i1\t~~1 v'anacha lij. 4~9~ '~i)1 rnimenu v'haser b'ra-khah veten and give le-tovah for goodness te-vuatah crops kol yagon blessing all and You over us and rule and pain sorrow from us remove . T MN' ve·'et i1~~ at-tah 4~"?¥ liC.~~.i10'Ni1 T T -: T uvareikh and bless mittuve -kha from your bounty ve·sab·'einu ha·'a·da·mah penei face of 'al bahmishpat v'tsadkeinu uv-rachamim b'chesed levadkha Adonai and satiID>us the earth on injudgment andjusllp us and compassion with kindness alone Lord ..BlessingEight: Refuah . r·' ho·shi·'e·nu venerafe ' Adonai refa 'einu Blessing Ten: Kibbutz Galuyot ve·niv·va she·'ah and we will be saved save us and we will be healed Lord Heal us Iekabbeits neis vesa le·chei·ru·tei·nu gadol be-sho-far tka' •• T • : to gather ki banner and put for ourfreedom great the shofar Sound lekhol shelemah re·fu·'ah ve·ha·'a·leh "attah te·hiHa·te·nu for all complete healing Bring is You the one we praise for ha·'a·rets kanfot mei·'ar·ba' yachad vekab etseinu galuyyo-teinu of the earth verachaman ne·'e·man rofei me·lekh 'el ki rna ·ko·tei-nu comers from thefour together and gather us our exiles faithfo Iand compassionate Healer King OGod for our sicknesses yisn"el 'amo nidchei mekabeits Adonai attah barukh Israel yis-ra-e l 'am-mo cholei rofe ' 'Adonai 'attah barukh 'attah are You of His people the scattered Who regathers Lord are You Blessed Israel his people the sick Healer Lord are You Blessed Blessing Nine: Birkat Hashanim Blessing Eleven: Birkat HaDin TT - hazot this hashaneh the year et eloheinu our God Adonai aIeinu on our behalf barekh Bless k'vat-chillah veyo'a·tseinu k'va rishonah shofeteinu hashi-vah () Lord as at the beginning and our counselors as at the earry times ourjudges Restore i1~':J T T: TT "J"O mi-nei kinds of c.'?4 a-leinu umloch .~.i1" T : T- •T - 4JMJW •• T: T : • Adonai atteh are You barukh Blessed hatovot that were good keshanim shenateinu our year umishpat tsedakah oheiv mele kh Adonai at-teh barukh Lord like theyears andjustice righteousness who loves king Lord are You Blessed •T - hashanim the years me -vare ikh Who blesses .z.i1. .

keren horn of matsmiach who brings forth Adonai Lord attah are YOll barukh Blessed inyou for forever with them our lot and put Iatstsaddiqim umiv-tach mishtan 'Adonai 'attah barukh batachnu of the righteous and assurance stronghold Lord are You Blessed we trust Blessing Sixeen: Kabbalat Tefillah Blessing Fourteen: Rebuilding Jerusalem C""W1'''C" •T • •• T en" ~" -: o~n chus have pity : aIeinu on us ve-racheim and mercy elo-heinu our God Adonai Lord ko-Iefnu our voice shma' Hear betokhah vetish-kon and rest ta-shuv berachamim in compassion 'irkha Your city v'Iiru-shaIai-yim and to Jerusalem within it return •• T : be yuney-nu bekarov 'otah it uvneih dib-barte ka-'a-sher as t'fHa -tefnu our prayer et uveratson and infavor berachamim in mercy v'kabel and accept and in our days soon Rebuild You said • T .C.cC.i1" T : T- vekha k:i ne -vosh ashamed ve-lo and not k'o-Iam 'immahem helqenu vesim ye'shu"ah of salvation. ve-ta-chanu-nim and supplications : ta·khin establish le-tocheh within it me -hei-rah speedily da-vid David ve·khi·sei and throne 'olam forever bin-yen at-tah are You tefil-Iet prayers shomea' who hears el God ki for a structure yirushalai-yim boneih Adonai Lord attah are You b arukh of Jerusalem builder Blessed .Blessing Thirteen: Tsaddikim Blessing Fifteen: Kingdom of David "am-rnekha ziknei ve-'o1 hachasidim ve-'o1 hatsad-dikirn 'a! your people the elders and on the devout andon the righteous on tatsmiach flourish gerei ve-'o1 sof'reihem peleitat ve-'o1 yisra' el beit me -heirah speedily av·de·kJta da-vid tsemach Branch of 'et The David YOllrservant converts and on of their scholars the remnant and on Israel house of bi·shu·'a·te· kha eloheinu Adonai rachame-kha yehemu vetele inu hats-tsedek tarum vekerno may YOllprosper and exalt inyour salvation our God Lord your compassion may it rise the righteous the righteous .!!i1 heiye m the day T kol all ki-vinu lishu' ' atkha your salvation ki for be-'e-met beshimkha in you» name habbotechim lekhol tOY shakhar veten we hope in truth who trust to all good reward and give .i1.ili T TT .

n " "- beya·de·kha into YOllr hands ham·me·su·rim are entrllsted chaiyei·nu ollr lives 'a! for te·hil·la-te·kha YOllr praise u·ne·sap·per and tell ilii::Jliil T -: T n~ et () bei-tekha of Your hOllse lid·vir most ho/}' ha·'av·o·dah the service sheb·be·khol ni·sei-kha YOllr miracles ve·'a! andfor lakh to YOll hap'ko·dot entrllsted nish·mo -tei ·nu ollr sOllls that every day are b'·ra-tson infavor te·ka·beil accept b'·a·ha·vah in love ut·filah·tam and their pray"' yis-ra·'el of Israel ve·'ish·shei and thefires .MoP.t'shi·veinu a! do not rei·kam empry malkeinu our King u·miHa·ne·kha from bifore You Blessing 18: Hoda'ah (Thanksgiving) rum us away n~!)n -~ : i1n~ "!l -T T T - T b'ra·cha·mim in mercy yis·ra·'el Israel am·kha Your people t'fil·lat the prayer of sho·mei'a hear attah You ki for 'e-!o·hei·nu our God Adonai hu sha·'aHah lakh You 'a·nach·nu we mo·dim we thank for You are Adonai t'fil·lah prayer sho·me·'a who hears Adonai Lord attah are You ba·rukh Blessed chaiyey-nu of our lives tsur Rock va·'ed and ever 1e-'o·lam forever 'avoteinu our fathers veilohe i and God of iTji~ Blessing Seventeen: Avodah lekha YOll no·deh We will thank ve·dor to generation le·dor from generation hu Are "attah YOll yish·'ei·nu Ollr salvation ma·gen Sheild oJ u·vit fe elahtam and to their prayer yis·ra·'el Israel b·'amklta YOllrpeople e·lo·1tei-nu ollr God Adonai Lord re'tsay Accept ve·'a! andfor ve·ha·sheiv and restore yom T : ": C"'10~iT 1~". 'eit T : ": sheb·be·khol ve·to·vo·tey-kha andfavors nif1e-'o·tey-kha YOllr wonders ve·'a! and for 'im·ma·nu with liS that are at all times 'a·me·kha YOllrpeople yis·ra·'el of Israel 'a·vo·dat the service ta·mid always leratson ute-hi and may it please YOll rachamekha YOllr mercies kha·lu exhallsted 10 not ki for hat·tov ve·tsa·ho·rayim and afternoon vavoker and morning 'e·rev evening o Good b'racharnim in compassion l'·tsiyon beshuvkha 'ei·nei·nu may ollr eyes ve·te·che·zey·nah behold lakh kivvinu we hope me·'o·lam forever kha·sa·dey-cha YOllr kindness tam·mu ended 10 not ki for ve·ham·ra·chem and compassions YOllreturn to Zion letsiyon to Zion shkhinato His Presence ha·ma·cha·zir Who restores Adonai Lord attah are YOll ba·rukh Blessed in YOll .

.il1C. T:" : shimkha Your Nlme hattov The Good 'Adonai Lord 'attah are You barukh se-lah forever vetezratenu r. heigjm sha-lom 'oseh bishlomekha with Your peace shatah hour u-vekhol and at every 'eit time bekhol at every 'a-men iMen veIimru and "'lYys yisratel Israel kol all vetal and on be-sha-lom with peace yis'ra.u4~ T T Blessed and our help lanu to us natata You gave paneykha of Yourface velor with light ki for i1NJ " T Iehodot to give thanks naleh it is right ulekha and to You chesed of kindness vetahavat and love chaiyim of life to 'rat the Torah 'eloheinu our God 'Adonai Lord veshalom and peace vechaiyim and life verachamim and compassion u've-ra-khah and bleSSing utsdakah and righteousness Incheiere yisra: el 'ammekha Your people 'et () levare kh to bless be"ey'neykha in Your eyes ve-tov may it be good Israel 'aleinu uponUJ sha-lom ya"a'seh make bimromav in Hi.T: chen grace uvra-kha and blessing .'el 'emo 'et () hamvareikh Who blesses 'Adonai Lord 'attah are You barukh Blessed his people Israel ..il~':J1 . T "ale inu upon us 1JM111W" . T : .Blessing 19: Sim Shalom (grant peace) malkenu our King shimkha Your Nlme veyitromam and exalted yitbarakh kullam all this vetal blessed andfor vere-chamim and compassion • T " " T . T va"ed and ever letolam forever tamid always 'arnmekha Your people yisra+e l Israel kol all vetahl and upon 1Y"li .jl1..il:Ji~ T vachesed and kindness tovah goodness sha-lom peace sim Grant . T ye-shu=atenu halel salvation betemet shimkha 'et vihallelu and praise paneykha of Yourface be-or with light ke-echad as one kulIanu all of us avrnu our Father barekhe inu bless us a God of our Your Nlme in truth ( ) 1JM1rl1' .. se-lah forever yodukha will praise You hachei-yim the living vechol and all "T cC.

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